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  1. Been playing with ray tracing on quality mode at 30FPS. Just felt I needed to see the next gen shiznit. I switched to 60FPS performance without rt just now and HOLY SHIT! It really looks sooo much better. Imho of course but the image quality is vastly improved and I have to admit it looks way more "next-gen" in performance mode. Go figure, probably says something about whether rt is worth it. (And an argument could be made to call performance mode, quality mode instead). In other news the game itself is awesome!
  2. Why Sony take the patch notes out? I'd rather have seen them forcing devs to make them more useful instead. Two patches in with Demon's Souls and no idea what they did. I want to know!
  3. Yes, the Nemesis system was cut from the previous gen versions. As for the rest - I have no idea about the esoteric yet powerful Cell. My understanding is that it got more powerful by absorbing cyborgs.
  4. The key difference I think is that the CPU in the S should be able to do everything the CPU in the series X can. So when you get games that do fancy stuff that is impossible to do on last gen CPUs, the series S should be fine - maybe a performance hitch but the point is that it CAN do it. While the potato CPU in the One X is simply incapable. The GPU bound stuff can be scaled down, less so the CPU bound stuff afaik. So ditching One X support would make a massive difference even with the Series S still around. Think back last gen to the Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor. The
  5. @Camel it's worth following Stu on social media, he's constantly posting footage of him going nuts on his drum machine. Fun to watch: I think it was RA who once cracked a joke of him being such a jacked dude sitting behind a tiny drum machine, his muscles making the buttons hard to reach RA don't give a fuck
  6. Been too long since I checked out Mr Lif. Here he is with Stu Bangaz, Eternia, and ft. Barack Obama: Lif kills it
  7. Yeah, on the dash it's as silent as my XsX. Then I boot up a game and it goes loud immediately. If I go back to dash it stops immediately.
  8. Sticker guy posted a video along with his tweet and it sounded completely different. Not even close. So I thought, then it must be the dreaded whine.
  9. False advertising or crappy reporting by journalists, I don't know. Apparently the majority have coil whine but it's just dumb luck how loud the one you're getting will be. I can barely hear my XsX and most of the disappointment comes from every fucker on the internet saying ir was just as silent in the run up to release. Expectations were set too high. I thought mine was the fan too, because it's more of a rattling sound. But everyone I sent the audio clip to, swears it's coil whine. They know way more about tech than I do, so I'm not worried anymore. I can clearly hear the rattling a
  10. After reading this thread I went through the exact same steps! At first I wasn't impressed, I didn't hear any genuine difference with Atmos. Then I came back here and read this post. Turned performance off and selected warm and holy shit! Standing on a mountain in Valhalla I switched between the default Xbox sound and Atmos to make sure I wasn't imagining things but no. The wind sounded so good, way more like actual wind whistling by on a mountain top. It created an eerie atmosphere that wasn't there before. Way more detail audible in the sounds too. Damn. Thanks to everyone in thi
  11. The XsX is so much nicer to use and completely customizable on top of that. Better download speeds, way way more user friendly. It seems like a far better choice for my primary console for the next 6 or 7 years. But they got to sort their shit out. My PS5 is noisy and after the acceptable but not ideal minimalism of the PS4 dash they took the exact same dash and poured a gallon of youtubers influencer feedback paint on top of it. It's horrendous, and afaik you can't turn the most annoying parts off. It's cumbersome, unclear, and I really dislike it - but you can't argue with those games. Miles
  12. I can't imagine how happy you are right now. Manufacturer fanboyism aside, Xbox One X was for me a far superior experience than the PS4 vanilla or Pro last gen. Going by that experience, and from looking at the specs and build quality and impressions from the likes of DF, I had no reason to believe this would change. I was all set to use the XsX as my primary platform and the PS5 just for the Sony exclusives. Given the build quality of the XsX and the ease of the interface, I'm still hoping that Microsoft will sort their shit out so that I can stick to my initial plan. Early days y
  13. Fuck I just realized I already bought Cyberpunk on XsX - what if the next gen version on PS5 looks significantly better? I would have to buy it a second time
  14. Yes instead of the Red Ring of Death it's the White Sticker of Death. No doubt PS5 is off to a way better start, I'm very surprised that Microsoft hasn't got its act together at all seemingly. At least the XsX is silent, so I really hope they fix whatever is causing these problems because after a generation of enduring the PS4 jumbo jet I was really looking forward to enjoying all the third party games on a silent console! But if more games turn out like Dirt did, I'm definitely getting 3rd party on PS5, noise be damned.
  15. So it seems like the Halo Infinite trailer was simply showcasing the kind of graphics we should expect from the series X?
  16. (Also posted in the LAD thread) He's the lead of that awesome localization team that has been doing God's work since Zero Remember way earlier in this thread, when it was just a handful of us in here and it looked like we wouldn't ever see Yakuza 5 translated or any subsequent games reach these shores? How times can change
  17. he's the lead of that amazing localization team that has been doing God's work since Zero It's fantastic seeing Yakuza doing so well!
  18. Oh I see what's happening. I checked again just now and it's because I game share with a friend. Certain games are listed twice, one with the correct playtime and the other with the less than an hour playtime.
  19. Seems buggy though, when I checked a handful of games that I finished were listed as <1 hour. Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2 for example, while having like 70% or so of the trophies in both games
  20. So in theory you could end up with the XsX/PS5 version of a game looking better/nicer due to HDR on an OLED telly despite being able to crank the settings in the PC version up higher?
  21. I'm completely out of the PC loop, but I would have thought with how easy and common it is to hook up a gaming rig to a television nowadays, that HDR implementation would be a standard thing. Guess not!
  22. Thinking about it, my biggest wish is that Cyberpunk turns out to be a brilliant mix of the games I mention here
  23. I love Thief! How did you know? Also Outcast, Planescape, Deus Ex, System Shock.... Those were GAMES, amazing revolutionary experiences. Devs were pushing boundaries and revolutionizing games without any care about being able to run on a console back then. Just went all in with the craziest and most ambitious ideas. Nowadays I might as well stick to consoles, ain't missing out on anything.
  24. Duke Nukem cameo confirmed? But yeah, you're probably right
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