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  1. “Kara throw?!” Peak SSFIV thread
  2. Got this game a few months ago, but only played it once or twice before it went into the backlog. Returned to it last week and have been playing it most nights now - I'm completely in it's grip! The balance is so good, although I do run into the newbie problem of running into a boss and not being able to survive big hits a lot of times. I've been using the Ironclad exclusively to learn enemy fight patterns and unlock all his stuff. Unlocked it all this evening, but after 20 runs I've still not bagged a win. So, I thought I'd give The Silent a go. There's still so much to learn and experience in this game. Loving this!
  3. My vanilla PS4’s fans were definitely ramped up. It’s the loudest I’ve heard them go since I opened the system up and cleaned the fans/replaced thermal paste. Think it was mainly the cutscenes triggering it.
  4. Same as retail yeah (including the usual PS4 gubbins on the back), with a slim cardboard slip. Not worth holding out for.
  5. There's a recap movie option from the title screen. Didn't watch it though.
  6. Played the opening section for an hour. The interrogation of the locals begins, the dialogue delivery is straight out of the original games
  7. Big changes to crafting incoming this Tuesday, btw. Preliminary Patch Notes for 5.1 (Click on the items link to avoid all current story spoilers): https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/8ce1cb59a72145623c96a2aeabdb5df4189ff01a
  8. Just made it to the casino...that's my weekend gone then.
  9. No, DQ8’s western release was the exception rather than rule.
  10. 365games delivered mine just now (paid 1st class postage). This game is just what I need right now, excited to start!
  11. The monster’s icon has a red ‘pause’ icon when they aren’t timed to move on (I think).
  12. The base game has been patched: http://steamcommunity.com/games/289070/announcements/detail/1662261735494326654 On AI updates: Hopefully the AI better assessing opportunity costs and city placement will aid in their play.
  13. MarkMan heavily implied on Twitter that without company support (i.e. Marvel), MVC:I couldn’t get a spot.
  14. I want all the shinies!
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