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  1. Sweeeeeeet. I'm enjoying Kiwami though it feels like its way more linear than 0 was at the start, though I could just be remembering wrong. 0 certainly guided you through things early on without letting you do much extra, but I'm sure it opened up quicker than here, where it felt like I had to do the first 3 chapters without distractions, then it opens up on chapter 4. Which isnt necessarily bad, just feels a bit weird pacing wise - I've spent ages in chapter 4 dicking around on side quests and doing stuff (and obviously bumping into Majima), but prior I dont think I could really do much else other than the main missions, so I've spent about 3-4 times the amount of time I spent doing the first three chapters just on the one Im on. That said, the boss fight at the end of chapter 3 was genuinely one of the most frustrating boss fights I've ever done. He has so much health, and he does that thing where he heals, but he has armour to most of your hits so you can rarely knock him down or build your climax meter, and you cant stop his attacks. I even ended up looking online to see if I was doing something wrong and people were just like "yeah, hes a bitch and there's no tactic around what he does, just power through, he's the only boss that spikes in difficulty like that". Other than that though, while not as good as 0 so far, its still ace.
  2. I always liked the idea of playing through the Yakuza games as one of my favourite games ever is Shenmue and I love the idea of a spiritual sucessor that carries on some of the stuff that made Shenmue such a memorable experience for me. Somehow though, I just never got round to them, and when I tried, it was Yakuza 3, and I found the opening super slow and didnt draw me in, so I stopped. Always meant to come back to the series, but never did. Then, of all the reasons I could use to try it, I was looking at the gamepass "quest" things where you get points for doing certain things like playing a certain number of games, and Yakuza 0 had just hit gamepass, so I downloaded it and gave it a go so I could get the points.....and this time, the game clicked. I ended up playing about 20 hours over the weekend when I downloaded it. I slowed down a bit but I completed it yesterday, and loved the game. Genuinely up there, possibly even top 10. I loved the mixture of dumb humour (Kiryus super dramatic way of answering the telephone in the club still makes me laugh), actual genuine character building, and the world that they created was incredible. I've always been drawn to games which have worlds that feel like actual places you can just spend time in and feel like they're lived in, and Yakuza nails that. Just the variety and detail on everything - buildings all look different, and you can imagine people actually using them and living there. Walking through the town feels like these are people going to places and doing things. I could spend ages basically sightseeing. I've started Yakuza Kiwami now, and off the back of this, I bought a bunch of the others on the PS store as they were on offer - I think I may be missing Kiwami 2 now, but I'm hoping that'll appear on gamepass soon.
  3. 11 max level characters now. Just priest remaining which so far I’ve found utterly tedious. Didn’t even really intend to do another, but I’m off work now, thought I’d log into my Warrior, and 2 hours later I’d gone from 114 to 120. Aside from that, ill have enough timewarped badges on my Paladin next event to buy one of the mounts. Next event is BC though, and the one from that is plain AF. So I can either buy the wrath mount from the event after, which I like, or wait aaaaaages for the WoD one to come back round, which has decent mounts as well. I am almost certainly not patient enough for that though so Wrath mount it is.
  4. Now on 10 level 120s. Seriously, I started on Tuesday and was 120 on Thursday with my DK, though I did have some additional heirlooms (I only used one of the ones that would go in azerite armour slots as the stat drop is massive), the war mode bonus, and the 5% exp gem in a slot as well, and was mostly on rested exp. I was getting 9k exp per node mined, and between 46-60k exp per quest. Hoovering up quests from hubs that give you around 4 at a time, and you fly through the levels. It also took less than 2 days to get to over 420 ilvl. Im tempted get the remaining 2 classes (warrior and priest) up to 120 in the next couple of weeks, but honestly I find priest super tedious to play now. Warrior isnt my fave but at least I can switch up specs to freshen it up, which I did with the dark iron dwarf warrior I leveled to 110 recently to get the armour. Shadow just doesnt feel good to me levelling as voidform may work on a longer boss fight, and feel engaging there, but levelling up you have too much ramp where you dont feel like you're doing much damage, then you hit voidform and waste most of its benefits because the mob dies. Probably levelling my hunter first in SL purely because I've always considered her my "main" even when I've been playing other classes more. This is actually the first expansion for a while where she'll be the best geared by the end of it. Almost always been the first one I level though.
