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  1. Also saw it last night. Thought it was absolutely lovely.
  2. I always thought the line was "Donatello dust machines." Really liked the films and loooooved the cartoon. I've got some of the episodes on tapes somewhere....I need to watch them all again.
  3. I'm planning to dig out my old pretty copy of Aesop's Fables for a gander at after trying drunkenly to recall all the stories last night. Hurrah!
  4. That nearly made me spew. Eurgh eurgh eurgh eurgh.
  5. Eeeek.....did Bree do that today?? I missed it.
  6. She was being nice about it....I didn't see anything particularly sly about her telling the others. I quite like Suzie in fact!
  7. Jayne really, really annoyed me in yesterday's highlights show with her behaviour over the rules task and stuff. she just reminds me of the kid at school who would always try and be be "funny" and just end up fucking up the rest of the class and we'd all end up in detention. She just doesn't know when to stop!
  8. Anything fun happen? T;was too tipsy to pay attention. I'm assumuing there was pre-evection dramatics from Nikki and more bitching from her and Jayne....
  9. Oooh I think Dookie was another album I listened to loooooads. Haven't heard it (or much of Green Day's other stuff) in ages though.
  10. At least we still have the wonderful Jayne.
  11. Nah, plenty of cheers for our little Princess. Tis crazy!
  12. She reminded me of some pagent queen after being told she'd won hahahaha, with all the crying and flapping and crazy faces.
  13. Please God....NO. What have the crowd been chanting? I swear my hearing's going. Something Aisleyne related?
  14. That page looks crrrrrazy. Good though. I think.
  15. I'm a girl. So....no. I think I dreamt about Big Brother last night.....oh dear oh dear.
  16. I awwwed over Pete and the ratty. Even if it was somewhat extreme. My brother and I spent most of the ep incredulously WFTing at Jayne. She's such a dickhead.
  17. Hemzoozlefluff


    Yeah, what Waaaaah said. That's what I tend to do. "Sorry....sorrrrry....excuse me...." I've even subtly grabbed onto the tshirts of the person I've been following the path off and trailed along, hopefully without them realising. Hmm. Although I get scared going up too close as I always tend to get super squashed.
  18. My brother commented that they reminded him of Beavis and Butthead heh hehing etc away.
  19. Jayne's in trouble for rule breaking AGAIN. The moron. http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother/news/ne...2&articleMask=1 EDIT: ah, they're being punished with basic rations.
  20. Pete irritated me somewhat yesterday when he couldn't quite say no to Nikki about them drinking the last bottle of beer or whatever it was. He just just umming and erring....just say it would be WRONG or whatever you thought!
  21. That task was horrible. Maybe I'm just pathetic....but I was retching throughout it....euuuurgh.
  22. I think my new dream should be to wind up as an extra on Neighbours...
  23. Probably this: Got it when I was about 14 I think and just went WOW WOW WOW. It was fucking awesome and it was played each and every day for absolutely agggggges. Still one of my very favourite albums that never has too long a break from playing it. This has also had a good few spins ever since I got it and is still a firm favourite:
  24. Aww. Think I shall put on some Floyd...haven't listened to them in a while.
  25. Ahhhh....so it was HER. Should have known really. She IS a skidmark.
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