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  1. Man, if you're already enjoying it this much now, at the point you're at in the game... Oh my oh my. You're in for a ride! Enjoy
  2. It really doesn't. I'm a huge fan of Remedy's games and especially their style since the first Max Payne, but QB was a huge disappointment for me. Nowhere near their usual standards. I suspect that if, like me, you found it dull on first impressions, you will find it dull all the way through, like me. I don't know what authority you're referring to, but the game doesn't change at all as it goes on. The powers remain dull and uncreative, the story and characters remain flat, and the usual Remedy atmosphere remains absent. The only major shakeup is the final boss, who is surprisingly frustrating compared to everything that you encountered up until that point.
  3. Tramp gamers hiking on current gen! Switch tramps can take a hike while taking a hike
  4. I'm fairly sure we were talking about Snake's Revenge: Metal Gear 2.
  5. Was coming in to post that. 8 hours late, I see. But God damn, that Pharaohe! That's some next-level lyrical shit even for him.
  6. The hacking community will hack it because it's a fun challenge. No further reasons needed, game selection or other similar aspects are irrelevant. I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. Word on the street is that it's going to be archive footage from Civil War - a previously unseen scene.
  8. What video or feature is this? I haven't kept up with GB the last few weeks except for the podcasts
  9. Yeah, I'm in the Netherlands. Sorry. If it's any consolation, like I said - you ain't missing nothing right now.
  10. Yeah, exactly this. Unless you're desperate for a legal way to rewatch the original DuckTales, Disney+ is a waste of money without the upcoming new content.
  11. Started the Dutch free trial and TBH, it's a bit disappointing really. I don't know what I was expecting in hindsight, but what's there now just isn't worth the money for me personally. I've already seen all the MCU stuff and all the Star Wars and Pixar stuff. Can't be arsed watching it again. So that just leaves a bunch of Disney cartoons, but most of them are terrible, ugly cheaply made modern stuff. The classic Donald and Mickey short cartoons are timeless and still great, but it's just a handful of them - there's a bigger selection on YouTube. Or maybe there is more and the app just isn't surfacing that stuff efficiently. If it also had all the Fox content, it would have been worth it probably. (My wife was immediately disappointed that there was no Deadpool - when I explained that the adult rated stuff was never going to be added, she was less than impressed.) Oh and just like the Prime app, the Disney app isn't able to track viewing progress if you're using a Chromecast. A small annoyance, but you'd expect better from a company with literally all the money and resources in the world. I think that I'm going to occasionally activate a month to watch some of the new shows, but other than that it's not worth keeping as a regular streaming service.
  12. The oldest I remember is Final Fantasy 8, some j-pop ditty which I remember making that romantic scene corny as hell
  13. Oh god. Oh god. So the tv show writers have to think up all the characterization and dialogue themselves?! Jesus. Edit: to clarify that I'm not just being negative for the sake of it - the tv show writers having only a few big events to go on and being forced to actually write decent dialogue and convincing characterization entirely by themselves, was exactly what went wrong will the main show. I hope this is not shit, but for now we have zero evidence pointing to the contrary. We shall see.
  14. Okay, as someone who hasn't read the books but suffered through the last few seasons of the original tv show, I gotta ask: is that an actually finished book that is really finished for real with a proper ending and everything?
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