  5. Currently on 9 level 120 characters thanks to the xp bonus making it silly quick. Plus now you can get to around ilvl 420 easily enough soon after dinging. At least if you have a main that has the legendary cloak and enough boa boosting gear to help you survive some of the expansion quests. You can skip the first 2 scenarios if you've done them on another character, making it loads less tedious, and you'll get some nice upgrades along the way usually. As we're getting to the end of BFA now, I've been thinking on where I would rank it among the expansions. So here's my completely un-asked for ranked list of expansions (spoilered for added drama that no one cares about). Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6 Number 7
  6. The balance is that out of 20 films, only 1 has a female lead in the MCU. Well, 1 and half if you count Wasp. Yet in Endgame they throw in a small scene that references exactly that by having the women all on screen in one shot together, and you take issue with that (note they're "backing up" the one that has her own film!). How is that balanced? Shouldnt you be encouraging that? It doesnt harm the story or attack men, it's literally just a quick shot with them all together.
  7. So if the love story in TLoU2 was still the centre (and still LGBT) but didnt show men as weak, are you saying that wouldnt be an issue? Are you saying that you think that in some way TLoU2 is going to show men as weak? Because this is the first time you've mentioned that as an aspect. Bear in mind previously you said that "LGBT as the focus of the story, not just happening as part of the bigger story" was an issue. Dont be surprised that people think you dont want to see them if you say things like that.
  8. I wonder if sid watched Titanic thinking "man, why couldnt it just be about a ship sinking, and the survival of that, why did it have to focus on an extreme love story relating to inter-class relationships of that period? I mean, its a bit much". The truth is the uproar hasnt been caused by Ellie's sexuality, they are simply bolting that onto something else with a whooooooooole lot of projection to get outrage clicks from "concerned" people like sid or the perpetually offended by anything that isnt a story they can relate to (the irony being that 100% of these people are the kind that would un-ironically call people "snowflakes" while frothing at the mouth about a main character in a AAA title being trans). Having seen the spoilers (by accident, people on imgur are shit) there is an element of the game that will potentially polarise people. I can totally see why people would hear about the event thats kicked things off, especially outside the full context of the game, and think "well that sounds like bullshit". But then people have added things on top to twist it to some "woke agenda", including using the appearance of some of the female characters (because they're not dressed like strippers) and what happens to some other characters as proof. There will be people that wont like what happens for sure, and not for some right wing anti-sjw bollocks - its a risky narative element, and it could fall on its arse if not done properly. Or, it could be really well done and be a very powerful moment. It'll get people talking for sure. The thing about this is that its become the new thing whenever anything like this happens that the youtube outrage grifters start up and enable the "concerned" people like sid who dont really have issues with LGBT stories.....you know, they just feel like they're getting a bit extreme. Because 20 people all with shouty youtube channels are a bit upset. I mean, that must mean something, right? Surely that feeling that sid has that a show with a number of strong female characters on...well, it's a bit much isnt it? Its bordering on obsession, really. Never mind that other stories have character driven relationships as the centre. Like the Walking Dead game was all about the relationship between Lee and Clem, it just happened to set it during a zombie apocalypse. Thats fine. Centering on a gay relationship in the middle of a virus outbreak? Thats an agenda, and we dont take kindly to agendas round these parts. It reminds me of when Boogie on youtube fell out with Anita Sarkeesian and so decided to try and argue that her advocacy for these kinds of issues was actually dangerous, to the point where he actually said it was killing people, and that his advocacy was right....except his advocacy was basically "be nice to the people oppressing you and hope that they come round, and stop pushing for equality like marriage rights, you should try waiting like 10 years and see if they dont mind then". Lets just be honest - you cant say you support LGBT stories in media and then describe an LGBT lead story as "extreme". Just admit you dont want to see LGBT stories in media unless they're hidden away enough for you to not have to acknowledge them.
  9. Why cant the zombie/end of the world shit not be a backdrop/setting for an LGBT driven story? Why can’t that be the focus of the story?
  10. What agenda are they trying to push though? An agenda serves a purpose, what purpose do you think they are trying to serve here?
