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  1. No Kate Bishop means I’m much less excited about this. Was hoping for another team up with her and Yelena. Hell, just do a buddie movie with them two and I’m in.
  2. Just come back from seeing this. It’s no Knives Out, but I was entertained enough. The main issue I thought was that it didn’t make the ending very satisfying. There’s also some very ham fisted attempt at misdirection. Spoiling the next bit as while I’m not going to name who did it and still be pretty vague, you’d probably be able to at least reasonably eliminate some people. There’s a really good video on YouTube by hbomberguy about how the BBC Sherlock is actually kinda shite, especially the longer it went on. His main argument is that the point of a whodunnit is to drop enough clues through the story so that the audience can at least try and follow along, and that the satisfaction of a good whodunnit is not being able to solve it yourself, but seeing the hero connect the dots in clever ways that were there for you to solve too. Whereas Sherlock often just pulls things out of his arse with information you couldn’t possibly figure out. This does pull that off dropping in bits that it can then come back to so it makes sense, but none of them really feel like that “aha!” Moment where you realise the importance something had. It feels a bit like in order to conceal things they showed as little as they could, so when they do connect it all up, it doesn’t land quite as well. That and I just don’t think the reveal is super interesting. It’s not terrible, just not great. It does do some meta bits as well, which I was indifferent about. The cast is great though. Saoirse is great as constable Stalker, Brody plays the slimy director brilliantly, and Harris Dickinson makes a great young Dickie Attenborough. Saoirse carries the film though as the likeable young police officer wanting to impress. If you go in expecting something fairly light and with enjoyable characters and not to expect anything too clever, you’ll likely have a good time.
  3. if you’re playing on x box and you can see something but struggle to get it to stick, play it forward to that point then tap the L trigger to start it rewinding slowly, then when you see it appear, hold down left on the dpad. I messed about a bit at first with scrubbing speeds and going back and forth but tried the d pad to frame by frame it (holding it just makes it go slowly) and it always brings the scene up as soon as you try that. Now pretty much every time I rewind if it doesn’t stick straight away (and some just flick straight to it), I’ll hold left down. Similarly sometimes you can’t rewind the hidden scene, especially if you’ve let it play out. But if you hold the left d pad, you can always rewind using that.
  4. It is. I didn’t notice first time (just rechecked) that you can rewind within it too. First you get a black male appear, then the female being we’ve seen before appears and says she can’t remember all the faces, so I’d assume that means they’re people that she has taken the personality of before.
  5. Also yesterday, I had a quick scan through for a few bits and revealed a bit more footage. There was a scene from Two Of Everything where it’s her in the black wig standing in front of a mirror taking some directions, but when you get the rewind bit - it’s a completely new character. She’s got dark hair and wearing a bunch of necklaces that look vaguely pagan, but she basically looks sad and doesn’t say anything. Never seen her anywhere else and no mention of anything that I can think relates to her - anyone else seen this? I’ve only just woken up so I’ll recheck the game in a bit for some more details.
