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  1. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    I've only ever used CH with my Alesis Surge kit, not RB drums, so can't offer nay advice there but you could look into Rock Band 2 Deluxe or Guitar Hero 2 Deluxe.. They're basically modded versions of those games that run via PS3 Emulator on PC and allow custom tracks and alsorts of modding in to the actual RB and GH games...
  2. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    You definitely can drum but drum support is only in the public test build (PTB). Did you find the repository of all the GH and and RB tracks ever released on disc and dlc? Check out frets on fire, C3 and Chorus for tons and tons of custom made tracks too. To make it look nicer you can load highways, backgrounds and basically change any element of the game you don't like, it's awesome Oh and check out Scorespy, it's a version of Clone Hero and it includes drum support as well as global leaderboards for every single track, custom or otherwise.
  3. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    Crikey, don't have notifications on for this thread and didn't realise peeps were still posting. I'm stiill playing Clone Hero every day (well, ScoreSpy to be precise).. I'll try and get a video or 2 uploaded as I'm now super sick at Expert Pro Drums haha! Play Clone Hero and import all the custom Beatles stuff for a massive catalogue. The ther huge bonus is that everything is charted for Pro-Drums
  4. Good timing, I got an FC (Full Combo) on Clone Hero Expert drums playing Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys yesterday and that was a pretty standout moment for me. Probably one of the best feel good moments I've ever had in gaming tbh See for yourselves here, song starts at 1.15 ish and the intro finishes at 2.15 ish.
  5. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    If its mainly to play CH I'd suggest the Alesis nitro mesh. Mesh heads are awesome and sound best playing along to CH but the drum brain on the Yamaha is superior so as an actual drumkit it's probably a little better.
  6. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    I'm using an Alesis Surge which is pretty decent although I've upgraded my foot pedal and replaced the snare with the white one (it's identical, the only difference is the white vs black).
  7. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    I'd be interested in the PRO guitar if it's still available mate? In other news, I've been meaning to start doing some videos of my drumming on Clone Hero and although the editing is particularly rough around the edges (and has a watermark) I appear to have managed to do it. For anyone who is interested you can see me playing Jon Bon Jovi here - I am intending to do a video for all 157 Beatles tracks I have on CH but also happy to do any requests There's 4600 odd tracks so everything from the full RB and GH catalogue (DLC and disc) is there
  8. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    I'm still playing Expert Pro Drums daily on my Alesis Surge but I'm mainly on Clone Hero now. To be honest I prefer the calibration and drum mapping of Clone Hero to RB, and there's the small matter of me having 4k songs on there now too Mad to think back to March last year when I decided I needed to get back in to Rock Band, all the money I spent on RB drums and cymbals, guitars, an ION rocker and then my Alesis Surge, oh and masses of DLC bought or doubled up on (moved from PS to Xbox) and in the end I'm playing Clone Hero for free with nearly every track ever released, with drum support, for every RB and a ton of GH's and 1500 mostly awesome customs. Wish I'd known about it to start with but hey ho, I'm still having a blast and it's safe to say my drumming has gotten significantly better. Might do a few videos if anyone's interested? It'd be interesting to know my playtime stats, I've played it for 1 to 3 hours most days for over a year and a half (still nowhere near bored of it, it's crazy..). I urge people to check out Clone Hero if they haven't but its not super straightforward, particularly drum support which isn't in the official release on their website) so lmk if you need any pointers. \m/ Edit - Oh and I have played so much I've broken 2 foot pedals completely, burnt right through the rubber on my hi-hat cymbal to the plastic underneath, totally snapped the metal pole of my throne so it's totally unusable and upgraded the bass drum and my snare to more expensive components because of wear and tear
  9. PDogg

    Trials Rising

    I'll have a go at this later (hopefully) PDogg UK
  10. Hadn't really thought about doing that, nice one mate
  11. Not sure how long for but I'm in the top 20 of the weekly Rivals challenge at Brands Hatch, woop woop. In all honesty I don't think it's a particularly fast time (1.33 something) but the competition appears to be incredibly poor (which I'm thankful for haha). One annoying thing is that I can't improve my time because for some reason they impose a maximum of 30 attempts on a week long challenge, that seems very odd to me when I want to keep playing it!
  12. If performance is similar or better on whatever system you're on then I'd say that's a great price for the game and the sp. It's nice to be able to finally race around the tracks in PC, there are so many after all, but I've just never ever been able to find a workable control solution on either of the previous versions of the game (I have a G29 too) so I've barely seen any of them. PC3 just feels great, partifularly on controller, and despite the lack of depth of all the settings vs PC1/2 it's infinitely more playable and fun. I didn't like Dirt 5 in any way either, I bought it cheap but it was so terrible, like the worst bits of every terrible Dirt game put together. Codemasters would do very well to just let SMS guys create the games moving forward and just offer their resources. Can't see that happening though.
  13. Picked this up a few weeks back and I'm massively suprised considering the negativity on release! Tbh this fits the bill for nearly everything I want and in some ways it reminds me of Driveclub which is a huge compliment as thay's one of my favourite games of all time. Pad and wheel support are superb (tinkering with settings in PC1 and 2 completely ruined them both), audio is excellent and the car and track list is obviously immense. Tons of customisation options, liveries etc.. and I'm a sucker for Rivals events with the daily/weekly/monthly challenges. I'm wondering if the screen tearing would be less if I were to upgrade from my X to a series X though, anyone got any experiences? I actually keep hovering over the Season Pass buy button as I got the game cheap, in reality it's pretty terrible value but the extra single player Driveclub-a-like tours are tempting me. Shame it doesn't have single player leaderboards or have I missed those? Either way I'd recommend this to anyone if you can accept the tearing. I mean, the graphics are more than passable (although photo mode is weak) and in hot lap mode, which is predominantly what I play, it's mostly smooth and decent to look at.
  14. Nice one dude, thanks, that was easy enough! I didn't really need or want this but for £20 you can't grumble.
  15. PDogg

    Rock Band 4

    I hear you dude, played it fanatically back in the day but got back into it during the first lockdown and play an hour at least every day, usually more. I have real drums in my office too but I just find myself always drawn to play Rock Band. Rock on.
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