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  1. Woot! Birthday today has resulted in me generously being gifted various game pre-orders so I'll have something to play when the PS5 arrives. Sackboy, Miles Morales and Little Hope (the next of the Dark Pictures Anthology series) Should have enough to order Demon's as well
  2. Preordered initially because I knew it'd sell out and wanted the option of deciding in the time between order and release. Decided to stick with it as the PS4 has been awesome (was always an xbox owner in previous generations). My PC is hooked up to A 65" LG C9 (4K,HDR, OLED) from the office via a long (and not cheap) hdmi cable, which currently let's me do 4k 60hz / 1440p 120hz. Also got USB running through to a hub, so other than going to the office to switch it on, it's very much like using a console for me in terms of ease Been using it a lot lately for
  3. I finished Control a couple of weeks ago, along with The Foundation and loved it so much I went and mopped up almost every thing you can do in the game (including the insane job of getting the cat ears). With the AWE DLC out today, I felt it was time for a replay of Alan Wake, so this last week I've gone through that, and it's 2 DLC's, all in 1440p on a 65" OLED with the HUD disabled throughout for extra immersion. Now that was glorious, and I'm fairly sure I never actually played The Writer when it came out (if I did I'd forgotten it all). Gameplay holds up well, it still looks f
  4. This is looking immense so far. The effects and animation quality in combat are fantastic, combat looks really solid for something deemed pre alpha, and if I'm not mistaken, until the location/enemy montage at the end, it didn't have any camera cuts, much like God of War (which they've claimed as an influence along with Sekiro)
  5. I agree, and didn't have much grief with it back on the original xbox, but I do recognise it as some of the weakest level design in the game. Of course when you're comparing it to such highs as the milkman conspiracy, there's bound to be weaker parts. Overall it remains a favourite and I can't wait for the sequel
  6. Perfectly playable. I replayed it to the end within the last year (Steam version). Still as awesome as it always was (well acknowledged final level issues design issues aside)
  7. If you have Amazon Prime, keep an eye on the free Twitch games you get. I've had more than a few good freebies that way. I recently returned to my PC for gaming and I cannot recommend installing GOG Galaxy 2.0 highly enough. Install it, connect all your other services to it (Steam, Origin, uPlay, Twitch, Rockstar, Epic, Blizzard, PlayStation, xbox - and probably others I've forgotten), and enjoy having all your games visible from one place. You can even add games as 'owned' if you want to catalogue your physical collection, or link to an exe if it's from somewhere obscure and still
  8. Maybe. I read it as "not on all VR capable platforms". Hopefully you're right; the more people who can play VR titles the better really. Awesome as Squadrons looks, I think the thing I'm most interested in from that show was Lost In Random. Love the art style and had real flashbacks to Alive Madness Returns for me.
  9. Small print said VR not available on all platforms. My guess would be it's PC VR due to those visuals, but then again, they've done Star Wars VR content for Sony before. I've got Vive and PSVR, but would kill to be able to fly an X-Wing in VR with my HOTAS, so hoping it's Steam VR.
  10. Will update. Not sure how I missed that Also, great news, will probly play it on PC then
  11. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a story-driven action adventure set in a charming world rich with exploration and fast-paced combat. Players find and grow a team of tiny spirit companions called the Rot, enhancing their abilities and creating new ways to manipulate the environment. https://www.emberlab.com/ This really stood out to me during the PS5 reveal stream - lovely art style and the environment transformations look great. The Ember Lab website lists PS4, PS5 and Epic Store. Hadn't heard of these guys before; turns out they made the very impressive Major
  12. I never got that far with it when I bought it at launch on 360, and I'm unlikely to play it now, but I'm glad I added it. It counts as a purchase in the Epic store sale, so I immediately got a ten quid voucher to use. Control was already down to £24, voucher knocked it to £14, and because I used to subscribe back before UE4 was free, I was given store credit that's sat there for about 4 years because I forgot about it (and thought it could only be used on the unreal marketplace, not games). TL;DR I got Control free, because GTA V was free
  13. That lighting made my jaw drop. I have so many questions about how development will change though to be able to make something like this. Current texturing tools like Substance ain't gunna run nicely with such high polycounts. How the hell do I UV a high poly asset cleanly? Given high quality zbrush files end up hundreds of mb in size, if not into the gigabytes (even without the undo history stored), how on earth do you handle storage for something like this? Can't wait to find out more
  14. FozZ

    Dreams - It's out!

    It's been a little disheartening so far. Weeks of work on my game so far (posted on the previous page), and currently on 232 thumbs up, with 650 plays, by 624 people after roughly 3 days (which tells me most people aren't replaying it to do better, they're just moving onto the next thing). It is slowly going up, but then I'll see utter shite topping the new trending dreams list, that has a couple of thumbs up, so not really sure what's going on with their algorithm. Closest to the top of trending I got was about 6th, but that was short lived. Didn't take long for a load of Mario and Sonic
  15. FozZ

    Dreams - It's out!

    https://indreams.me/dream/mmaVbABSySP I released my first creation yesterday that I've been working on since launch. Volare is a true 2.5D score attack game (inspired by the classic Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams) Please give it some love, and a vote in the Arcade community jam when the voting starts.
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