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  1. It Came From the Desert, off the Commodore Amiga. Back in the early 90s, my best mate had an Amiga, and knew loads of people who were into copying rings, so he had loads of games. One summer, I'm pretty sure all we played was It Came From the Desert. The simple description of it is that is a Lucasarts game that was heavily inspired by old B movie sci fi/horror films, where you played a reseacher (I think) who was currently staying in a desert town, which weird things start happening in, and you discover (amongst a bunch of other things like cults) that the town is in danger from giant ants that spawned from a meteor that landed. The game involves you investigating whats happening and looking into reports of things like livestock mulilation, having to convince the town that there is a threat they need to deal with, and eventually helping to destroy the invaders. The game is split between navigating the town map, talking to townsfolk and the occasional mini game. The appeal for us was that this was the first game we played that had an in game clock, and some events happened only if you were in the right place at the right time, meaning there was loads of stuff that could change playthrough to playthrough depending on where you went and when. For example, there's a love interest character that its entirely possible to miss completely if you arent at certain places. Pretty much every play through we had felt very different, which was partly because some of the encounters were randomised as well, but these were things like bug attacks or where you could find evidence. I also think there were a few different venues to do some things which was fun messing around with. We used to play it and note down when things happened to try and figure out ways to do things. I think there's probably some rose tinted goggles, but at the time, it felt like a world we affected more than anything I'd played prior. There are definitely some things that would need upgrading. I mentioned mini games, and these were often pretty poor. Either too easy (you could hold left/right to win knife fights, and you just held accelerate to always win at chicken) or they were silly hard (the hospital escape was the worst - never did it, which meant we always took the penalty to stay in, which was several days and rather harsh in terms of setting you back). But, if they could capture the feel of the setting, as well as the sense of the story changing quite drastically for your actions, I'd be day one for a remaster.
  2. I only noticed this because James Gunn retweeted someone from the cast saying about taking the "vow of silence" but hadnt heard of it before that. I've enjoyed Flanagans stuff so far, I think the "master of horror" title I've seen people bestow on him is a bit overblown, as most of his stuff isnt that scary - there were a few good bits fright wise in Haunting of Hill House, but most of his stuff (Bly Manor, Hush, Doctor Sleep, what I've seen on this) havent been that scary. Hes a good film maker though, and the strengths of his stuff is usually the other stuff around the horror elements, he just happens to like using that to tie things together it seems, and uses it well to set the tone of his stories. HoHH was more (for me) succeeded for me because it told a really strong story about the family overall, which ended up being surprisingly tragic. So far I'm just on the last episode and its been what I'd call typical Flanagan - well shot, not that scary but makes up for it with story/characters, and the horror elements are there to hold it all together. There even seems to be a lot of stuff he typically seems to put into his stuff, as well as the cast being a who's who of people who probably have made most their money in the past 5 years working with him. I was suprised about a few things - as I mentioned, there was a lot of talk on twitter from Flanagan and the actors saying to not spoil it for other watchers, and some spoiler free reviews made it seem like there were a lot of shocking twists and turns, and I dont think there have been. There's obviously(spoilers if you have watched episode 3 yet) but i think it actually telegraphs this pretty clearly so its not really a massive shock. But its very different to what I think I would have expected (though I do like it, which I'll go through in spoilers in a min) so avoiding talk of it till you see it I think is better, but at the same time its not going to ruin it if you know in advance. Spoilers regarding the main stuff thats happening I've really enjoyed it, and the ending of episode 6 was deffo intense, though I'd say I prefer Hill House still at the moment. Looking forward to the last episode later today!
  3. Really enjoyed this, I think they nailed a lot of the stuff in there, and the minor quibbles I had dont detract too much. The main reason I wanted to see it was that I looooooove martial arts movies and was really interested in seeing how they'd do a hero who is all about the fighting on the big screen. I was interested in Iron Fist for the same reason, and they bodged that up (season two was a bit better for fights, but the first give the Mortal Kombat TV show a run for its money in terrible fight scenes). Marvel films often end up getting decent choreography in for the fights that then gets lost in the edit/directing. Winter Soldier is the best example I can think of, where they've shown us behind the scenes footage of Stan and Evans doing that super quick knife fight themselves and it looking great, but the edit is cut to convey the scene being frentic, so you dont get to see it as clearly as you could. I was concerned that a director with no experience of action films at all would make similar choices, even with Brad Allen (who is incredibly talented, or was - RIP) on board. However, they did really well with the fights - Allen was on the Jackie Chan stunt team early in his career, and you can see some of that rubbing off in how well they're structured so that things happen that make sense to, and the fights arent just 2 people wailing around with little purpose, you can see what people are trying to do and actions lead to reactions, and because of that the fights are more interesting. The actual skill on display is top notch as well, and they hold on things long enough for you to be able to clearly tell whats going on, while still making them fast paced where they needed to. The pace and tempo of a few of the fights very much reminded me of Crouching Tigers fights, in a good way. Story wise I liked it too - I enjoyed the characters and thought it handled the relationships between them well, so by the time they went into the "grander" cgi stuff at the end I was actually caring about what happened. I think the main issue I would say though is that it didnt feel like it really did much until the end credits were revealed. I mean the stakes were high, yet they didnt really feel it, coupled with (spoilers regarding the state of how the character is left at the end) Other than that, deffo in the top 10 somewhere, but probably not top 5 for Marvel films.
