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  1. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Hi Fused - I bought one recently for the 360 for £60 (new) from eBay and it came within a day, I thought that was a result!! Another update in the ongoing saga that is getting back in to Rock Band in a big way - I've since bought an Alesis Surge and I'm selling the ION Drum Rocker, which allows me to have a proper ekit for when I am unable to play my acoustic set as well as use it in RB 360. Loving the Surge, the mesh heads are awesome but the drum sounds aren't as good as they could be. Still, decent for the price. I also bougth the midi adapter as I said above and I was looking for a RB2 wireless kit so I could take it apart and use the brain to connect my Alesis to RB4 without the £750 PDP adapter (using Roll Limitless - www.rolllimitless.com) but I ended up buying RB3 wireless drums by accident (albeit with the 3 cymbal expansion), and these don't work in the same way so aren't much use to me. I now have 3 wireless 360 kits (2 x beatles, 1 RB3) and 2 x RB3 3 cymbal expansions. FFFFFFUUUUUUU, should propbably sell it all but might well keep most of it in case something breaks. Still, I have established that I can buy a lot of DLC for RB3 on the 360 and use my eKit with proper charts (as opposed to the awesome, but ultimately not official customs, and the poor RB3 on disc music) and get the RB4 version free to use with one of my 2 full pro setups (RB Drums and Cymbals). It's a shame I didn't realise to buy DLC on 360 if possible before I laid down on a ton of stuff for the Xbox One that isn't then free on the 360. TLDR - Rock Band is a massive awesome headache and I still can't use my shiny new eKit on RB4 because people are asking for £750 for the adapter that would have been $10 back in the day. My missus hates me as my house is full of Rock Band stuff and actual drum kits.
  2. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Been meaning to come back in with an update of where I've come since early May when I decided to get back into Rock Band - So, I now own the following; 360 and Xbox One: Mad Catz Legacy Adapter 2 x Rock Band Beatles wireless drums - 1 x RB3 3 Pro Cymbal pack of 3 cymbals which make the game 10 times better! Wireless Hofner Bass from Beatles RB (good but too long) Wireless Rickenbacker from Beatles RB (Incredible) Rock Band mic x 3 (1 has built in controls which is really useful) 360 only Wired Fender Precision Bass - very limited numbers of this and it's pretty awesome but ultimately a bit of a showpiece more than anything Rock Band Keyboard - bought this when it came out but coudn't get along with it and struggling again as it's such a headfuck Rock Band 2 ION Drum Rocker with 2 x cymbals - Aaaaaaaamazing!!!!111!!! Xbox One only Rock Band 4 Fender Jaguar - Beautiful and super easy to play but more like a toy that any other RB guitar On the software side Rock Band 1, 2, 3 (with 500 customs) and RB4 with 150 paid for DLC's so far. RB ACDC, Green Day, Beatles and RB Lego Think I might have to stop now hahaha, this shit has cost me a small fortune but I love it all and I'm just working at improving my drumming across some of the amazing customs available for RB3. Mostly trying to play GnR, Arctic Monkeys and Metallica on expert. If anyone wants a set of wireless drums for 360/xbox one (needs an adapter) then hmu. \m/
  3. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Guys, is that on Xbox? I'd be keen if so and theres space? PDogg UK.
  4. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    I dunno man, initially I was like that, I was genuinely gutted when I first tried one and realised that's how most of them work, I switched it off hugely disappointed and then went on a download spree of only the multitrack tunes. Then last night I had another go on a load of the non-multitrack customs and had a blast, if you set a difficulty that means you don't miss as many ie: hard iinstead of expert, then I found I I actually didn't really notice it. I mean, it makes a noise if you hit the wrong note or strum at the wrong time which helps and my wife remarked she enjoyed it more because she could just listen to the song without important notes not sounding when I screw up. Not ideal but more than acceptable in my opinion, considering the library on offer.
  5. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Update on my continued Rock Band revival and it's fairly significant and epic - Pro Drums and CUSTOM SONGS (OMG!!!!11!1), LOADS OF CUSTOM SONGS. Found a 3 cymbal RB3 pack and wireless beatles drums set for £100 to go alongside the full Beatles Rock Band kit I bought (basically new) fror £150, and the cymbals really do add another dimension and makes the kit look awesome too. Loving it. I also got myself a 360 (With Rb Green Day, Beatles and AC/DC as well as RB1 and 3) and on looking into 3 a little more I found it was super easy to run customs on the 360 and sure enough it was a piece of piss and I now have a huge setlist of incredible content. Eveything is authored and created with real care and passion and is incredbly fun to play with a MASSIVE variety amongst the thousands of customs available - I had no idea this was a thing but I'm super glad I do now. Incredible scenes and well worth jumping back in if peeps can get up and running on RB3 on 360 easily enough.
  6. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Bit the bullet and sourced a new legacy adapter and a basically new Xbox 360 Beatles band set for £260 which felt decent even though it's clearly expensive, there should be resell in both though so that helped justify it. My first RB on XBox and now I'm set I'm hoping to buy all the 360 games so I can play the whole series again on 360 alongside RB4 on the One with the same instruments. The driver behind my recent obsession with getting back into RB is my 6 year old daughter who is mad about RB4, like I used to be with everything up to RB3. Seeing her singing There's No Other Way while I'm on the guitar is awesome and it's an experience I never had before as my wife and i never used to sing or even play multiplayer, it was usually just me playing. It genuinely is a fantastic party game and perfect for our blossoming gaming partnership (she legit beat me on Mario Kart for the first time not long ago!). Since RB first came out I've started playing real drums too so this will be an opportunity for my daughter to get her head around some the concepts before she uses my kit for real. It's been a totally overpriced headfuck to get to where I am again now but I'm pleased I did it. I've had to move from my previous RB dlc, instruments and game exports on ps3 (basically i had everything you could export) because i stopped using my PS4 on account of how loud it is, and the whole thing has set me back the best part of 500 but it feels like a new experience again and that's really nice after all those years of Rock Band loving and subsequent years where I forgot all about it. Tl;dr I needed RB in my life and it's not a cheap game to have a sudden desire to play on a new system but very happy to be up to date.
  7. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Guys, really long shot but does anyone have a legacy adapter for Xbox that they'd be willing to let go of for a semi reasonable sum? Failing that an Xbox One drum kit or band in a box they want rid of? I know it's very unlikely but any help hugely appreciated. Thanks.
  8. PDogg

