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  1. If only Wii games looked half as sharp as that image though
  2. Fantastic Four by Walt Simonson My personal favourite run in the entire FF series. Yes, the brilliance of the Lee & Kirby run is the stuff of legend. And Byrne's impact is undeniable. But the most enjoyable read for me is the incredible Simonson run. Specifically issues 337 - 350 and 352 - 354 (the issues beforehand were a relatively weak crossover wrap up and 351 is a filler by someone else) This is Simonson at the top of his game with both his writing and art. Epic cosmic shenanigans guest-starring, amongst others, Thor and Death's Head, yes? In-between you also g
  3. Going to be hard to come up with a better offer than 3 years for £1
  4. We always tend to assume the biggest thing - in this case, Game Pass on Switch. But it's usually something more along the lines of Master Chief in Smash or a Minecraft/Animal Crossing crossover.
  5. Just heard this: and it's fantastic! Straight fire and the skit at the start made me laugh out loud.
  6. Is Deathloop also an old Psygnosis submarine shooter?
  7. Metroid Prime 4 Xbox X-clusive!!
  8. Now I'm even more confused
  9. Mogster and I were talking about Outer Wilds up there, not Deathloop. I was really confused at first reading your post - I couldn't imagine any resemblance between Outer Wilds and old school Hitman But yeah, if Deathloop is like that then oh my. Could be my Game of the Generation already! I'm a huge Blood Money fan
  10. Exactly what I was trying to say. It's my problem, related to my own personal way of enjoying this escapist entertainment, rather than the game itself being at fault.
  11. Thank you! I take it you'd appreciate a bit of text alongside the entries and not just a literal list? And yes, I have plenty in mind that aren't Hulk related
  12. 5 issues to go till the big finale man! Not a long wait. If Ewing sticks the landing (and I'd be very surprised if if he didn't given literally every single issue so far) I'll submit my entry then.
  13. Ooh I'm probably going to love Deathloop aren't I?
  14. I'm 43 and my best (and like-minded) friend is 44. Both our wives know that we are going to arrange it so that we end up in the same nursing home so we can get our LAN gaming on by running wires. Gaming is my favorite escapist entertainment, I'm not planning to stop watching movies either and to stop gaming feels just as absurd. For me gaming is even more important than movies or telly, I could do without the latter but not the former.
  15. As a stealth fan I *really" have to disagree that TLOU2 has "good stealth". It works but eeeh. It's a fun action game tgst is enhanced by lite stealth elements though. Anyway, as you were.
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