  4. Nerfs and buffs incoming. Warlock is being hit again - questline is banned outright in wild (and for good reason, it was ridiculous in that format) and has been slowed down to require more damage in standard. The weapon costs more mana. Both of these will slow it down, but I'm, not sure its enough. Mindrender Iluciana has been redone. It was always seen by some as an issue, as it could really disrupt combo decks in a way that didnt feel very fun, but in shadow priest decks, its had a new use which is that its often easy for them to dump their hand, switch, and almost skip your opponents turn while you take cards off them Shaman has had a few reasonable nerfs- questline took a really minor hit and the flame spell thats really good at clearing small boards for 1 mana has been bumped to 2. They've actually given mage some buffs, but only reducing the cost on a few things in their hero power package - wildfire is 1 and Mordresh is 8 mana. I actually really like that deck, so thats good. Warrior gets a couple of pirate buffs, mainly small stat increases to make some pirates more durable. Hunter gets a couple of beast related buffs. I honestly hope that the warlock buffs are enough to seriously hinder that deck. I frickin' hate it. Its just super tedious to play against as they can do too much. Surprised spell mage didnt take a hit - ignite i think could have been altered.
  5. So started playing this, but as a few people have said, I’m struggling with the pacing issues. Some of the previous games could be slow, but had interesting bits spread through to puzzle over - so far I don’t think there’s really been anything that clever done in terms of the puzzles, and quite often you spot stuff well in advance and then have to wait till you can present the very obvious answer. Admittedly these are early cases, but they aren’t interesting, in my opinion. And I’m going to say something perhaps a little controversial - most of the characters in Phoenix Wright games and the spin offs are awful and this is no exception. Sholmes is just annoyingly stupid, and there’s another female character who has a quirk of attacking the main character for stupid reasons. Often they give characters weird quirks that don’t do much other than slow things down as the repeat the same meaningless animation. The second case so far has been incredibly tedious because it’s basically been one character being stupid and annoying while the other character stupidly fawns over them and occasionally attacks you, while another character pops up that repeats an animation that at that point really should have had someone saying something to them. It’s been several hours of this, and in between you’ve clicked on a bunch of stuff in a room once, and presented a few things that are so obvious I doubt anyway has gotten them wrong. I’m sure it picks up, but at the moment it feels like endless text to wade through. So far, it’s slow, I’m not interested in the cases and the characters mostly annoy me. Please someone tell me it gets better!
  6. Enjoyed this. It’s. it the second coming like I’ve been hearing people on Twitter say (not that I trust Twitter as a barometer of these things anyway) but it’s one of the better DC efforts for sure. For all the adverts pushing it being from “the twisted mind of James Gunn” though, it’s not really that messed up. Sure it’s gory in a few spots and there’s a reveal late on that’s pretty dark. But really what’s Gunns brought, similar to what made GotG good, is giving us a team that we can get behind. Which he does really well - there isn’t a moment as strong as the team joining with Quill to use the power stone, but by the time the remaining members did the walk off to the final battle, I was 100% hoping they’d all survive. That said, none of the deaths really shocked me and one scene definitely had a Deadpool vibe to it but not as good. Spoilered below for that scene. The other issue was that the promo materials made it really clear who was going to make up most the film, and easy to guess the many Slipknots in this one. Like, Gunn said there was misdirection going on, but if there was, it wasn’t that good. That said, I don’t think it’s a film where you need to go in spoiler free and get your expectations subverted to enjoy - it doesn’t really do that. Instead, it’s a fun romp, with likeable characters who are fun to watch bounce off each other.
