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  1. Rick and Morty *is* meta - It's a absurdist take on Science Fiction. It's a massive part of the show. I think the issue is actually that they don't build to it; it's quite easy to overlook when it's handed to you. Enjoyed the ending - didn't need to be a two parter and I thought the final scene should have blown away the budget with pshycedelic imagery but instead felt a little flat.
  2. This looks low budget but Gameplay wise - a complete evolution of Smash. I am so looking forward to it!
  3. So this is something I've meaning to get my hands on for while. It's already out and it's almost full positive on Steam.
  4. Retroid


    Been recommending it for years, didn't know it was on Amazon, cheers!
  5. Retroid


    It looks so damn good! My life is now on hold until December. Ora-Ora-Orange is the new FABULOUS, surely?
  6. Just clicked why a lot of the DLC characters don't tend to excite me enough to play them - it's just not a stretch to imagine them in a fighting game.
  7. Can we still say bummed in the gob? Any gender can bum any other gender in the gob as long as they have a bum!
  8. Retroid


    So episodes like 104 are why I sometimes hate MHA - just absolutely no point in the whole episode. I thought there was going to be a really interesting moment at the end but they copped out.
  9. Genuinely looks ace and comes from the Devs who did Slap City which was a lot of fun. Rumors Ren and Stimpy may be in it. This might actually be a Smash-beater! Releases this fall.
  10. So is this like Animal Farm except a dumb fascist pig is in control?
  11. 3 was weak, 4 was decent - the rest have been amazing IMO. Really enjoyed this week, very fun and I look forward to seeing where this all goes! Also: Sylvie has stole my heart. It's rare I get a crush on a fictional character so the show must be doing something right!
  12. They got rid of USB port to fit it in so it's almost a downgrade if anything.
  13. Which is the main reason I was looking forward to an updated Switch, that and enhanced Wifi/Bluetooth capabilities... It's like they've fixed everything that didn't need fixing.
  14. Gameplay looks ace in that trailer.
  15. Retroid


    I can recommend One Pace if any of you are interested in One Piece but don't like the idea of filler (well episodes interspersed with filler scenes to bulk it out). There's one small scene so far that they cut that I liked but otherwise it's an amazing effort.
  16. I think the banana collecting effects are bit distracting and the rotation sounds aren't changing in pitch or quite as frequent - almost seem random; it doesn't signify the momentum you're building up. Honestly - watching them side by side it's mental how much of a downgrade the audio is. Hopefully this is an early build.
  17. The intro is very slow and had a few dodgy scripted areas where it wasn't 100% obvious what to do. I enjoyed it the first time but when it comes to starting over it feels excruciating and I always end up giving up.
  18. It's really risk Vs reward all the way through, do you sacrifice a bad gun and then find out it would have combo'd with something else down the line? Do you use your best gun even though you may need it for the boss? Once you get Ammo management right -that seems to make things a lot easier. In general I'd say try to use up all of one weapon as there's a good chance you'll get a refill for 1 gun. It really is a special game!
  19. They didn't think - that's the issue. I can guarantee the thought pattern was "Poision Ivy's a strong LGBTQ character - so let's get everyone to play as her for Pride month", "But our QA don't like being forced to play as one character...", "Ok then, we make her the ultimate boss and people have to defeat her" - "Done!" Sort of a harmless slip up but it goes to show how thoughtless capitalism is.
  20. This just doesn't feel right, summoning @NEG
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