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  1. If a just revealed Lego set tied to the film is correct, it reveals at least in part who becomes the black panther On the one hand it would seem odd to put them in there like that if they didn’t know, and in some promo stuff they blacked out that character on the box as if to avoid spoiling it as much as poss. On the other hand they did a set to tie in with iron man 3 where the mandarin has a mechanical flying chair to attack with.
  2. I think they know how upset people would be if they did that, hell be in it a decent amount for sure. I could see them teasing it though and “killing” him to have him pop back in later. The “MCU is woke garbage and dying” crowd are super confused about this….it’s like they both are excited but a lot of them have built their brand on shitting on the MCU recently. One of them in the same day released 2 YouTube vids, one about how exciting it was, the next about how obviously desperate the MCU is and this is an attempt to pander to fans to make up for all the “disasters” they’ve had.
  3. They did get him, but now he’s dropped out due to scheduling issues, 2 months before shooting was supposed to start too. Imagine this leaves them in a bit of a bind. Rumours are going around that Mahershala Ali is “frustrated” with the project, citing a poor sounding script that lacks exciting action sequences. Given how tightly marvel often schedule things, this doesn’t bode well.
  4. Thanks id actually just come back to do that as stupidly at the time I thought “oh naming then won’t matter as we know they’re dead by then, the spoiler is how they die” but just thought that it obviously heavily implies they die during the series still so it would actually spoil to expect to see them die on screen. Apologies.
  5. Someone on Twitter has just pointed out that if you’re rewatching GOT, there’s a pretty major spoiler in there. That twat Joffrey even goes and spoiled this before it was made in season 3 ep 4, just in case anyone is going to rewatch (it’s a very quick line and easy to forget if you don’t know that it’s referencing but he is talking to Margaery and points out where
  6. Wahlbergs acting is amazingly bad to the point I laughed out loud several times….does that count as positive? M Night is such a weird one. The Sixth Sense is a genuinely great, well made film. I love Unbreakable too, the twist took me utterly by surprise and it was one of the few times I’ve sat there, jaw literally dropped in shock by it. Signs had a stupid ending, but I maintain that the stuff that lead up to it was good. Three films that were really good aside from a dodgy ending to one of them. Then his output basically became a trash fire. Like all the talent he’d shown in his first works was used up or something. Then of course he had the big budget disasters of After Earth and Avatar, after which I’d genuinely question if he hadn’t been sneakily replaced by a doppelgänger who had never seen a film before. It’s a shame as I genuinely thought this guy was going to be one of my fave directors based on his films up to Signs, and I was super hyped about The Village (which wasn’t very good). That said I enjoyed Split and Glass, the latter more for it tying into previous work though - and it’s no where near as good either.
  7. Bessons got a bonkers filmography. Smaller scale classics like Nikita and Leon alongside big budget visually astonishing stuff like the fifth element and Valerian, then out there stuff like the one that had a woman riding a pterodactyl on the cover, weird stuff like Lucy, then stuff that seems like it’s blatantly just for the pay check like that Deniro comedy. His last film (Anna) felt a bit like it was trying to cash in on his reputation for films with stand out female hero’s, but was a bit pants but has an amazing action scene midway through that is well worth watching on its own. Rest of the film didn’t live up to this bit though.
  8. They’ve already confirmed a second season, and from the books it’ll definitely take at least that. Things haven’t even kicked off properly yet, they’re still setting that up. Spoilers for the book, but assumptions on what I think they’ll do structure wise. I think they could probably get a decent amount after this season when things kick off properly, and they deffo have scope to stretch it out I think. There’s deffo a risk of Hobbiting it, but I could see it 3 seasons easy, maybe 4.
  9. the writers actually addressed this in a BTS clip; Yeah, she’s well nice, unless he just really has a thing for white hair.
  10. No Kate Bishop means I’m much less excited about this. Was hoping for another team up with her and Yelena. Hell, just do a buddie movie with them two and I’m in.