  7. Played Boyfriend Dungeon for a bit because there has been some…..interesting discussion about it on Twitter. It’s been review bombed on the Microsoft store by people who blatantly haven’t played it as well, with cries of it’s “woke agenda” and some even as far as complaining about it being degenerate. Ironically these are probably the same people who cry censorship when they change a characters outfit to show less cleavage. As far as the game itself, it’s a pretty basic dungeon crawler that is fairly fun to play but isn’t exactly deep. Similarly, the dating side is fairly basic due to the nature of how it’s tied to the dungeon side - you level your affection for them by using their weapon form so the dates are more “do I want to smooch this sharp object or just be friends?” And what you do with one doesn’t seem to affect any others. I assume that’s so you don’t lock out any weapon due to the romance side, and you are mostly in the dating phase rather than anything more. As for the discussion, the first one is regarding a choice at the start - the game asks if you’re ok with receiving supportive texts off a “mom” character. To a lot of people, this was a big deal. My initial reaction, on the other hand was a bit like….c’mon….this is a bit over the top a coddling, isn’t it? It felt a bit like those tropes you get of people wanting “safe spaces” and warnings for every little thing - and I like to think I’m fairly progressive when it comes to stuff like this. Then I thought a bit longer. And really, a game like this, which is geared towards inclusivity, has options for multiple different gender romance combinations including non binary characters, is going to draw in LGBTQ players as a large part of its audience. People who typically may not have a great relationship with their parents due to who they are. I don’t think it necessary still, but I think it’s a really nice consideration for the audience it’s going for - plus the mom character is super sweet and supportive and her texts are genuinely really nice. She has that older person type of “I don’t really get you young uns and this new stuff, but I love you and if it makes you happy that’s all that matters” vibe, I can’t totally see how some people would appreciate knowing that in advance and having the choice to opt out. The second one is the one that’s had a lot of people shaking their heads. It revolves around the main plot of the game, so minor spoilers ahead. Basically one of the characters you meet becomes a bit stalkery, and ignores your attempts to rebuff his advances. This has freaked some people the fuck out, to the point people have said they’ve either stopped playing, or were excited to get the game but now won’t play. The main Twitter thread came from someone who played a bit, and seemed like they stopped after the first bunch of texts they send that show he’s not listening to you telling him to sod off, on realising that you can’t block his texts saying “continuing to play puts me in a distressing position that I’ve not consented to”. This has been something a few other people have said variations of, that they feel the game not spelling this out beforehand is a “violation of consent”. To be clear, there is a content warning at the start, but they’ve said that it isn’t clear enough because the game says it has references to stalking, which they took to mean it’s spoken about, not something that occurs. Delving into that though, it appears that the only thing that would have been adequate for some of them would have been literal spoilers front and centre on wherever you buy it. One of the main things that’s come out of this is talk about the kind of content that queer creators feel they’re allowed to do, with a lot of them since saying that they’re very cautious about what they put out for fear of getting it “wrong”. Some even going as far as saying that unless it’s fluffy, cute, wholesome stuff sanitised of anything remotely serious, then there will always be something that someone within the community takes badly, and the aftermath always feels like a pile on, no matter how genuine some criticism is. For every reasonable person there is often someone else suggesting things like the developer should make anything that shows any trauma entirely optional and that not doing so is a failure towards the queer community, or that the voice actor of the stalker must be a bad person for taking on that kind of role - both comments that have popped up here. Its a shame because in a lot of ways the game is well written and deals with themes like inclusivity and boundaries in relationships (including consent) pretty well without bashing you over the head with it. It has 2 non binary characters, but it’s not screaming at you about pronoun usage or anything, and when it does talk about sex and gender, it feels fairly natural in the conversation. It’s pretty short too, so you can blitz through it pretty quick. If you’re after something that’s fun but not that complex, then it’s worth a shot.
  8. So initially I was worried we’d see a lot of super powerful and annoying decks and while it’s neeeeearly the case, it’s not as bad as I’d feared. Quest hunter runs out of steam way to quick to be as OP as it seemed. You don’t have the card draw or generation needed to be truly op but you can plan some big turns where the stars align that make it feel super powerful. Unfortunately face hunter is better. There’s a super greedy quest warrior list that doesn’t play loads of pirates and is good against aggro, but you don’t see because it’s weak to almost every other greedy value control deck and the Juggernaut isn’t quite as game winning as priest or warlocks win conditions. Spell mage with quest is apparently really powerful but I’ve beat every one I’ve played. Not played a single paladin yet. Was expecting see more of them. Quest seems really powerful. Played a few rogues. There’s a garrote rogue that people are concerned about as it can OTK you early but is really hard play apparently, given that the one I played killed himself by fatiguing themselves that might be true. Quest rogue seems powerful but not annoyingly so. Only druid decks I’ve played against are odd non net decked ones. And then there’s quest warlock. Which is the deck I’ve faced most and I can see being the one that I become sick of seeing. At least unlike the other warlock deck, I’ve seen a few different versions of this. But the aim is always the same, damage themselves and burn their cards and win by killing you with their fatigue. I get that it’s a cool concept but someone summed up why it’s annoying - basically they don’t really care too much about what you do, they just go about their business destroying their own stuff and it just happens to be bad for you as well. All the negatives they have on cards are suddenly positives that activily aid them. So they get a cheap 2/5 that has a downside that helps them. The risk/reward is way to skewed to one side. That said I’ve been playing quest druid and it straight up murders them - haven’t lost a game yet. You just use your attack gaining moves and whack em in the face, and you gain enough armour they can’t outpace you. Then by turn 7 you should be able to start dropping guffs and copying them with that taunt copy spell, and just keep whacking them in the face for 8+ each turn while having a big taunt to protect you. They don’t run taunts so they can’t protect themselves from you, and most their stuff is low attack so they struggle get through your armour . Plus, around turns 5-6 they’re still reasonably low from trying to do the quest so they’re usually just in the right range that guff puts them in the dilemma of trying to complete the quest vs surviving. So yeah, if you’re facing lots of quest warlocks, try quest druid. It’s fun too.
