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  1. This just doesn't feel right, summoning @NEG
  2. What the hell was going on at the end.
  3. @MarkN (how many Marks are there...) There's one musical I reckon might get you, have you seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Take into account it's low budget and at the time LGBT had basically no representation on TV - it's amazing to watch! Have a few drinks and enjoy it as it's definitely it's own thing and it's led by the musical bits - rather than the opposite. Even if you don't enjoy it - it's interesting to watch as a bit of cult history.
  4. This could easily have stayed a buddy-cop series - but it's messing with the formula and I really appreciate that. No Idea what's going to happen next episode and it's rare to get that feeling. This is great!
  5. It looks like Strider and that wasn't bad looking. IMO the gameplay (dat parry, classic Metroid structure) and the horror concept really do it for me. It is missing that layer of polish but it's not out yet so we'll see.
  6. This looks so good, Alien Isolation meets Metroid - sign me the fuck up!
  7. This is rubbish - barely any Smash DLC...
  8. I think I enjoyed Ultron more but tbf I may need to rewatch The Avengers - but it was definitely overated at the time. As for the other 2.
  9. Thor, Ironman 3, Ironman 2, Avengers 1, The Incredible Hulk, GotG2, Spiderman 2, Captain Marvel and I'd say there's a few where it's real close.
  10. The first episode was better than half the MCU films, let's hope they can keep it up!
  11. The NFT is sold, damn that would have been gold... I probably wasn't far off getting it but somebody probably bought it before the show even started.
  12. At the same time as all this indie love... You could spend that £200 and buy 50+ indie titles that are reviewed, amazing and have each all had probably more development time than he Playdate games combined.
  13. I was mocking this thread... But then I also really want the Divoom and I'm waiting for it get cheap enough in Red. It has a few games, pixel art app which you can contribute to (with animation as well) - but really it's a (decent) Bluetooth speaker and all the little keys are mechanical and the lever works too!
  14. @Garibaldi I think I understand why it happened that way. Anyway, I enjoyed this. It's essentially R18 Justice League with teen drama intertwined and they handled both sides well. Don't think it deserves the IMDB 9.8 but it is good.
  15. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2021/04/28/russian-youtuber-jailed-for-abused-girlfriends-live-streamed-death-a73762 Might have found the worst, Streamer accidentally kills girlfriend for donations.
  16. I got half way through this and had to stop.
  17. 1 £70 game or supporting 7 different games (maybe even small Indies) for £10 each... I know where my money goes and I'll rarely pay top money unless it's a once in a generation game like Zelda or whatever.
  18. Mega-Satan down! Tbh normal isn't too hard if you don't take rubbish items. Still got so much to do before unlocking the new levels but I'm making progress and that's what counts. Also had an ace run where I fired exploding bomb lasers and killed myself because a bomb would randomly drop behind me... It was cool though and I managed to get the damage up to 50 which is crazy!
  19. This looks exactly like Quantum League, I know genres are iterated on but this is pretty damn similar and it's a big studio aping an a very decent little Indie. Doesn't sit right with me. Edit: Just had a look when development started and it seems to have been worked on for quite some time; so I guess I can give it the benefit of the doubt and look forward to Dr Who shooty shenanigans!
  20. Jackie Chan, the sheer number of top of the line action films he's been in is incredible, as well as some decent comedies as well. There's a lot to appreciate with his stunts.
  21. You can watch most Drama's and you'll gain an insight into somebody's life or a situation that you previously knew very little about and it'll be interesting - then after it's over you can think "wow, thank god it's not me". This on the other hand probably hits too close to home for most; I know I don't want to be depressed and thinking about worst parts of my Grandparent's lives and I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat. I'll watch this eventually but it's not exactly casual Saturday night viewing.
  22. Well it's been too damn long but I've finally got Golden God, sure I've done it in the past but maybe that was before Cloud saves were a thing? Or it might have been on console. Anyway, I feel like I'm progressing a lot -time to get the Negative I think!
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