  11. One of my best mates at high school was properly obsessed with his Amiga. He was convinced it was the best, and he'd always have some weird reason why something was better on the Amiga. But often they'd be really stretching in terms of what they were comparing. For example, Zool was better than Sonic, because "Zools faster", as apparently a magazine had tested their run speeds and Zool supposedly slightly faster. Zool also ran like shit and was cack to play, but to him "if Sonics supposed to be the best because he's fast, then Zool is better because he's faster". You couldnt argue with him either, he'd just repeat the same things he'd already tried to use as reasoning. He did it for everything - Mario Kart isnt that good, because apparently the Lotus Esprit Turbo was faster as well, and Probotector wasnt as good as Chaos Engine because Chaos Engine used more colours on screen. He was really convinced in Commodores superiority to the point I think he actually bought a CD32 because he thought it would be a Playstation beater, but then wouldnt let us play it because we took the piss. Getting back to SF2, I think the final straw was him not being able to reasonably argue that there was a fighting game on Amiga better than SF2 on SNES - though he tried. He told us all that the Amiga port, especially the 1200 version, would be much closer to the arcade than the SNES version, saying it would have more colour, and more frames per second, and other bits on top. When it finally came out, the Amiga version was rubbish - the controls were sluggish and unresponsive, it played terribly on a single button joystick, loading was awful, and the graphics were worse, less colours and the framerate wasnt great. I dont think he spoke to us for a week after because we took the piss that much after all his hype, mainly because he was super cocky about how it would "destroy the console versions". On a similar note, I actually had the Amiga version of MK2 for some reason, which was also not great. Again, controls were sluggish and because the game used a block button, you had to hold away and fire to block, which was a complete crap shoot for if it actually did it. Similarly specials (or fatalities) often were a case of pray to the gods if you'd do the move, block, or do a random jump kick or something. It also had a but load of disks so you spent nearly as much time swapping disks as fighting, and because each fighter was on a specific disk, I think you could only morph Shang Tsung into the person you were fighting. And if you did the fatality, I think you had to wait for it to load.
  12. Just in time for all you people isolating, or at least the 3 still playing in this forum - new expansion announced and its a doozy. Ashes of Outland - Launches April the 7th. New Features: A whole new class - Demon Hunter! - thats right, HS finally gets a whole new class to play with. And its free. The hero representing it is Illidan Stormrage, due to the theme of the Burning Crusade the expansion is basing itself around. - Hero Power - Demon Claws 1 mana, add 1 attack to your hero this turn. Similar to Druids, but no armour and holy shit at 1 mana meaning you can weave it in super easily. It also stacks on top of weapon damage, meaning you can boost up your weapon strikes pretty easily. - Key word - Outcast Specific to Demon Hunters, this acts a little like combo, where cards have a base effect but if you can trigger the outcast condition, it'll add an effect. In this case, to trigger outcast, the card must be either the furthest left or right card in your hand. Themeatically, its a little bit of a stretch but I can see where they were going, but the idea is that it'll make you think about the order you play cards. It also rewards top decking them. - Playstyle/Themes The devs have gone for 3 potential styles of play with the decks - a faster, weapon/attack based style where attacking synergises with other cards, a minion swarm based style where you get bonuses for minion death, and a control style where you play big demons. - You'll get a 30 card base deck for completing an intro game there will be other cards that you get from packs, and they'll get more than other classes this year to make up for the other classes head start. Non Demon Hunter stuff; Imprisoned Demons - despite being demons, not restricted to DH or Warlock. These are generally cheap minions that are overstated for the cost, and have a powerful effect, but come into play dormant for 2 turns, after which the effect triggers. Prime minions - legendaries that have a low cost, reasonably useful minion, that on deathrattle shuffle a "Prime" version into your deck, that is much more powerful. An example being the Rogue one Akama Prime, a 6 mana 6/5 that is permanently stealthed. Unless your opponent has enough AoE to remove him or taunts to block him, you can just sit him there and have him chip away at your opponents face for 6 each turn (more with cold bloods) without them being able to do much. The mage one Solarian Prime gives you spell damage as well as casting half a Yoggs Puzzle Box that specifically targets your opponents stuff when it can, meaning no accidentally pyroblasting your own face. Theyve also announced a bunch of rewards and stuff like more packs being rewarded for certain things, and if you havent played for ages, you'll get a competitive deck that you can choose the class for which will come with legendaries and be built appropriately.
