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  1. It's fucking brilliant. The best assassin simulator ever. Get into the role and have fun
  2. Not to argue with you personally, but Sony's logic seems rather flawed. Allowing a chatbot to turn off 2FA based on an old, no longer used emailaddress and an ancient invoice sounds like a loophole to me. PSN has been around for, what 15 years now? The notion that more people have switched email in that period is not unthinkable (I have, but the old address is still in use - been on PSN since day 1). Just don't allow a bot to turn off 2FA without human intervention/verification seems like the minimum action to undertake here.
  3. Well that begs the question why such protection isn't active for all accounts by fucking default because they're you know, paying customers. Edit: I'm happy you got it sorted of course, I'm just amazed that they're handling it this way. "Thank you for alerting us about this loophole. You'll be glad to know that we closed it for your account, but kept it open for all others"
  4. Cyberpunk will release on Series X and PS5 in 2021 and is therefore eligible in the 2021 Rllmuk GotY awards.
  5. Speaking of Doom, I tried Doom Eternal again with all the eccentric GotY folk insisting it's good fun really. But man, I just have to admit it's not for me. After loving Doom 2016, I don't like the story, the tone, the look, and most of all the gameplay going from hectic classic Doom style shooter to something more... Devil May Cry adjacent I guess. I don't like those games either, heavily interlocked complicated and layered systems make for a game that's awesome to watch *someone else* play but it's not for me. I'm selfishly hoping that Doom will go back to being Doom again, but it's totally
  6. The Remaster Collection is little over a year old since its first release on PS4. Now on GP, about year and a half later. Since there's no need to actually port Y7, maybe it will arrive a year later on GP? November or December. Just thinking out loud
  7. I might just play them all again in order, might as well
  8. @HarryBizzle just confirmed in the gp thread that the Yakuza: Remastered Collection is coming to game pass (and therefore Xbox) Jan 28th and Yakuza 6 coming March 25th! That means 0 through 6, the entire Kiryu saga completely free if you have game pass! Anyone who hasn't played these yet is in for a treat. Epic scenes, what a bargain
  9. Amazing scenes. The entire Kiryu saga freely available on gamepass! Excellent
  10. Thanks sigh I'm going to have to clear some space on the Series X then...
  11. I thought, from the FAQ that was recently posted, that Hitman 3 includes all the data for the H1 and 2 maps. And that they're unlockable for free if you've purchased those older games? As in, actually having H2 installed does nothing? @Majora help??
  12. Haha no it was slightly different. I remember that now. He always always wanted to use the needler in mp. So whenever the game loaded a map without the needler, he would quit out. Like, fuck my teammates imma need my needler. Someone here then did the math and it turned out he spent the overwhelming majority of his vast playing time quiting instead of actually playing Classic
  13. Yes, a friend of mine just bought an S (he already had an X) just for RetroArch. Says he's impressed by how well Saturn, Dreamcast, and PS2 games run.
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