  6. Also going without spoiler tags. The first clip you see iirc you normally click out of but go to the end and rewind. She appears and talks about how only certain ways of killing her works. Fire being one. Doesn’t mention shooting though. More on that later. In another scene she describes how she can hibernate and wake up. She talks at one point about how she found someone once she woke once and “devoured” them. It’s not said explicitly, but it’s hinted as though it could have been Marissa. There’s wording that makes it sound like somebody who had been abused too. Short (as much as I can make it) version from what I can see, she had a nap, awoke, “became” Marissa who was young and naive and had been taken advantage of. Something about movies and the idea of creating something lasting called to her during her experience as Marissa, but ultimately she was treated like trash by the director of the first movie. But she used it to try and create the second movie, which she co wrote. That’s a direct parallel of her experience on the first movie, with the artist character it’s titled after a direct parallel to the director of the first movie. As the director wanted to “sculpt” her, the artist continually draws over her portrait to refine her to what he wants, among other bits. The second being as at this point taken the part of her co actor, Carl greenwood. At some point late in filming, she shoots him, in reality killing the actor but also killing the beings though he gets reborn somehow into someone else, which we see through another clip. The reason she did this is because he saw her becoming increasingly invested in that world that over theirs, and he made he choose, she shot it to free herself from him. However, that closed the film down, and she ultimately did feel bad over her actions. Im taking the time passing as her hibernating which is why she hasn’t aged. She wakes up and the director from the first film has apologised and if I remember given her footage that had previously been hidden? Can’t remember how it’s phrased, one of the issues is that going back to look at the “hidden”footage is difficult. She decides to make another film basically to tell her story before she kills herself with fire, which is done by the other being. Im not 100% on this, but from the conversation she has about how to kill her that I mentioned, it could be that dying by fire was done to end her immortality as dying through other means allows her to revive, though she considers the work on film as a way of also achieving that. She says in one of the hidden bits that she’s tired of going on (or something similar- again, hard to go back and find) which could mean that she’s tired of immortality. Also we see the gunshot kill the other one and when he “dies” he ends up as that woman. But she only mentions drowning as a method that “doesn’t work” so it could be that she’ll revive in some way too. To me that kind of makes more sense - that she ends her physical form to be immortal in media. But I fully accept I could have read something wrong or missed something.
  7. The irony being that if you have a Netflix sub, you’ll be able to play this using it. Ill post more in the other thread but it’s not a ten for me. I can see why people like it, but the mechanics of the game just do not work for me so to say it has earned it based off of those does not hold up in my opinion. As for the story, I’ve seen enough that I’m pretty sure what’s going on, I’ve gotten credits to roll and everything. Apparently I’ve uncovered less than half the footage though still, but sack going back to find the rest as the mechanics of the game don’t make it particularly interesting to do. I’m sure because of that there’s stuff I missed so out of curiosity I looked on YouTube - there’s not much up for it yet, but sure enough there was something I’d missed early on for a reason I won’t spoil but the game makes it pretty easy to. Like I said, I know enough to be pretty sure of most of what’s gone on, but honestly…..not really much of a pay off. I actually did enjoy piecing together what happens in the films though, but the story around it didn’t grab me. And the performances are great. It entertained me for a while but was disappointing in some ways too. It does make me laugh that the x box achievements are all written in caps as if they’re being excitedly shouted, but also phrased in a way that suits someone excitedly shouting them.
  8. I like these a lot so far and hope he keeps churning them out pretty quickly. if you haven’t already seen them, game makers toolkit on YouTube also do good breakdowns of game design, though generally longer than these have been.
  9. Another “good but not amazing” episode. One thing I didn’t think they got quite right though The cast is growing on me with the exception (oddly) of Rhys Ifans. I don’t know if his character is just a bit boring, but even when he’s quite clearly supposed to be a scheming arse, he’s just not very interesting when he’s doing it hat least not to me). He feels very one dimensional at the moment. It was really nicely shot too, the bridge scene and especially My only slight gripe was it doesn’t feel like a world that’s got people living in it at the moment. Not sure if that makes sense, or if this will, but it’s like I struggle to place locations in scenes, they don’t feel like they’re connected particularly as part of the world, nor does it feel like there are people just milling around living their lives. Still, it’s still setting things up which are interesting to see how they pay off.
  10. From reading stuff it appears that the battlegrounds thing is pretty much due to having a consistent player base that plays just that, so they’ve been trying to find ways to monetise that. Cosmetics were never great as you could buy portraits that you never use (which is why you always get them in packs of 10 or such, to increase the chances you get offered a hero you have bought one for). It’s a tough one to classify as it’s more “pay to increase the odds of favourable rng”. Some people will absolutely feel the need to have it, but it won’t always give you an advantage. I’ve not really played much tbh. There’s some fun decks there for sure, and I love the theming of the expansion. I played a Druid token deck that has guff and bran/denathrius as a finisher. The Druid legendary that gives you 3/3s with rush on nature spells for the rest of the game is insane. Plus with Guff you can always get your finisher on the same turn. One match I did 32 damage without Bran though.
