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  1. I wouldn't, I can adjust to 30 if needs be but I'd rather not if it can be avoided. But I'm arguing that it's not for me or you to say that someone would be wrong for choosing to avoid that 10 purely because it's not 60.
  2. Let's say there a 7 or 8 games released across all platforms that are at least worth a 7 or better. Maybe one or two have a wonky framerate nowadays, probably the ones on the Switch and the odd exception like Omno. Let's say I have time to play two of those this month. WHY are people arguing that it absolutely must be the ones with bad frame rate that I should play? Why would I be missing out by playing others instead? I'm never going to play ALL of them. Crazy.
  3. Exactly what happens with me I'm always on XSX PS5 or PC, Switch is gathering dust despite me liking the platform itself.
  4. A handful of amazing games at best. Most have quality/performance options nowadays. There are way more great games coming out than any of us have the time to play. It's a really easy choice if you think about it.
  5. Would your say that a better framerate would make them even better? If so, then why even make that post that people should just put up with bad frame rates and shut up? What does anyone gain by that? If devs target 60 we *all* win. All those games you like so much would still get made, with slightly less shinies but an overall better look and feel. There's nothing wrong with asking for that. And responding with "but mah stunt race fx" adds nothing useful to the conversation for anyone here
  6. You pay your money, you make your choice. Good on you for wanting to play it despite the frame rate, but there's equally nothing wrong with someone else saying they won't. If the latter group becomes big enough, if enough people prefer going back to 60 as standard, then it will become the standard again. It's really silly to suggest someone MUST play a certain game because you say so. Same goes for the other way around, it's not my place to say you shouldn't enjoy BotW.
  7. Rewriting history because these ones prefer cinematic slide shows. Most SNES games were locked to a 60fps frame rate, and designers of the time tuned their games so the SNES hardware could maintain that frame rate. It wasn't until the N64 and PS1 that we started to see horrific framerates more often. So we in fact went backwards at that point. End of. It's fair enough to say that plenty of games with wonky framerates are in fact brilliant games. Nobody would disagree. But all of youse then apparently draw the conclusion that the wonky frame rate is what makes them brilliant, while over here on planet earth we all know that those brilliant games would be *even better* with a good framerate. Arguing that a better framerate would make them worse is madness. And fact of the matter is that there's nothing stopping devs from targeting 60FPS for whatever game they want to make on Xbox Series or PS5. It's literally a choice. So let me ask all you naysayers this: would it be a bad thing if every game targeted 60FPS as minimum? Would it negatively impact your enjoyment of games?
  8. Going to check KAIZEN out, I like KAAN and all of those featurings are a who's who of who Mr. Gerbik deems to be dope. Speaking of Blu: ^love this track And while I'm here, we need some hard shit on a Monday morning:
  9. Many of us - probably dozens - think the combat is great! Again on Xbox the resolution bump is massive and very welcome. Going from 540p (a resolution so low, even the OG XBONE would find it ridiculous) to 4k is going to be a world of difference. On PC, ehhh granted a remaster adds practically nothing. And yes it might as well have been an Enhanced title on Xbox, with a Boost and auto-HDR, and looked maybe even better - but I'm just the series is alive again and if this is the hiking path to Alan Wake 2: Return of the Tramp, then I'm all for it.
  10. That's literally what a remaster is. It was never rumoured it was a remake, ie something beyond resolution and framerate.
  11. Xbox owners are talking big game about being able to use Eneloops but I'd rather have Deathloop lol
  12. While the PS5 has Deathloop as exclusive, we have the exclusive deal on Eneloop. So there.
  13. I love the atmosphere and the story, I was genuinely completely immersed all the way through. That setting and atmosphere is exactly my kind of thing. The combat is often criticized but I loved it, really satisfying whenever a shadow creature breaks with a *crack*. But the setting and atmosphere make it a classic for me.
  14. Different tastes, innit? You're not obligated to like it as much as I do, but saying that I'm wrong for liking it as much as I do is a bit much.
  15. I think this is a proper moment to resort to fisticuffs, dear sir!
  16. Come now, Sony has a huge exclusive made by none other than Microsoft Studios. Of course they're going to make a big song and dance about it.
  17. Not "people", just me surely? I haven't seen anyone else complain I have no idea about what incident you're referring to. I know the ip from the fantastic (when fanpatches are applied) 2004 videogame. If anything, the recent Arkane Prey game shows how this genre can shine on current tech and be just as relevant as ever. Where System Shock 2 and spiritual sequel Prey were akin to horror/more stealth focused spin-offs of the first Deus Ex blueprint, Bloodlines: The Masquerade was an RPG twist on that kind of immersive sim. Imagine the potential of an RPG focused immersive sim in that setting. That's certainly a bazillion times more interesting than online shootmans 47363.
  18. Spidey 2 is also PS5 exclusive, right? Can't wait to see what a developer like Insomniac can do on PS5 without any restrictions.
  19. The upside is that the game won't have to take the underpowered potato CPU in the PS4 into account. Rejoice!
  20. I'm waiting excitedly for the pre-load
  21. No, they're not remotely comparable. The Hulk can leap over buildings, entire city blocks even. Wolverine is just a dude with a healing factor, claws, and adamantium skeleton. He's no more mobile than say Hawkeye or Nick Fury. He doesn't have super speed or strength. Something like a cross between the Arkham games and Days Gone would fit Wolverine. Obviously with claws instead of gadgets or guns. Him riding around on a bike is something he does all the time in the comics.
  22. Not everyone has a PC and the 360 version is incredibly low res, even by 360 era standards
  23. That's an excellent observation. I now realize that a lot of Square Enix games look like that
  24. Could've named it '2 Spider 2 Man' to avoid confusion and make it hip for da kidz
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