  11. Just come back from seeing this. It’s no Knives Out, but I was entertained enough. The main issue I thought was that it didn’t make the ending very satisfying. There’s also some very ham fisted attempt at misdirection. Spoiling the next bit as while I’m not going to name who did it and still be pretty vague, you’d probably be able to at least reasonably eliminate some people. There’s a really good video on YouTube by hbomberguy about how the BBC Sherlock is actually kinda shite, especially the longer it went on. His main argument is that the point of a whodunnit is to drop enough clues through the story so that the audience can at least try and follow along, and that the satisfaction of a good whodunnit is not being able to solve it yourself, but seeing the hero connect the dots in clever ways that were there for you to solve too. Whereas Sherlock often just pulls things out of his arse with information you couldn’t possibly figure out. This does pull that off dropping in bits that it can then come back to so it makes sense, but none of them really feel like that “aha!” Moment where you realise the importance something had. It feels a bit like in order to conceal things they showed as little as they could, so when they do connect it all up, it doesn’t land quite as well. That and I just don’t think the reveal is super interesting. It’s not terrible, just not great. It does do some meta bits as well, which I was indifferent about. The cast is great though. Saoirse is great as constable Stalker, Brody plays the slimy director brilliantly, and Harris Dickinson makes a great young Dickie Attenborough. Saoirse carries the film though as the likeable young police officer wanting to impress. If you go in expecting something fairly light and with enjoyable characters and not to expect anything too clever, you’ll likely have a good time.
  12. if you’re playing on x box and you can see something but struggle to get it to stick, play it forward to that point then tap the L trigger to start it rewinding slowly, then when you see it appear, hold down left on the dpad. I messed about a bit at first with scrubbing speeds and going back and forth but tried the d pad to frame by frame it (holding it just makes it go slowly) and it always brings the scene up as soon as you try that. Now pretty much every time I rewind if it doesn’t stick straight away (and some just flick straight to it), I’ll hold left down. Similarly sometimes you can’t rewind the hidden scene, especially if you’ve let it play out. But if you hold the left d pad, you can always rewind using that.
  13. It is. I didn’t notice first time (just rechecked) that you can rewind within it too. First you get a black male appear, then the female being we’ve seen before appears and says she can’t remember all the faces, so I’d assume that means they’re people that she has taken the personality of before.
  14. Also yesterday, I had a quick scan through for a few bits and revealed a bit more footage. There was a scene from Two Of Everything where it’s her in the black wig standing in front of a mirror taking some directions, but when you get the rewind bit - it’s a completely new character. She’s got dark hair and wearing a bunch of necklaces that look vaguely pagan, but she basically looks sad and doesn’t say anything. Never seen her anywhere else and no mention of anything that I can think relates to her - anyone else seen this? I’ve only just woken up so I’ll recheck the game in a bit for some more details.
  15. Also going without spoiler tags. The first clip you see iirc you normally click out of but go to the end and rewind. She appears and talks about how only certain ways of killing her works. Fire being one. Doesn’t mention shooting though. More on that later. In another scene she describes how she can hibernate and wake up. She talks at one point about how she found someone once she woke once and “devoured” them. It’s not said explicitly, but it’s hinted as though it could have been Marissa. There’s wording that makes it sound like somebody who had been abused too. Short (as much as I can make it) version from what I can see, she had a nap, awoke, “became” Marissa who was young and naive and had been taken advantage of. Something about movies and the idea of creating something lasting called to her during her experience as Marissa, but ultimately she was treated like trash by the director of the first movie. But she used it to try and create the second movie, which she co wrote. That’s a direct parallel of her experience on the first movie, with the artist character it’s titled after a direct parallel to the director of the first movie. As the director wanted to “sculpt” her, the artist continually draws over her portrait to refine her to what he wants, among other bits. The second being as at this point taken the part of her co actor, Carl greenwood. At some point late in filming, she shoots him, in reality killing the actor but also killing the beings though he gets reborn somehow into someone else, which we see through another clip. The reason she did this is because he saw her becoming increasingly invested in that world that over theirs, and he made he choose, she shot it to free herself from him. However, that closed the film down, and she ultimately did feel bad over her actions. Im taking the time passing as her hibernating which is why she hasn’t aged. She wakes up and the director from the first film has apologised and if I remember given her footage that had previously been hidden? Can’t remember how it’s phrased, one of the issues is that going back to look at the “hidden”footage is difficult. She decides to make another film basically to tell her story before she kills herself with fire, which is done by the other being. Im not 100% on this, but from the conversation she has about how to kill her that I mentioned, it could be that dying by fire was done to end her immortality as dying through other means allows her to revive, though she considers the work on film as a way of also achieving that. She says in one of the hidden bits that she’s tired of going on (or something similar- again, hard to go back and find) which could mean that she’s tired of immortality. Also we see the gunshot kill the other one and when he “dies” he ends up as that woman. But she only mentions drowning as a method that “doesn’t work” so it could be that she’ll revive in some way too. To me that kind of makes more sense - that she ends her physical form to be immortal in media. But I fully accept I could have read something wrong or missed something.
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