  9. Yep that was me. I was messing around and testing things and trying to see if I could make different things work and i just ended up using the forum members as quite a lot of people had either very well known personality traits that would make them easier to write dialogue for, or had stories that they’d shared on the forum that could be used. Plus I thought if I did that it would be a sneaky way to get feedback from you lot. I actually enjoyed making it, but could only really think of a vague outline of the story. When it came to the specifics of what I wanted to do, I could never really get something going so I just didn’t make much progress besides initial testing. I made an initial village that had a story of Spainkiller kidnapping your female party member who you had to rescue, and I think I was going to follow that with a quest to find JPickford who was once a legendary defender of the realm who went into a life of solitude after using his banhammer too many times. I’d also planned to make the areas you go through names after the 3 main consoles with forumites you’d associate with each one, as well as a heaven like area for the pc master race types which of course would actually have been super corrupt. The twist ending I was going to do was that after the player arrives in the world and doesn’t know who they are or how they got there, and then doing all this to find out and get home, it’s revealed you were actually smitty playing the game on his pc in his bedroom and he slags it off in smitty like fashion. Reading back through the thread there’s a lot of old jokes or references that I think newer members would be scratching there head about, like sweetdaddyg or the guy who’s car was being vandalized. There’s also some jokes I’m surprised no one gave me shit for at the time. Shesaid took her character in good spirits despite me basically making it so she said nonsense. RPG maker is pretty easy to use as long as you use the pre made assets to be honest. As long as you can come up with writing and puzzles or something for it, I’d recommend trying it, it’s easy pick up
  10. The Tracer thing is an odd one, it often gets reduced to “screeching SJWs complained and said it was sexist” but that wasn’t the actual complaint, at least not entirely. The initial complaint was from a thread on the official forums that basically said it was a bit suggestive maybe, but that doesn’t seem to fit Tracers character. It was more “I don’t like this, it’s a boring pose that just seems to exist to show off her but, while other characters get poses that in some way express something about them”. That’s why it got changed to what it did, it’s supposed to be a homage to the kind of pin up girls you saw on Air Force planes - can’t remember if there is an actual proper inspiration for it, but similar to this, As far as their games go, there are still some women in bikinis knocking about in WoW, but they’ve generally covered up where it makes sense to - eg, Alextrasza still hasn’t been covered up in human mode, but she also transforms into a big massive dragon and isn’t really involved in much of the fighting now, while Jaina and some of the others have been hitting the frontline of battle and dressing appropriately. They’ve been covering up or completely changing some of the art in Hearthstone for a bit now, but apparently that’s to appease the Chinese market. It’s kind of hilarious seeing people react when they do this as apparently artistic freedom doesn’t count if you are covering up some video game tiddies. Going back to the Tracer pose, I read the thread at the time, and it was entirely reasonable - some players said “hey, we don’t think this pose really fits tracer, seems like a generic ass pose”, and the devs went “you know what, you’re right let’s see if we can do a better one….what about this” and the players went “yeah, that’s better. I mean, it’s still suggestive but at least there’s more to it than that”. And then a bunch of weirdos went HOLY SHIT BLIZZARD ARE CENSORING TRACER THIS IS A TRAVESTY. And I still can’t pretend I know any other reason other than faux outrage at the sjw strawman they have in their heads who they somehow thought were offended by butts.
  11. Holy shit they went and did it…. for those that don’t get the reference power wise this is obviously pretty much game over if you complete the requirements unless your opponent is so far ahead that even 45 damage and being locked out mana wise for 3 turns isn’t enough. But it’s a hard requirement I think, and the most likely class to complete (hunters using dire frenzy and some of the cards that discover beasts in your deck) is likely gonna be way too slow to do it and pass up too much that it won’t be a good deck. Cant think of any other classes currently that can consistently pull this off (rogues with toggswaggles scheme can in wild, shamans have that spellstone that copied minions, I think everything else is random change to copy or res). I think it could be fun though!