  11. Been playing 3 after a bit of a break after completing Kiwami 2. I don’t think the drop in polish is made any less jarring by a lot of the stuff pre going back to Kamurocho being super tedious. Chapter 4 especially, which is basically “hey Kiryu you need to go back to Kamurocho…but first go find this dog….then go back and forth for items three times…..then have a game of baseball….then go do some shopping”. It’s just really drawn out and not interesting. It does pick up a little after, but it does feel quite rough up to then. Also a lot of the mini games are not that great. Golf especially feels bad, much worse than the later games, which sucks when you have to do it as part of the story. I was tempted skip straight to 4 after the umpteenth time on chapter 4 I was asked to do some bullshit errand before I could leave, but I really want to have played all of the series and it’s not that long really….
  12. I thought it was a decent enough starter. Set things up and explained things nicely. One minor thing, and I’m not putting this is spoiler tags as it’s been out there since the show was announced is that the actresses playing Alicent and Rhyaenyra in this episode don’t play them for the entire serious and change over to older versions (so it obviously skips forward at some point). Which is a real shame as I thought they were great, especially Rhyaenyras actress. I thought the jousting scenes were really well shot as well, but there was one thing that surprised me; Aside from that, it’s main problem is that it’s going to get the GOT comparisons, and I think how people respond still reflect in if they compare it to later seasons or the first 4. Currently to me it feels quite…..narrow compared to GOT for lack of a better way of putting it. Buy that I mean it’s much more focused on a smaller group of characters. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But just yet there aren’t really many stand out characters like in GOT. It’s got time to expand on that still, and it’s done enough for me to give it that chance at least. And the performances are by no means bad - Constantine is good as the king, Smith has been good, as have the 2 girls…..but there isn’t really anyone so far that feels like they’re going to stand alongside people like Tywin or Joffrey in terms of memorable characters.
  13. Was that taking place on 616 Earth? I skimmed some of the prelude stuff but read the main secret wars again properly, and I think I missed some bits associated with all the lead up, but I assumed that was the from other earth that was about to collide with them(1610?), I think it was mainly because Tony was using the white armour which I thought was from that universe. It does make sense though thinking about it now, as I remember the memory wipe and Cap chasing down some of the Avengers. One of my main gripes in hindsight is that when stuffs happening with the people from several universes I’m not 100% on who’s from where, it’s a bit muddy sometimes in the big clash. In my opinion anyway.
  14. Regarding groot speculation in your spoiler (which I’m not going to as it’s not really a plot point I’m revealing or anything). Gunn has confirmed on Twitter a few times before it’s not the same Groot as in GotG1, that Groot died and this Groot is the equivalent of an offspring. He explains the link you mention as not being something he remembers, but would have been told stories about by the rest of the crew telling him about his “dad”.
  15. Yeah I agree to be honest. I’m not sure why there’s as many people hyped about it being adapted. It’s very much a case of throwing things at the pages in the hope something sticks. Lots of stuff doesn’t make logical sense either, like the logistics of the incursions themselves blatantly only exist in the way they do to allow the story to occur as it does, rather than it being sensible. I know you’re expected to suspend disbelief in comic books and accept stuff a bit easier, but there’s still lines where you have to stay in for it to be something you can accept, even in a world where people fly and there are actual wizards, and this skirts it too often for my liking. Sure, there are some cool bits in there, and some bits sound cool but don’t really work (for me). But that’s the problem too, too often it’s like it’s been written with an eye to it being read out loud by an overexcited YouTuber who’ll say stuff like “and then, oh man, an this is crazy….then it turns out black Panther finds an infinity gauntlet. And then holy shit, and the he goes and finds the Marvel Zombies who are here too, and get this….he gets them to fight Doom for him. It’s soooo epic guys”. The irony is there are some bits that feel like they could have been genuinely good but are poorly told. For example, in the preface that leads up to the first issue where you see everyone preparing for the worst, Cap confronts Tony in the Ultimates version of Earth. Like properly “the worlds going to end, you need to face up to some of the shit you’ve done” stuff where they fight and Cap is genuinely angry at Tony for some of the stuff he’s done “for the greater good”. Tony in this universe isn’t a good person, but skirts on the good side enough to get a pass. There’s some genuine emotional stuff there too, with Cap calling out Tony and Tony obviously sick of what he sees as Cap feeling he’s morally superior. Or at least it would be if if weren’t told in a way that even with flashbacks during the fight, it’s not really that clear what exactly Cap wants to smash his face in for, and the stuff before is so muddled it’s hard trying to find the threads to make it really make sense. I do think that they can make something very loosely tied to it that could be good though. It’ll dial back a lot of it though. But we’ll see.
