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  1. Outside of emulation, I believe the Master System port very well regarded. Game movement and techniques all came over to the SMS port intact. The 'super' stages were integrated into the main game as levels 101-200 (plus additional new designs and secret doors) and you could achieve the true ending in single-player mode. Interestingly the JP SMS cart aka 'Final Bubble Bobble', had hint dialogue that was just cut from the EU version, but there's now a translation patch for all 128 hints which can appear on the game over screen. Between the hints and the stage select when you continue, you can work through the secrets of the game without a FAQ beside you! https://www.patreon.com/posts/40326586 for the SMS fans here!
  2. Version update 1.08 out now, server still down. Hopefully up soon!
  3. FYI - you only need to buy and register Endwalker (the latest expansion) and you'll have access to the previous two expansions.
  4. You can change the chase camera settings from an in-race option.
  5. There was a good post on ResetEra. Not configered a pad yet myself, but it looks like a good starting point. https://www.resetera.com/threads/lost-ark-ot-path-of-diablo-xiv.549307/post-81921514
  6. With these queues, I have no time to do gathering, only dailies.
  7. Launch delayed https://twitter.com/playlostark/status/1492178267138244609
  8. There's some great guides by experienced Lost Art communnity members here: https://lost-ark.maxroll.gg/ And here's Saintone's amazing guide to game systems and general game FAQ.
  9. A number of guilds started unofficially designating certain servers for European languages so the predominantly ENG servers Kadan (PVP) and Zinnervale had very large queues last night. This was the main doc being referenced https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wJiDGy77tOdV7ATqXj-bGXH7JmQo-sbjHrYJTcoI4Ow/htmlview?pru=AAABfsUYCCg*865NnJdWzqmfUUbvN0Z6QQ
  10. Yeah, F2P access from this Friday. Many EU servers are rammed already!
  11. lmao, same here!
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