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  1. FozZ

    Dreams - It's out!

    https://indreams.me/dream/mmaVbABSySP I released my first creation yesterday that I've been working on since launch. Volare is a true 2.5D score attack game (inspired by the classic Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams) Please give it some love, and a vote in the Arcade community jam when the voting starts.
  2. I bought it a couple of days after release (a little over a month ago) and other than Netflix / Prime Video, I've not loaded anything else up since. Have been working on a project in it the whole time, and usually start a session having a look through what others have released. It's an amazing set of tools.
  3. FozZ

    Dreams - It's out!

    Bought this yesterday on the store (£28.85 for a £35 code from ShopTo! ) Ive been a dev for going on 12 years, use Unity at work, and Unreal in my own time, and I'm absolutely blown away by what they've made. It's no wonder it took so many years, and the price is peanuts for what's possible. Only done Art's Dream, a few user made things and a handful of tutorials but I can see this being a huge time sink. The MM content is fantastic, naturally, but there have already been some standout user creations, such as Pip Gemwalker (a Captain Toad esque game), Ruckus (play as a cartoon Kaiju and wreck a city with the camera occasionally switching to helicopter news feeds), The Pilgrim (third person platformer that has a bunch of beautiful varied areas, and changes at time to a twin stick shooter, a 2.5d platformer and a 2d platformer) and Super Great Job, Human (an astrobot type character that can use the imp to collect and move things, set in a world of obsolete technology). Was really unsure about picking it up, but I feel I've had my monies worth already. Will be interesting to see what happens copyright wise given I've already seen Mario, Sonic, Lara Croft and more knock offs, along with hearing the Halo theme poorly recorded through a headset.
  4. Aye, it'll be interesting to see where they might take it given the main goal was quite basic, and it seems like Ragnarok is on the brink of arriving by the end (winter has come, as it were). Good to know I could reduce the difficulty, but I'm determined that that bitch will get hers. Only the valhalla move feels unfair at times, and even that I'm getting better at avoiding, the rest is all on me if I get hit. I know the satisfaction and relief will be worth it when I eventually best her.
  5. Came to this pretty late (missus bought me it for my birthday in October) and its my first God of War (minus trying 3 briefly when it was free of PS+) Despite loving it I had a long break after the first week (something of a habit it seems with games that last over the 10hr mark). Anyhoo, came back to it a week or so ago and it's taken over me. Every night I've been eager to return to Midgard (or one of the other realms). I've since finished the main story/quest and it was an incredible journey. Lovely to see such a simple premise of a wife's dying wish fulfilled. Now mopping up the rest and have spent a good few hours today trying to take down that fucker of the Queen valkyrie. Closest I've come is a bar and a half, but fucking hell, sometimes I'm lucky to not be using a resurrection stone within 20s of the fight starting. Feels like a Dark Souls boss in that you have to learn her moves inside out, and even then, there's a huge degree of luck involved (that valhalla move of hers can get right tae fook!). Have every intention of platinuming this one. Something I've rarely cared about apart from Bloodborne. What a marvelous example of storytelling, technical achievement and engaging gameplay / open world!
  6. Never been into Diablo style dungeon crawlers, but I'm a massive Darksiders fan. Watched a couple of reviews and this looks like a very good translation of the series to a new genre/direction. Glad to hear people are enjoying it. Always feel a bit funny using cdkeys or other key sellers. Does anyone know if the devs really make much of anything from them? Sub £20 is very tempting despite my growing pile of shame.
  7. FozZ

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Just had a look to see how much Index controllers are (already got a Vive) and you get the game free with any of the hardware / bundles (apart from base stations only). Also looks like they've ramped production for this announcement as most stuff has been out of stock for months and its currently all available to purchase. So tempted to buy those controllers - stupid xmas costs coming up!
  8. FozZ

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Woohoo! Playable on the Vive and other setups, not just Index! Looks fantastic! They've messed up on their website though, the video opens one for Artifact.... Edit: And now it's fixed, lol.
  9. Picked Quantum Break up last week for £7.50 on the humble store and finished it today, so Control will be next up. Was really happy with all the Alan Wake/Control references. Don't know if I found them all, but spotted/heard the following:
  10. Wondering if the Paul Docherty mentioned in the first post is the same 'Doc' I had as a tutor at Teesside university in 2003 (and later years), back when there was one real games course called Games Design (and you had to tailor your module selection to a code, design or art route). Makes me want to try and find a song a friend recorded about him at the time called 'Lord Vertex'. Edit: just found the Kickstarter page with a pic of him. Unless he solved baldness, it's not. Shame.
  11. Likewise. Someone on twitter said the same and PlayStation replied to say they'd look into if the files can be made available
  12. Just came to post about these. Own almost all of them so hopefully some kind soul scans them all to print.
  13. This turned up today (technically yesterday but was in the work postbox and no one was in with a key... True story). Thats my weekend sorted Fingers crossed its as enjoyable as Until Dawn and does become an Anthology, as I feel like they'll just drop the idea if it bombs. Kinda surprised at the lack of coverage compared to UD (or I've just not looked at much gaming news lately).
  14. Bought both of these on release and finished them, so not a good month for me in that sense, but a fantastic month for those who've not played. Enjoy!
  15. To follow on from my recent posts about my fairly newly started collection, I just got an email to say Dragonheart is finally being dispatched, and I picked up Tail Feathers new on ebay for 15 quid. Yet to play it but the models are beautiful, really looking forward to getting a mate round so we can work it out. Managed to get hold of the PDF to print my own game mat for it. Seems getting it done on neoprene would be crazy expensive, so currently looking into options to get a sign printer to make it up on vinyl/pvc.
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