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  1. Yes, a friend of mine just bought an S (he already had an X) just for RetroArch. Says he's impressed by how well Saturn, Dreamcast, and PS2 games run.
  2. Speaking of Halo stats - was it here that someone was talking big game about their skills on Legendary or something and then someone looked up his stats and they showed he died a bazillion times in the first level alone? And then he claimed it was some mysterious never before mentioned roommate? Ah, good times
  3. Yes!!! Oh my god play it, it's amazing and I love it to bits And after Dragon Quest XI, I really REALLY recommend playing Yakuza Like a Dragon next. Yes, really. It's perfect - the main character is a fan of Dragon Quest, so he sees and imagines the modern Japanese city setting around him to be a Dragon Quest RPG. A bum with a hoodie and an umbrella is a black mage with a wizard staff for example. And it's a bloody fantastic JRPG too, arguably even better than DQXI. What a time for JRPGs
  4. Explains what happened to the GTA3 score
  5. Was he the editor around the time of the Double Dash 5/10 outrage? (a completely incorrect score btw, I'd give it a 4 at best) Maybe his return to edge also heralds his return to rllmuk to watch the score controversy unfold in real time each month!
  6. Excellent writeup again. None of my top 5 games have appeared yet though, so that must obviously mean that this forum has excellent taste and they're all in the definitive top 5!
  7. Excellent and well deserved for Chris!
  8. Those heavy-handed dialogue hints are obviously intended to be funny, and yes they're hilarious. See also: the conversations 47 has in disguise with his victims. I remember this bit on the racetrack level while disguised as a doctor: 47's target whose visiting the doctor: "I hope you can also do something about this pain in my neck I've been having" 47 disguised as her doctor: "Don't worry, once I'm done you won't feel a thing" At some point he hooks her up to an IV which I have filled up with an extract from a very poisonous plant: Target: "What's in this IV
  9. Mario has *very* frequent death
  10. That's not entirely fair. I can totally see them rigorously shaking up the formula to create a fresh feeling new AAA experience - instead of climbing towers to reveal points of interest, you can climb towers and use the force to reveal points of interest. Amazing scenes
  11. I would be very extremely astonishingly quadruple digits over 9000 surprised if Nintendo of all publishers - makers of the laziest remaster cash in of the last 15 years - bothered implementing such a feature from a Wii U of all consoles. I really wouldn't count on it.
  12. Thanks, good to know. "Kingtern" suggests he was the best damn intern they ever had. But just like having the most amazing one night stand, that doesn't necessarily mean that person is also the best choice for a long-term relationship.
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