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  1. Sorry for the double post but a few people have said in this thread that they'd enjoy seeing me point out references to old Hulk lore, so I'll leave this here. The references that I picked up on in Maestro 2 (I'm too lazy right now to write it all out properly):
  2. For those who've missed a fun detail in Immortal She-Hulk in which Al Ewing brilliantly fixes a wonky bit of ancient Hulk lore:
  3. I suspect he means he played the US or Japanese version of some 360 game and that worked on his European XB1.
  4. I assume those are all literally the same game running in BC mode, hence no problem. Surely
  5. Nah, everything on XB1 just works. You don't need to install a game again if you switch from disc to digital, saves always work afaik between different versions, and when I fired up Master Chief Collection the character I designed for multiplayer Halo 3 waaaay back when was there to greet me. I'll eat Pete Brant's solitary bollock if this will be a problem on the series X. PS5 version, hm not so sure now
  6. I'm a happy owner of both platforms thankfully, but this feels a bit like the opposite of Sony at the start of the current PS4 gen. Shadow Sony, if you will. On my Xbox One X I was amazed when I loaded up some of my old 360 games that I hadn't played in over a decade - and my saves were just magically there! I could immediately resume hunting that last remaining secret orb in Crackdown 1. Meanwhile, Shadow Sony charges 70 quid to be able to play an upgraded version of a recent game you already bought and fuck you no saves.
  7. What?? Seriously? I totally missed this, but this is just being mean on purpose. I was set on getting MM normal edition because fuck off at that price for Ultimate - and no way in hell am I doing all that again. But like you, I've never played the DLC so I was still a little bit tempted and undecided... But fuck that.
  8. As an aside, probably the most telling sign of which company is doing best at the moment - the last few pages of series X thread are filled with optimistic speculation and high hopes for things yet to come and positivity. The last few pages of the PS5 thread are nothing but bickering over price increases for games, lack of free upgrades, and whether all of that is a good or a bad thing.
  9. The DreamCast library being added to Game Pass, running in the same kind of virtual machine emulator as the current older Xbox games with same enhancements, would make me incredibly happy!
  10. To be honest, it should be in the first post of the PlayStation 5 thread too.
  11. On a more serious note; I would love for Sony or someone to announce a next-gen Tenchu reboot MEGATON
  12. Sony will announce they've bought EA ACQUISITION WARZ
  13. From a disc they're going to be the same as now, aren't they? Same type of disc, probably the same reading speed.
  14. I read the first three or four issues and dropped it. It was Michael Bay style incoherent nonsense imho.
  15. I always thought Remedy would be a good fit as a Microsoft first party studio but until now they've bought everyone except Remedy. Never expected Bethesda, the most remarkable thing about that to me is realizing that id Software is now Xbox first party. Madness.
  16. That's because it's pc therefore omg hackz0rs. On Xbox there's no decryption, the preload just works immediately once it unlocks. On Steam I never bother with preloads because I have a really fast internet connection. Simply downloading a game isa matter of minutes while decrypting takes forever. On consoles, preloading is more efficient.
  17. It's brilliant and really adds to the Immortal Hulk story. But it's also a one-shot... Based on this, I wouldn't mind a She-Hulk series by Ewing after Jason Aaron is done ruining the character in Avengers.
  18. I really miss the good old days of the Bone when the Xbox was weak but hella expensive. Now it's powerful but reasonably priced and I'm beyond disappointed. Terrible decision by Microsoft, I'm going to buy another two PlayStation 5s to show my disapproval.
  19. Yeah, the last thing I want when I buy a next-gen console is too much of an upgrade. God forbid! I'd rather take two GameCubes taped together, thankyouvery
  20. Both the PS5 and XsX went fine for me...
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