  13. Some longer thoughts now I've had time to think about it and arent trying to type them out on my phone after the cinema. Spoilered obvs where necessary, but I dont think there's any big plot points that Im going to mention that would particularly lessen viewing it, but if you wanna go in fresh, then you've been warned. First, the issues with Harley herself....well kinda. Basically, if you were hoping that (like in a number of her comic book stories, usually the most interesting ones about her) that it would go into much about her and the Joker and how their relationship has affected her, you'll probably be a bit disappointed, like I was. Harley is interesting because she's genuinely a character that has good and bad in her, and she has a great potential for both - something that the Joker takes advantage of. This film kind of skims that side more than I was hoping for it to. I also compared it to Deadpool, and I stand by that. It shares a lot in common with it - 4th wall breaking, the humour is similar, there's some gross out stuff, and it even Is it as funny as Deadpool? I didnt think so, though it was funny. Nothing had me laughing as much as bits of the highway scene in the first Deadpool (the Trex bit specifically) and definitely not as much as the parachute bit in the second. Is the action as well done? The fight choreography is at least as good, better in some bits possibly (theres a scene mid way where Harley is up against a lot of guys which has some well done stuff in) but nothing works as well overall as a sequence as the convoy attack in DP2. The bit in this that I found the most interesting action wise was a really short scene with Huntress There's also stuff that didnt work so well; Oh one bit that made me laugh that I'm surprised that people arent getting more pissed about online. Because there are a bunch of people after her, they do a thing where each one gets introduced with a name card and their grevance against Harley. When Sionis/Black Mask gets introduced, they flash up a whole bunch of reasons including Speaking of Black Mask, I thought McGregor was great as him. I've heard people say they dont like this version, but I thought it was really good and fit the tone of the movie. He's basically the spoilt brat who's had everything and flips when he cant have his own way. He literally thinks he owns Gotham, including everything and everyone in it, and there are a few scenes which are really effective at showing how unhinged he is. Out of the rest of the cast, I didnt like Perez as Montoya, Black Canary gets the best development out of the rest and is good, Zsasz is suitibly creepy and menacing, and actually quite a good foil for McGregors Mask, and while Winstead probably gets the least screen time of the women, she has some good bits in there So yeah, I stand by what I said originally, its a fun movie, nothing too serious and doesnt touch the Harley/Joker relationship in the way I'd like to, but it quite obviously doesnt even try so I cant really dislike it for making a different movie to the one I was hoping for. And the one they've made is one of the better DC films. Dont go in expecting greatness and I dont think you'll be disappointed. I've seen some people on twitter giving it masses of praise and I think those are people who have connections to certain aspects of it who are glad it was decent at all and overhyping it. Like people who are super happy to see the Birds of Prey on screen and are glad they've done them even remotely well. I'd give it a solid 7 out of 10. Maybe closer to 8.
  14. Just watched it, it was decent if not amazing. Tone is very first Deadpool movie, though I wouldn’t say it was as good as that. While it’s very much a Harley film, the other characters get fleshed out as well as you could expect from a film of this length with 4 “main” characters. I’d actually say in some respects they don’t go into Harleys character as much as I was hoping and they skim over a few things I’d like them to have done more with. Margo is great as Harley though, Black Canary is better than I expected but the real surprise for me is Mcgregor who I really liked as Sionis/Black Mask. He’s great and manages to switch between light hearted and charming and menacing when needed. Didnt like Montoya for some reason that I can’t put my finger on, she didn’t really click for me. Huntress probably gets the funniest stuff that isn’t Harley despite being played pretty straight. Id probably rank it around the same as Shazam to be honest, which puts it on the upper end of DC movies in recent years. If you’re a Harley fan you’ll probably enjoy it as long as you don’t go in expecting too much in terms of how they develop her character
  15. Finally got round to seeing this today, and whoever compared it to GoT series 8 was spot on. It’s like the basic plot line itself isn’t particularly an issue and could actually have been good, but by this point they’re just at the point where thy need to get to the ending they’ve decided and are doing so by just throwing what they can at the screen without really spending the time to allow it to connect. At last for me. There’s still some stuff I enjoyed in there, and I do like (mostly) the characters. Ridley is great as Rey, ditto Driver and Kylo, and both arch’s could have been so much better. I like Poe too, but in this Finn is relegated a bit too much for just pining after Rey. But for everything I liked there was at least something that ranged from kinda dumb to utter bullshit. Such as; There are probably some I’m forgetting but I think that covers most of them. Like I said, the basic story line is sound, and could have worked, but this version didn’t for me.
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