  12. What are the odds that the next few phases will become the "Multiverse Saga", similar to how 1-3 have been labelled the Infinity Saga? And that similar to Thanos, we've now got a big bad who'll pop up all over the place to set up a big Endgame style blowout. Calling it now, Phase 5 will have a New Avengers film, which ties the Falcon and the Winter Soldier in. Only thing is though (villian spoilers)
  13. Ok, so somehow I think I just guilted a priest player into conceding to me…. So I’m not playing a serious deck really - it’s a warlock deck with a bunch of imp generating cards to do the ach where you summon 250 imps. I get a priest and I’m not expecting to win because he will undoubtedly be using the common priest deck which is annoying as fuck, and everyone hates because it just outlasts you and wins with whatever random bullshit it generates, because it generates a lot of random bullshit. I actually get a good start and end up having a decent side void imp on turn 4 that starts smacking him around that he struggles to answer. He uses his blademaster early which helps whittle it down, plus it means that it’s not doing a full heal on him. Then he drops 2 of those 6/6 elemetals that heal him, this starting the “soooo close….fuck” cycle where I am super close to the win, but he pulls something out that stabilized him. 2 raise dead’s give him another 2 blade masters, and this time he gets a full heal off one of them, along with another 2 of those healing elementals. I get a wide board, he pulls out a xyrella. His hand runs low, he pulls a pissing Malygos off his draconic studies refilling with his bullshit spell generators. His other draconic studies pulls a bloody Alex. At this point the match has been going on ages and he doesn’t really threaten me much until i start running out of cards. He then gets to the point where he’s within a point of beating me. I have to admit, at this point I’m a bit salty and thinking that if he’s going to play a bullshit deck that takes forever to win or lose and by the luck of your rng, I’m going to aid to that time wasting for him by roping out each turn. I get to the last turn, where he deffo has me beat and I’m waiting to hit concede as while I’m fine time wasting, him taking 20 jillion moves instead of just hitting my face I can’t be bothered with. Instead I just get a “well played” and then a concede from him. I actually ended up feeling a bit bad because I spent the entire game thinking “what an arse” because of the deck he was playing (I don’t seem to be alone in my hatred for playing that deck though - apparently it’s by far the deck that people insta concede to the most because it’s so annoying to play against) and I’m pretty sure that as much as you can via the hearthstone UI I was displaying that in game. That almost felt like he was acknowledging that and doing that to make amends. I still fucking hate that deck though…..
  14. I think so far all the Disney MCU offerings have been pretty much meh to alright offerings that have been absolutely carried by the principal cast. Wandavision ended up not really doing much interesting but by god did Olsen and Bettany carry that to something that I was actually invested in. Same with TFATWS - the Flagsmasher stuff and Sharon Carter bits were pretty lame, but I could watch Mackie and Stan bounce off each other all day. So far it’s not really making the mystery that interesting and the oddball stuff that it seemed to promise isn’t that oddball. Also the action is terribly shot, the “fight” in this episode was woeful. But Hiddleston is just a lot of fun to watch. Im kind of glad they did these shows, because the characters have been fun to watch and explored stuff they wouldn’t touch in the films, but at the same time they’ve fluffed large chunks of them, and the stuff that isn’t about the main characters often feels like they just went with the first thing that popped in their heads
  15. Next expansion has been revealed, and as predicted it’s alliance themed around Stormwind. This makes it a pretty safe bet that the mini set will be Stockades based. Releases Aug 3rd and has a free card you can log in and use now which is actually pretty interesting. Flightmaster Dungar is the NPC flightmaster in SW and his effect is pretty sweet thematically. He’s a 3 mana 3/3, and his battle cry is “choose a flight path” from 3 options. Each one is an in game location, and each one sets him dormant for a number of turns - the further away the location, the more turns, to represent you being in the air flying there. Then when the number of turns is over you “land” and an effect goes off depending on the destination you chose. The options are Goldshire (1 turn, summon a 2/2 with a random effect on landing), Ironforge (3 turns, heal your hero for 10) and Eastern Plaguelands (5 turns, deal 12 damage split between enemies randomly). I love the design on that, and can see it being a decent card that ends up played. the other noteworthy things are; - quests are kind of back in the form of quest lines. They work the same, except they have 3 parts, with each part having a reward. They’ve shown the Warlock and Mage ones which have small ish ones on completing the first 2, but the 3rd gives you a version of the mercenary characters they introduced for each class last expansion with a super powerful permanent effect. The mage one gives you +3 spell power for the rest of the game, but the warlock one turns all damage you take on your turn into damage for your opponent. That means fatigue damage as well. Not to mention your hero power become “deal 2 damage to your opponent and draw a card” - new keyword is tradable. Basically, cards with this can be dragged back to your deck to shuffle them in for a new card at the cost of one mana. Cards you trade back keep and mana discounts or stat boosts. Think we’ll see a few more things that expand on this during the release to add a few things. - profession tools are a thematic kind of weapon for the expansion. Will be based on actual profession tools in game and available for some non typical weapon classes (they showed a warlock one that had a mana discount type effect). So far looks like they are going to not have attack values, but will have an effect you can trigger that drops their durability.
