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  1. Dammit I was set to try to ignore this release after discovering the ridiculous price but it looks too good. I have to have it.
  2. To celebrate this release I told my classic story on Twitter about how I was the first non-industry person in the entire world to obtain and play Super Mario Sunshine. I probably told it here before in the preceding 15 years, but I really can't remember. So, I'll tell it right here because it belongs in this thread. I was living in Japan and right around the release of Sunshine I was on holiday in Tokyo with two like-minded friends. During one of our many, many, MANY visits to Akihabara we spotted a flyer pasted on the GameCube shelf in one of those massive gameshops that existed b
  3. Elden Rang but nobody was home
  4. That moment in Mafia 2 is one of my favorites in gaming, for reasons I won't get into because of spoilers obviously. But even so I'm not sure whether I didn't just watch a YouTube video at some point For everyone who played and loved Mafia 2, it will now become an awesome something in Mafia 1 Definitive Edition I was also thinking the same as you. I bounced off Mafia 3 during the sandbox tedium. But in preparation for this remake, I replayed Mafia 2 last week all the way through last week and you know what? Still love it! And now this remake is even better than 2 and in the back
  5. Same here. Loving the atmosphere and plot and the characters. I'm completely absorbed and so far it might be even better than Mafia 2 in this regard. Also, the city is shockingly beautiful imo. Makes me wonder what they could do if there ever is a Mafia 4 on next-gen. Again, same here. It's been so long that I don't remember even remember how far I got - I'm pretty sure I didn't finish it because it was crushingly difficult. But I might've. So far I keep recognizing bits and set-pieces from the original, but it's really a different game. It's almost like this game i
  6. You can play all the gamepass games for free or buy them at a special discount to own for real. If you were looking at a store page which displayed a price, you were definitely looking at the wrong thing.
  7. Yeah, and that's exactly what I liked about Mafia 2 also. Hopefully this remake means that they're gearing up for a next-gen part 4 which is more like the first 2. Love the atmosphere in these games.
  8. It's being added to the PC version of the MCC. They're adding each game one by one.
  9. Just like with Steam Link, for some technical reason (I'm sure someone can explain) a dedicated streaming service like Stadia or XCloud gives far better results than local streaming.
  10. "Please come back to me, 343 is nowhere near as good as you in the sack. I mean, Halo"
  11. Sony don't need to buy shit at the moment. Have you seen their output? And going by precedent, Bungie would have to pump out high quality successful PlayStation exclusives for a decade before Sony gets interested.
  12. Well, if there was ever a studio qualified to fix Halo Infinite....
  13. Could also be me man. My 3yo boy is feeling a bit sick and as a result I've only had three hours of sleep last night. I do think I stumbled across an excellent point with Morrowind having been an Xbox exclusive.
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