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  1. Fuck me, this one nearly got me. With my last guess I was completely stumped for a long time because all the words I could think of used letters I'd already eliminated previously. Wordle 213 5/6
  2. Happens to the best of us.
  3. Fucking hell, that's 3 hours of my fucking life I'll never get back. It's just incredibly boring and empty. It astounds me that Eternals Defenders on social are recommending watching it two or three times "to understand it". Homie, the story is simplistic as shit. There's more depth in an average episode of Teletubbies than in the Eternals. Everyone understands the story - but the story is too shallow to fill three hours. If they'd cut the runtime in half, it would have at least improved the pacing because so many scenes are utterly useless and add nothing. The characters are the biggest problem. They're not even two-dimensional, there's literally nothing to them. One-dimensional is pushing it. They might as well be random Skyrim NPC 435, "a deviant bit me in the knee". They're there only for two functions in the entire movie: to spout exposition or to stand there and smell the deviant farts while the camera spins around them to show the - admittedly pretty - surroundings. I can't blame the actors because the script gave them absolutely nothing. Nothing. It's not even a flawed movie where you can see what they tried but alas they failed. There's no substance whatsoever in the script. Cardboard cutout characters standing there smelling farts until the basic plot turns up in the last quarter when the majority of the audience is fast asleep. Maybe that's why they're worried people didn't catch the story - it's a tad harder to see the painfully obvious twist coming with your eyes closed. But not impossible, it must be noted. The worst MCU movie by far.
  4. Wordle 212 4/6 After a fantastic start it took me two more goes to figure out where that vowel was supposed to go.
  5. I just bought this game based solely on this post. It better not disappoint!
  6. Sold! That sounds and looks exactly like my kind of thing. Also on available on Xbox: even better!
  7. This @jon_cybernet. You can just stack once you're down to two years left. So in effect you have just gotten your hands on 4 years for a steal!
  8. You should have some right from the start, just look around. If you really can't find any, the shop right next door sells both types of health items once you have some cash. Press left to heal health (red) and right to heal morale (blue) once you're on your last segment of either bar. You'll get a prompt and have plenty of time before it slowly ticks all the way down. Keep in mind that it's two bars, I read somewhere about someone getting confused thinking they were only halfway down the single health bar while in reality it was the morale bar that ticked all the way down and being mighty annoyed about it too You can invest points in a certain stats to get more segments in each bar. I never bothered tbh, once you get used to how the game works and don't attempt either obviously crazy/risky dialogue options OR dialogue options that check stats you're low in - you'll rarely have any problems. And you'll be walking around with plenty of healing items either way. Keep in mind that there's no one correct way to play the game. Anything works. So if you're highly intelligent but weak, eirher avoid strength checks or save first. In some situations where a very particular stat check is seemingly required to advance, there are also ways around that. Also dialogue failures are just a different story direction not necessarily the wrong outcome. The best and most fun way to play is to just roll with it. Literally role play the kind of character you want your amnesiac asshole to be. If you're still unsure how it all works and still finding it difficult, just quick save before every conversation. But you'll soon hit a point where you realise you really don't need to.
  9. Awww yeeeeaaaah Wordle 211 2/6 My default starter worked wonders here:
  10. Yes, I see. And I knew it wasn't smart but I was thinking that Wordle would be up to fuckery again!
  11. That's quite a good argument actually +1 if that's a real shot of From studios. I just thought of something - does the Dual Sense do the same fancy HD rumble on PC if a game supports it? A lot of people like dat rumble so if it does, that's a thing @Benny should also consider. If it doesn't do the fancy rumble on PC or one isn't interested in it, the Xbox Series controller is genuinely the overall best and by far most hassle free choice on PC.
  12. Despite being an easy one today, I got way too creative with my guesses due to the recent Wordle words. I knew my second guess was a long shot and I only ended up making it more difficult for myself - would have gotten there sooner if I'd stuck to my tactic of ruling out the most common letters first. Wordle 210 5/6
  13. I've had to cancel too. I still really want one but I simply don't have the money at the moment. I hope it helps get all of y'all one sooner! I'll get one eventually became Deck is Forever.
  14. Ironically and unbelievably, the Xbox Series d-pad is the best d-pad this generation. And it's not even close. No idea what happened with Nintendo there, but the d-pad on the pro controller is pretty useless because it misreads directions. The Xbox Series controller and the Pro Controller are both more ergonomical than the Dual Sense. The Series is the best overall, it's the most ergonomical, the best buttons, and a fantastic d-pad. The dual sense is the least ergonomical. Unlike its predecessors its less suited to Soulslikes than the Xbox equivalent - spongier buttons this time around. @Calashnikovis completely correct if you'd compare the 360 controller and the DS3. No contest there, and the DS4 is also great. But in terms of current gen controllers the Series version wins out on every aspect - not in the least because "it just works" on PC no matter which client you use or emulator you're trying to check out. It's the defacto default PC controller. Imho and all that.
  15. Wordle 209 5/6 Went well today even though it took me a few guesses to get those remaining two letters.
  16. Apart from the performance and stuff, any word on how much noise it produces running games? I hope the Deck is silent and doesn't make more noise than heavy metal.
  17. Wordle 208 5/6 I found this one very difficult for some reason, I took a lot of time between my guesses.
  18. For those wondering why I'd splurge on this preorder instead of waiting for reviews or even a sale when their games are always so janky - it's because they're a small but passionate team who stubbornly keep making a single type of game they love to make and which I love to play. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss, but it's always janky and it's always very ambitious for the resources they have in terms of budget and team size. I hope they keep making their Gothic-likes forever because I love their Gothic-likes. Maybe Elex 2 will be one of their misses, but even so I want to support this team because I love what they're always trying to do and I want them to try again.
  19. Yeah, ever since they announced the release date I've been waiting for the delay announcement. Not that I was hoping it would get delayed, but I just automatically assumed it would be. I say let them take their time, release it in a playable state.
  20. I couldn't help but lol, I'm sorry. Was Elex your first Piranha Bytes game? They tend to be like this I'm hoping that Elex 2 will be an actual improvement over 1. With Risen, the first one was great and the sequels less so. They tried to go big and pretend they were making a AAA game, but by expanding the scope to encompass various islands in a supposedly vast ocean, they only managed to heavily dilute the tightly designed experience of Risen 1 and its single island.
  21. Outside the US non-native speakers had a huge advantage with this one. We grow up consuming American simplified spelling through popular media, but in school we're taught actual proper English. At Uni it's even stricter, we're not allowed to use American English when writing papers etcetera. So we're used to applying either spelling depending on the situation - it didn't even occur to me to assume Wordle would use one spelling in particular, I automatically try either one.
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