  16. The mini set arrives next week and for wow nerds the theme is one of the classic wow dungeons located in the barrens - the wailing caverns. In wow, it’s one of those places that people tend to talk fondly of, but most the stories they tell you about it will likely be of how much that run sucked balls. Only 4 proper card reveals so far, out of (I think) 34. 3 of those are themed appropriately to to mini set and are class specific “dungoneers”, which are all 3 mana 2/3 minions that draw a spell, and if it’s a specific spell school, it’ll then have another effect. The sham one draws an elemental if it’s a nature spell, the priest on discounts the drawn spell by 2 if it’s holy, and the mage one summons 2 1/1 elementals that freeze if it’s frost. Of those, the shaman one seems best as there is a fringe shaman deck it can fit into already, which pretty much makes it an arcane intellect with a 2/3 attached. The other reveal is Mutanus, one of the bosses from the dungeon, a 7 mana 4/4 murloc that eats a minion in your opponents hand and gains it’s stats as a battle cry. Potentially that’s nuts, as “eating” the card removes it from your opponents hand totally. Get lucky and you can get something mega important like a tikatus or an alex. It’s not even the additional stats, it’s denying them the card too. They can’t even Rez it, it’s just gone. Nearing the end of the reward track now, on course to get the 100 level reward with plenty of time before the next expansion. I think the next expansion though they need to tone down discover cards and others that generate you more cards randomly. I swear one mage I played generated every other card they played. Including 3 Solarians off the studies spell (one of which was generated from a wand thief too). It’s not so much that they’re super powerful, it’s just frustrating to play against - my hunter deck usually beats mages, and priests depending on how many apotheosis’s they get so they heal like bastards. That said I did benefit slightly from this playing a priest with my weapon rogue, where I discovered that spell that gives your minion divine shield and copies it, which I used to make a huuuuuge weapon with Krastinov by getting more attacks with him to increase its stats. Then I managed to get a counter spell, which I played just as he tried a blademaster/apotheosis combo which with the board I had, would have healed him to full while clearing most of it. I wouldn’t blame him for being salty after that
  17. Started a femshep run this week as I’ve never done more than maybe half of 2 as her, but have finished all 3 on their first release as broshep. I also haven’t played ME1 in ages, and the game still holds a special place in my heart for some reason. I can’t put my finger on exactly why either but I just get this massive nostalgia wave in certain parts. Like Noveria, for some reason I love that entire section, there’s something about that area that I just really love visiting again. The music too, just hits me in a way nothing else does. That said, Jesus Christ is it frustrating at times. Sometimes you’ll just randomly get a spike in difficulty that comes out of no where. Other times it’s your team mate ai, which can be truly awful - I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve moved for a better position for my dumbass team mates to basically zig zig in front of where I’m shooting. Either that, or they push their way into the cover spots. Not only that, the conversation wheel is really rough at times - if you made a drinking game where you took a shot whenever the result didn’t match what you were hoping from what you picked, you’d never leave the citadel because you’d have alcohol poisoning. The good still outweighs it, but it feels like everything from the mechanics to the writing to fleshing out lore gets soooooo much more refined in the sequel
  18. Some of the stunt work and fights are still really good. And it’s one of the more notable films because it’s the one where he suffered his worst injuries I believe- I’ve seen it noted as “the closest he’s come to actually being killed”. It’s been a bit since I’ve seen it as a whole film, but from memory it’s good overall, but probably the weakest of the films I’ve recommended watching in their entirety.
  19. Actually with you mentioning this it popped in my head I completely forgot that the bad guy from this (Hwang Jang Lee, who like I said, is amazing) is also the bad guy from the first Drunken Master film. I think they both also feature the drunken old master trope character who in both cases is played by Yuen Woo Pings dad. That said, they’re both still different enough that they’re both worth watching and if you haven’t watched the first drunken master and you like snake in the eagles shadow, you won’t be disappointed. Or vice versa, if you liked drunken master you should enjoy this.
