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  1. PC version has been fine for me too. More or less what I expected. Had a half dozen of npcs in the t pose and had a problem getting through a window but other than those it’s been fine.
  2. Not a chance. £50 from GOG and I feel like I've had my moneys worth already and I still have a ways to go by the looks of it.
  3. Damn. Was looking forward to trying that when I got home. Especially with the DF video showing how much better intel was! Do we know if the GPU config as limits too?
  4. Was that the window on the quest where you eventually get the Widow Maker? Because I had the exact same thing on that window too!
  5. Or just using them! Touch of the brake and they start going sideways but in a most bizarre way. Like least the cars drift, especially the less desirable cars. They seem to handle much better weirdly.
  6. I much prefer the cars over the bikes. The motorbikes handle with seemingly no physics. Not been in a vehicle with decent brakes yet like.
  7. Just finished act 1 and I love it. It’s everything I wanted it to be so far, well apart from not having the ability to change my appearance and a transmog option my clothing.
  8. Trigg

    Disco Elysium

    I started this, loved it and then fell off for whatever reason. Will go back now with the final cut for sure, voice acting is a big plus that’s for sure.
  9. The subtitles don’t translate languages your character doesn’t know though right? I think you get that translation with Cybermods. Sure I’ve read that somewhere. Some impressions on a PC with a AMD 3900x and RTX3080-I was expecting the worst after reading people’s reactions but it’s running fine tbh. It’s not perfect don’t get me wrong with the main issue being the fluctuations in FPS more than anything. More often than not I’m above 60 though, a bit more optimisation wouldn’t go amiss though. Looks stunning in places too, especially the city. Character models on the main cast have b
  10. That seems normal I think, mine's the same. Try undervolting it a little if you're happy for 60fps+. Mine sits at around 65c and I've not noticed any problems with performance.
  11. It’s not done to save on electric bills. Look at the website linked, getting more or less the same performance with the card running cooler and quieter.
  12. Thank you. Bought one! Now I can pick up a 3080 FE when they become more readily available/or when nvidia decide who’s actually going to sell them in Europe...
  13. Yeah annoyingly so! If I see one on Amazon then I might just bite the bullet and get it. Otherwise I’ll wait till end of the month and see what’s what. If anyone sees a cheapish 2070 super on Amazon let me know please!
  14. That’s the sensible play but I must want something better than my current 1080 for Cyberpunk and Watchdogs. I was just going to sell it when I finally got my hands on a 3080 and take the hit on the loss. Ah I see. I’ll take a look at lunch and see if I can find anything. Thanks!
  15. If you mean a 2070 then I’m thinking of doing the same thing actually. I want a new card for Cyberpunk and I’m driving myself insane trying to get a 3080 right now. So figured I’d get a 2070 and sell it when I finally can get the 3080. Doesn’t make the most sense from an economic sense but saves me checking my phone seemingly every 20 mins. Where did you see them for £350 if you don’t mind me asking?
  16. Rainy day fund that I have for impulse purchases or unexpected outgoings. Upgraded my PC earlier this year but stopped short of a new GPU because I knew the new one were coming. I’ve got £1200 set aside for a GPU and a PS5 and I cant get either
  17. Breath of the Wild. Borrowed my brothers Switch to play it and after I’d done something with a blue flame (three weeks ago) I’ve had no intention to go back and play it. Booted it up at the weekend and turned it off after 5 mins.
  18. Can’t believe I missed out again! Checked this morning at 5:30 and was still out of stock. Low and behold half later they had bloody stock!
  19. Well I think I've got a bug with my 2 non party companions leaving as soon as I do any random encounter. They even think disarming turrets is an act of violence against civilians. Unless its not a bug in which case its ridiculous. Was enjoying it too!
  20. Shaw as a threat is just laughable to me. He delivery is piss poor. I don’t see how Shaw would have made much of a difference in that game if I’m honest. He might have found himself in some space but he’d had only hit the first man or cut it back to nobody. *shrug* Noticed we were linked with Alex Telles yesterday too. So maybe it’s not too far fetched to think we can improve that position.
  21. Hmmm, for me Shaw is average at best, he's also so blood wasteful going forward. The same can be said for AWB too, for a 'former winger' he sure does get a nose bleed when he passes the half way line. Great one on one defensively but you need more than from your fullbacks these days. Williams and Dalot I'm fine with as alternatives. Wait till Sancho (if/when he signs) has to work with AVB on combinations on the right wing, he'll have a shock! @ckny Yeah, a center half would be useful too. One that doesn't have a turning circle of a bus preferably I love Bailly as a p
  22. Long term Matic replacement is still a concern for me but that might have to wait depending on the Sancho deal. I’m still not happy with the full back options so if there’s a way to improve there I’m all for it!
  23. Hamilton is incredible. Been to see it twice at the West End and its probably the greatest thing I've ever seen live.
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