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  1. @Down by Law I love the original Theme of Laura, and that is indeed an awesome take on it, thanks for sharing it!
  2. My last 3 tinykin to find in the game were red ones in that level, maybe it's the same ones. On the room floor, check the rooms made of lego/duplo bricks where you enter the level.
  3. Never heard of it but started this yesterday based on this thread. As has been said there's next to no challenge but it's relaxing and oddly satisfying to just hoover up all the collectibles. Finished it today as well as the last of the achievements. The story is utter bobbins. I'm assuming something has been lost in translation. Anyways, wasn't playing for the story. Shame the objectives didn't have more variety, but overall it was perfect material to turn my brain off and go into autopilot which sometimes is all you need.
  4. Went from an older LG (non OLED) 47" to a 65" LG C9 OLED in the first year / summer of lockdown. Mainly as a treat when I changed jobs. No regrets whatsoever, it's amazing for games and movies and pairs wonderfully with the PS5 I got at launch and later a Series X. I also run an HDMI from my PC on occasion.
  5. Shocker! My first ever with 6 attempts. Wordle 229 6/6
  6. BUGGER! I typed the actual answer in first before changing it to test an extra vowel Wordle 228 2/6
  7. Wordle 222 4/6 Was apparently completely blind to that yellow, derp!...
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