  20. Still playing, and it’s been a bit better since the patch though still facing a lot of net decking players with golden portraits (which I still don’t have despite playing a lot I thought - close with Hunter though). Somehow I seem to have been doing better with cobbled together bullshit decks that shouldn’t work, to the point I’ve nearly done all the achievements for going on a winning streak. First is a rogue deck that shouldn’t work, as it’s a mix of the old watchtower rogue and the poison package. I made it to do the “play 3 Barrens legendaries” quest as I had the watchtower legendary and pulled the rogue legendary that gives you poisons. And I lost one game with it, and was playing things like spell priest and death rattle demon Hunter. The watchtowers generally did enough of a job disrupting them till I could smack em with an 11+ damage weapon. Second was a Hunter deck to do the achievement where you get a 10 mana summoned from Primordial Protector, and the only 10 mana spell in my collection is Nagrand Slam, so Hunter it was. And it’s been working really well so far. It’s mostly the current best hunter deck, but it drops the legendaries (which I don’t have anyway) and some other bits I can’t recall for 2 protectors and 2 nagrand slams. You have a tonne of early board control and pressure, and then you can start dropping big plays from turn 8. I played a Y’shaarj lock who Tikatus’d me twice, and still lost out, because turn 8 I protectored out a Deathwing, turn 9 I forgot what it was but it had decent stats, then Nagrand Slammed him twice, and even his Y’shaarj play didn’t outvalue that. Im not saying that I’ve stumbled on surprise optimal decks - some of these wins have been very dependent on having the right cards at the right time - but it is fun smashing something like spell mage or bullshit paladin with them. On a slight tangent - if you’re looking to buy one of the “battle ready” decks, then Hunter or Warrior are the best to go for as they more or less are the best versions of what are really good decks. Warlocks is also decent, as is paladin. Mage and shaman are ones to avoid, the mage deck isn’t the best mage deck currently but there is talk that spell mage may take another hit and they don’t want to sell a deck that is likely to have that happen. Shaman is just a bit weak in general at the moment.
  21. Did someone say Jackie motherfucking Chan recommendations? I can’t believe I missed this first time - I freaking love Jackie, like he is by far my fave celebrity. I know it’s coming in late, but I’m still going to lay down my recommendations, which I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. First up, by far his best two films - Police Story and Drunken Master 2 These are 2 very different films which showcase the 2 mains sides he’s known for - police story is a more modern, stunt based movie with some terrific fighting linking the insanity, while DM2 (or Legend of the Drunken Master depending what version you watch) is more traditional, old style Kung fu film. Both are not only tremendous showcases for Chans skill, but they’re probably the best overal films he’s done, and worth watching regardless. Chans final fight against his former real life bodyguard Ken Lo in DM2 often gets lauded as one of the best fights ever, and for good reason. When I did a poll for the best action films according to rllmuk members a while ago, Chan was the actor that popped up the most (9 films if I recall) but only had 1 appear in the top 10 and that was police story. Moving on, films that are more traditional in style, often set around the 1900s and these are some of the films that made Chans early career. The 3 to watch are The Young Master, Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagles Shadow. I’d particularly recommend the last one as it also has Hwang Jang Lee as the bad guy and he’s ace - a Taekwando expert with an immense skill for kicking. Past that we start getting into where he starts teaming up with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. The 2 I’d really recommend from this period are Dragons Forever and Wheels on Meals, in that order. Mainly because both end with utterly terrific fights against the terrifying looking Benny Urquidez (fun fact - Urquidez actually trainer John Cusack who has legit martial arts training and not only fought Benny in screen in Grosse Point Blank, but John fights Jackie in Dragon Blade). Both fights are pretty much must watches. A few other films from that period worth watching - Project A, Armour of God and Police Story 2. Now we get into what I call the YouTube list. Basically, all the films I’ve mentioned are ones where I’d say watching the entire film is worth it. The ones I’m about to list have some incredible fights - and I do mean that without exaggeration, some of these fights are the nuts - but the rest of the film isn’t good, so I’d suggest skipping to these fights or just watching the clip on YouTube. First, Rumble in the Bronx which was the first proper Jackie film I saw by chance when it was playing at the cinema and thought sod it. And it was worth sitting through the frankly boring rest of the film for the amazing warehouse fight which blew me away with the ingenuity of how Jackie used the environment, and the skill of how fast paced it all was. First Strike deserves to be on for the amazing ladder based fight that occurs about 2 thirds in. Gorgeous has 2 fights that are great but the final fight wins out with some amazing stuff going on. The “baddie” is Brad Allen, who was the first Caucasian member of the Jackie Chan stunt team, and has gone on to be a stunt/fight director in his own right, responsible for stuff like Kick Ass, and the Kingsman films. The church scene - yeah a lot of that was created by him. Who Am I? Is probably one of the best examples of making a fight interesting by telling a bit of a story within the fight. It starts with Jackie against 2 goons who each have their own strengths and are confident to the point they make a game and fight him “fairly” one on one, but Jackie finds a way to overcome each of their strengths, with them eventually throwing fairness out the window for Jackie to have to try and find a way to nullify both of them at once. It’s a really well done fight that shows how Jackie constructs fights to not just be 2 people trying to hit each other. The Forbidden Kingdom I’m putting this on here because I feel I have to. Most of the big martial arts stars at some point have starred together, but Li and Chan didn’t until now....which was a film about an American teen going back in time from the director of Stuart Little. That said, it still has Yuen Woo Ping handling the fights, and the fight between Li and Chan is really, really good. Buuuuut part of me can’t help but think that these 2 legends deserved a bit of a better showcase for their first ever clash on screen. And the rest of the film is dull. The Chinese Zodiac technically, this is Armour of God 3, but the stand out bit is near the end he challenges a rival to a competition that he can beat him without leaving the settee they’re sitting on. What follows is an incredibly creative fight with them using their surroundings to not touch the floor, but at the same time kick the crap out of each other. im sure there are more to list, but those cover the main ones I think...
