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  1. And that's good enough for the bigger casual audience. I was talking to someone recently who is going to get her son a PS5 this Christmas, but to be honest she said - it's mostly so that me and my husband can play the newer games. Ragnarok, Miles Morales, they're avoiding playing the PS4 versions to play them in full glory on PS5. I said yeah those are amazing on PS5. Especially if you have a good telly to go along with it. She said yeah we do, we just bought a big one a few years back. It does have a delay with the controls for some reason but that's fine hahaha Anecdotal of course, but it does tell me that probably a lot of people don't care about lag even when they notice that it's there and know what's causing it.
  2. Theoretically, since the PS5 is fully backwards compatible with the PS4 - could they get away with only releasing a PS4 version to satisfy the terms of the agreement? That'd be funny
  3. I just want Activision's Tenchu titles on Xbox BC, the rest is not important
  4. Yeah, all the complaining and pleading to force COD to stay on PlayStation for as long as possible or even delay/sabotage the deal - only for the end result to be that the biggest platform out there is getting COD alongside Sony. Sony be like: "no, not like that"
  5. That's all fair enough of course. At the end of the day this is all subjective. And keep in mind that I'm currently halfway through Ragnarok and enjoying it immensely. A 7 doesn't mean bad to me, it's a hugely entertaining game Alongside Ragnarok I'm playing Pentiment. And that game isn't just entertaining, it's impressing the fuck out of me. Now that is a 9/10 or even 10/10 game for me personally. Which just shows it's all subjective indeed
  6. That's a bit harsh. But it also maybe explains it a little bit, judged purely on a technical level Ragnarok is absolutely a solid 10/10. One of the most impressive technical achievements I've played in a long time. The term "polished to perfection" is always used figuratively by definition because nothing is perfect... But in case of Ragnarok you could arguably use it literally. It's *that* impressive. Otherwise it does nothing new. And I'm not talking about the first game. Even if that game doesn't exist it still doesn't do anything new. It's a perfect mix of every notable gameplay element from this kind of cinematic experience that Sony is famous for. That's why I called it Videogame: The Videogame. Taking into account that 7 is 2 above average this is the textbook definition of a 7.
  7. Yay, America Dude is a successful writer, is currently putting out a lot of high profile work*, but land of the free health care system says "fuck you" Hope it all turns out well for him He's the writer who made Hulk an interesting character. He single handedly reinvented and reinvigorated that series. Without Peter David there would have been no Immortal Hulk, there's a direct line between his ideas and set-ups, and what Ewing ended up doing. *Joe Fixit mini-series out soon!
  8. I don't think many publishers have the balls/are confident enough about the quality of one of their big releases to give edge an exclusive early review. Nintendo though, they have BALLS OF STEEL
  9. You know what this tells us? If Ragnarok had bad controls, it would have gotten an edge 10.
  10. Enough about Little Big Planet's controls, let's talk about RDR2's controls.
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