    The Spurs Thread

    Joking aside, I can't see us losing tbh. Maybe we'll see Dier take a staring role on Saturday too, JM is a big admirer.
  9. PDogg

    The Spurs Thread

    I was all for Poch going, it was clearly stale and a fair amount of it was his doing. 5 and a half years is a lot of time and we never really looked like winning anything seriously, although he did give us a glimpse of what it could be like. I wasn't up for Mourinho massively, like most people I was tired of how he behaved in his most recent jobs but I know deep down although it's the polar opposite of what Spurs would typically do, I think that's what the club needs - everything is in place bar a winning mentality. Thankfully it was a great press conference today, some of it gave me goosebumps and Jose was great, very relaxed and behaving with a bit of class. He also looked far happier than his most recent first press conference at Man U. The box office draw of the man has meant the last few days has been utter madness but I'm now fully onboard and can't wait to lose 1-0 to West Ham on Saturday.
  10. PDogg

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Dirt 2.0 was a mess IMO, WRC8 is great and has wonderful tracks but it's not as sim like although the handling and ffb in Dirt is weird. The new locations in Dirt were really poor and lacklustre In their design but you do now have all the DR1 tracks... Honestly I thought DR2 was a major letdown but I love WRC as it's more fun. Then again I played WRC 5, 6 and 7 which people hate, and thought they were fun, so don't listen to me.
  11. Thanks for the invite last night, sorry I had to ignore it but 2 mates dropped by and saw the wheel setup and wanted to try it themselves, then we stuck it in VR and then I had to give them the VR guided tour which takes a while. They loved it but I didn't get a chance to play last night and I was quite gutted. How do I get involved in the TT being discussed, @Junker do I just add you?
  12. Righto chaps, cleared it with the missus, have my wheel set up and have been playing this a lot the last 2 days (although I'm nothing special). @PeteBrant, @mexos, feel free to add me (PDogg) and should be good to play tonight
  13. "You're not in my plans" most probably.
  14. Labyrinth definitely stands the test of time, my 5 year old loves it (and so do I).
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