  22. The Unholy. only went because I met a friend who hadn’t been cinema in 2 years due to lockdown and this was the only film she could make time wise that she fancied. Basic plot is a disgraced journalist goes to a small town on a bum lead for a nothing story, but ends up stumbling on what appears to be a girl graced with divine healing powers. Of course, the powers aren’t quite as divine as they appear, and the miracles she performs have a price attached to them. I actually enjoyed it more than I expected to. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the lead, and he’s good (although plays pretty much a watered down version of characters he’s played before, at least at the start). And there are some genuinely creepy bits that I liked, like a nightmare sequence that I thought was really well done. It does do the studio supernatural horror thing where it relies on jump scares a bit too much, and blatantly has scenes in that mainly serve to lead into a jump scare as the “payoff”. I think with a better director it could have been a decent film as there were bits that had promise. Like, there was a scene in a confessional which was good, but then didn’t pay off well (by leading into a jump scare scene), and a few other bits which could have been handled a lot better. There were also a few bits that unintentionally caused me to laugh. Spoilers, though nothing major plot wise here, just playing it safe. I probably enjoyed it more due to low expectations but I did think some of it was interesting, the cast is good (Cary Elwes makes a small appearance which is cool) and it’s better than the average film of this type that gets shoved onto the cinema. Don’t think I could recommend it though, I suspect most people would not be that impressed. Me, I’ll give it a 3/5, but only just.
  23. I remember when I was in high school and having an “allegiance” was the thing, but mainly because 1) we were fucking teenagers and stupid like that but mainly 2) we were fucking teenagers so unlikely to be able to afford consoles or computers ourselves so had to pick a side. No way my parents were gonna pay out for a Sega Mega-whatever when we’ve got a Nintendo Super Thingy already. So you picked a side and at school had to justify why you picked the “right” side. And it was pretty tribal. But that was natural considering the situation. The idea now that people (and by people I mean grown ass adults, I can still see this being a thing in the schoolyards today) have allegiance to a console manufacturer is bonkers. If I’m waiting for the next x box it’s not because I’m “an MS guy” it’s because I think it looks worth getting. Availability won’t change that, it’s entirely on if I think the console is worth getting in the first place
  24. Playing a bit more last night there are definitely some things that feel kind of like bullshit, and there are times it feels like you queue into people who have nothing but answers to you, while you don’t have answers to them. It doesn’t help that my decks aren’t that refined as I haven’t bought any packs in a while, while I’m going against gold portrait players with multiple legendaries running net decks. One paladin managed to coin out the wind fury murloc on turn , buff it next turn, then protect it with divine shields or taunts. I was always just off killing it, but never quite could. Then I ran into a warlock and I was doing fine till turn 7 her played the card that gave them a board of 3/3s and I just didn’t have an answer for it. While I was dealing with them he played stuff like Tikatus and Jaraxxus. I switched to my token druid which is close to the proper version. But queued instantly into a control warrior who had answers every time I got a decent board, then cheated out two of those minions that create 3/3s giving them divine shield in the process. The worst though is the classes that seem to be able to generate endless resources. Mainly priest who spend half their turn generating cards, the other half healing like crazy. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing them then plonk down taunt minions and buffing them to have life steal from a spell they generated randomly which then ends up meaning you don’t actually have lethal next turn and they’re back close to full health. I still think it’s generally fun, but it feels like the opportunity for bullshit that feels bad is higher than ever, especially for people or don’t have the cards to run the “best” versions of decks
  25. They added something interesting in the last patch - one of the new achievements asked you to “solve the mysteries of the barrens” to gain a new card back (and it’s a nice card back). There are 4 steps involved and as you can imagine it got solved reasonably quickly but it actually took a fair bit of effort to solve, with lots of groups popping up to collaborate. And to be honest, after seeing the solutions, I’d be surprised if many people could solve it themselves without spending a lot of time on it. I’ll spoil bits in case people want to try and do it in stages so you can have a crack if you really want. One of the 4 I think I might have eventually cracked. The starting point is similar for all 4 parts; out of the 4 listed in the spoilers, I’ve done the first which seems the easiest. Details for that below i can’t remember the specifics for the other parts but they seem to up the difficulty after that. part 2 part 3 Part 4 The thing is, while it was cool, I think the puzzles are mostly too hard and the starting points are too vague, so that most people will just do it with a guide. It’s a shame as to concept is good, and the difficulty did create some unique buzz as people teamed to solve it. But for the average player, it isn’t really that much fun to try and do properly
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