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  1. @Cyhwuhx you quoted instead of spoilered. I think I can't be bothered picking up where I left off with this. Maybe if I'd played it when it was new, it would have clicked in a way that made me look past the flaws. But going back to it after the glory of Automata is extremely jarring. The weird tone is there but everything around it is so repetitive and boring. Shame.
  2. Of course if you *want* 900p/60 instead of 4k/60 then I guess you're... Boned
  3. It was boosted to 60fps. But now you automatically get the Series version that's already 60FPS - and 4k instead of 900p or whatever - so there's no boost. Only Bone titles played through BC get boosted.
  4. Yeah, it's easy to forget because PlayStation is as synonymous with gaming as Nintendo - but back then we were all having a good laugh at the idea of electronics company Sony making a console. Sony! *snortlol* Then people saw Ridge Racer and Toshinden running on it and we all know what happened. The Xbox I was even more cynical about. Fucking Microsoft? A Billy Gates Box? No fucking way. Then a friend came over with an Xbox, a copy of Halo, and two controllers. I didn't get any sleep that night and I bought an Xbox the next day.
  5. For Steam the important thing is making it so convenient to use, that most people won't bother changing OS or pirating games. They can't lock down their environment and take a draconic stance because it would result in loads of bad pr and rebelling customers. So their best option is making Steam itself way more attractive than freely available alternatives. Similar to how Spotify and Netflix are too convenient to bother with pirating music and movies for a significant part of their audience. The Steam Deck might be open and that might be a pr point, but no doubt Valve's aim is to make their OS so attractive and easy to use on the Deck, that most people won't take advantage of the openness and just continue buying games on Steam. Because it's convenient.
  6. Whaaaaaaaaat One of the best shooters ever made. I'm going to play it again!
  7. That's how I remember it. Microsoft was still the new kid on the block, the wannabe. The makers of Office and Windows wanting to make a console. Ridiculous. And even though Halo blew everyone's socks off, Blinx was still in that early phase that made people look at its by numbers, uninspired, and try hard character design that it became a way to laugh at try hard Microsoft. Nowadays we have Knack, from the makers of the Walkman.
  8. That's the thing. It *did* work as a Hulk comic. It became issue 312 and Mantlo allegedly put his name on it. BWS then took his concept for a single issue/one shot, changed it around, and took a few decades to work it into the epic you just read.
  9. Bought it day one because it's BWS, man. One of the all-time greats. I'm always in awe of his work. Still haven't gotten around to it but I will! Fun fact: did any of you know that BWS' 'Monster' was originally a short story featuring the Hulk which established his childhood abuse? And showed how that abuse created the Hulk and not the gamma bomb? If that story sounds familiar, it's because Bill Mantlo allegedly "borrowed" it and used it to write the classic Incredible Hulk 312 (which is also called "monster"). This story later on formed the basis on which Peter David built the DID (MPD) angle. Which eventually resulted in Immortal Hulk. Seconded. I've pimped their channel a couple of times in here before. Genuine enthusiasm and interesting insights.
  10. That should work. Iirc if Steam is running but minimized pressing the guide button makes it appear full screen.
  11. Just noticed this spelling error but I'm leaving it in. Because SURELY this is the perfect name for the Steam Deck UI??? Steam Deck featuring Bog Picture mode(tm)
  12. It just does it for me. When in Steam, press Guide and it launches into big picture. I think -but I'm not sure- that if you leave it in big picture when turning it off, it will launch into bog picture immediately next time. Edit: I also have all the built-in gamebar or whatever it's called shenanigans in Windows 10 turned off. Maybe that makes a difference.
  13. Oh that's good news. At least, I assume that is good news. A few days ago I fired up Steam for the first time this year (all my gaming time is being consumed by the fancy new consoles) and was not really that surprised to find the big screen UI still unchanged. It was okay and very cool when it launched but I always assumed they would keep improving it. They probably did some optimization or whatever, but AFAIK it's largely unchanged. And while it's nice that it exists it was never as effective as simply using by Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad from the couch when using the telly. I hope the new UI is a significant improvement in that regard, I want to be convinced that using my controller is more efficient.
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