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  1. i wanna talk to u

  2. Orchid

    Illustration Club

    Just done an illustration for my girlfriends birthday
  3. Orchid

    Illustration Club

    Really really looking forward to screenprinting these!
  4. Orchid

    Illustration Club

    matt! Impressed as usual, love the graphic style I've finally managed to set up an Etsy shop after my Signs of Affection project went crazy all over North America during the week: http://www.etsy.com/shop/paulprice09
  5. Proper in love with Peon and Zods work, amazing. Nancy:
  6. Cheers for that rundown Nagrub, I'm technically in the same boat right now trying to land internship and experience before I graduate.
  7. Yeah Leeds College of Art on Viscom, don't think there's anyone called Jen and Jess teaching on graphics but I'm not too familiar with their course. I'd go with what esar says as an employer, my view was just based on how I see things as someone interested in politics. It might be good to look at this mailer by Effektive, very good designer based in Glasgow: Here It's simple and clean and is all about the work and his experience. I don't think this is necessarily appropriate for you but simplicity done well with an emphasis on work and some clever copy writing is all you need. On another note
  8. Recently there's been a big trend for using Indexhibit or Cargo Collective to host portfolios. They're clean, minimal and let the work speak for you. It's also important to remember that as a designer you're meant to be too busy to spend time making yourself a logo etc. I could expect any business card from a designer to be simple, clean and carefree. If you spend too much time looking at yourself in a mirror employers will think you have too much free time or you care too much about how you look.
  9. Orchid

    Illustration Club

    Means an awful lot, thanks Minkee
  10. Any non-college work would be a plus. One major disadvantage of doing a design course is that you usually don't ever have experience of real clients and how shit they usually are or working with printers. If you can show you have essential skills in handling that type of stuff then it would be great.
  11. Yeah it's a good piece, just worth considering.
  12. Orchid

    Illustration Club

    Love you paintings Matt, especially the two at the top of this page. Poster for Casual Violence show:
  13. The election thing in your portfolio. I get that it's for the Economist but it's political and right wing which is maybe a bit of a risk to put into a portfolio as it could put some people off straight away.
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