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  1. PDogg

    Trials Rising

    I'll have a go at this later (hopefully) PDogg UK
  2. Hadn't really thought about doing that, nice one mate
  3. Not sure how long for but I'm in the top 20 of the weekly Rivals challenge at Brands Hatch, woop woop. In all honesty I don't think it's a particularly fast time (1.33 something) but the competition appears to be incredibly poor (which I'm thankful for haha). One annoying thing is that I can't improve my time because for some reason they impose a maximum of 30 attempts on a week long challenge, that seems very odd to me when I want to keep playing it!
  4. If performance is similar or better on whatever system you're on then I'd say that's a great price for the game and the sp. It's nice to be able to finally race around the tracks in PC, there are so many after all, but I've just never ever been able to find a workable control solution on either of the previous versions of the game (I have a G29 too) so I've barely seen any of them. PC3 just feels great, partifularly on controller, and despite the lack of depth of all the settings vs PC1/2 it's infinitely more playable and fun. I didn't like Dirt 5 in any way either, I bought it che
  5. Picked this up a few weeks back and I'm massively suprised considering the negativity on release! Tbh this fits the bill for nearly everything I want and in some ways it reminds me of Driveclub which is a huge compliment as thay's one of my favourite games of all time. Pad and wheel support are superb (tinkering with settings in PC1 and 2 completely ruined them both), audio is excellent and the car and track list is obviously immense. Tons of customisation options, liveries etc.. and I'm a sucker for Rivals events with the daily/weekly/monthly challenges. I'm wondering if the screen tearing wo
  6. Nice one dude, thanks, that was easy enough! I didn't really need or want this but for £20 you can't grumble.
  7. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    I hear you dude, played it fanatically back in the day but got back into it during the first lockdown and play an hour at least every day, usually more. I have real drums in my office too but I just find myself always drawn to play Rock Band. Rock on.
  8. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Really awesome to see activity in here - I'm still just playing Rock Band 3 on my Alesis Surge Mesh kit, I haven't played 4 for a while or I'd try and contribute. I'm just working my way to playing all my favourite customs and ( and dlc from the 360) on Expert, I'm up to about 15 or so FC's now (out of 850 haha)
  9. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Hi Fused - I bought one recently for the 360 for £60 (new) from eBay and it came within a day, I thought that was a result!! Another update in the ongoing saga that is getting back in to Rock Band in a big way - I've since bought an Alesis Surge and I'm selling the ION Drum Rocker, which allows me to have a proper ekit for when I am unable to play my acoustic set as well as use it in RB 360. Loving the Surge, the mesh heads are awesome but the drum sounds aren't as good as they could be. Still, decent for the price. I also bougth the midi adapter as I said above and I w
  10. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Been meaning to come back in with an update of where I've come since early May when I decided to get back into Rock Band - So, I now own the following; 360 and Xbox One: Mad Catz Legacy Adapter 2 x Rock Band Beatles wireless drums - 1 x RB3 3 Pro Cymbal pack of 3 cymbals which make the game 10 times better! Wireless Hofner Bass from Beatles RB (good but too long) Wireless Rickenbacker from Beatles RB (Incredible) Rock Band mic x 3 (1 has built in controls which is really useful) 360 only Wired Fender Precision Bass - very limited nu
  11. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Guys, is that on Xbox? I'd be keen if so and theres space? PDogg UK.
  12. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    I dunno man, initially I was like that, I was genuinely gutted when I first tried one and realised that's how most of them work, I switched it off hugely disappointed and then went on a download spree of only the multitrack tunes. Then last night I had another go on a load of the non-multitrack customs and had a blast, if you set a difficulty that means you don't miss as many ie: hard iinstead of expert, then I found I I actually didn't really notice it. I mean, it makes a noise if you hit the wrong note or strum at the wrong time which helps and my wife remarked she enjoyed it more because s
  13. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Update on my continued Rock Band revival and it's fairly significant and epic - Pro Drums and CUSTOM SONGS (OMG!!!!11!1), LOADS OF CUSTOM SONGS. Found a 3 cymbal RB3 pack and wireless beatles drums set for £100 to go alongside the full Beatles Rock Band kit I bought (basically new) fror £150, and the cymbals really do add another dimension and makes the kit look awesome too. Loving it. I also got myself a 360 (With Rb Green Day, Beatles and AC/DC as well as RB1 and 3) and on looking into 3 a little more I found it was super easy to run customs on the 360 and sure enough
  14. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Bit the bullet and sourced a new legacy adapter and a basically new Xbox 360 Beatles band set for £260 which felt decent even though it's clearly expensive, there should be resell in both though so that helped justify it. My first RB on XBox and now I'm set I'm hoping to buy all the 360 games so I can play the whole series again on 360 alongside RB4 on the One with the same instruments. The driver behind my recent obsession with getting back into RB is my 6 year old daughter who is mad about RB4, like I used to be with everything up to RB3. Seeing her singing There's No Other Way
  15. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Guys, really long shot but does anyone have a legacy adapter for Xbox that they'd be willing to let go of for a semi reasonable sum? Failing that an Xbox One drum kit or band in a box they want rid of? I know it's very unlikely but any help hugely appreciated. Thanks.
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