  16. Having re read the secret wars comics since the announcement, I’m really curious how they’re going to adapt it. There are a lot of side stories that tie in as well, and while they’re not essential, it feels like the comic equivalent of watching Infinity War if you haven’t seen much of the MCU. But there’s so much that they’d need to set up that I can’t see where they’d really squeeze in that I can only see it being a very loose adaptation. The assumption I’d make is that we’ll see Kang popping up more - we know he’s in Antman so possibly in a few other things around Fantastic Four before Kang Dynasty, setting up multiple Kang variants who will probably be lead by a Prime Kang. I’d expect there to be at least one “good” kang in there somewhere too. Secret wars deals with the destruction of the multiverse and a world created by Doom, who becomes god like, in the aftermath comprised of many saved bits of worlds from the destruction. They haven’t set up any of that yet, or anything close - we’ve seen heroes from other multiverses in Dr Strange 2, but none of them are gonna appear here. I can’t see them introducing Doom yet to take away from Kang. So, my theory is - the phase 6 movies are from other universes. It’s a way of getting established heroes into the current universe without explaining why they haven’t been around, such as the fantastic four. Yes, that means I think they l set the Fantastic Four movie in another multiverse. They’ve already said that it won’t be an origin, as the audience are aware of them, but means they don’t have to retcon why they weren’t around or known about during endgame. I think we could see other characters used similarly like the mutants or even Deadpool. Something in Kang Dynasty creates incursions that start destroying universes, secret wars brings them all together and after establishes previously non existent characters in a “new” MCU. The good Kang takes the place of God Doom, but as the last remaining Kang, turns out this was his long game all along and he’s a dick, and he becomes Dr Doom. Unless they do the 1984 secret wars, which is kind of bonkers and fits even less, but I’d kind of love to see them have a go just because of how out there it would be - stuff like Galactus being challenged by Ulton, and Wasp talking more about her hair and nails than anything else.
  17. So it gets worse apparently. With it being made with the intent of mainly streaming, the cost of the project is assigned over a specified lifetime for purposes of paying taxes, at least if my puny brain is reading it right. If they remove if from distribution, they can use the “remaining cost” which in this case is all of it, as a deductible against other taxable income, so they dont have to pay 90 million worth of taxes from their other sources. The problem is, streaming content that’s set up this way can then be removed from distribution at any time to get a tax break on the remaining cost associated with it. HBO have recently pulled at least 6 movies for this exact reason.
  18. Fun fact - there was a George Miller Justice League movie that was actually in production just ahead of the avengers movie IIRC, and 2 of the family here were cast in it. Adam brody on the left was gonna play Flash, and DJ Cortona on the right was cast as Superman. In case you’re wondering the other notable names in the case would have been Armie Hammer as Batman and Common as Green Lantern. It nearly happened apparently, as in it was in pre prod with costumes made and everything. Then a bunch of stuff happened like the writers strike and an issue with filming it in Australia, as well as talk of them not liking the idea of multiple films with different versions of the heroes (there was still talk of a sequel to Superman Returns at this point and it was slap bang in the middle of the Nolan bat films) and it fell apart, and people moved on to other projects. A spoilered synopsis for the interested
  19. No I agree with that - I probably should have phrased it a bit more in terms of the images most people are familiar with they still look a bit daft in. Same way as you mentioned the x men could have looked daft straight copying the comics. I remember when the first x men film came out and one of the things people were concerned about and praised the most was the look of them (something the film even poked fun at). I do think itll be harder to make them look cool, though I’m sure it’s possible.
  20. Agree on the spoiler, on both parts. I can’t see them not revealing in the full trailer though. Spoilers for the comics though; I can’t see this being true, referencing the spoiler. I know why it’s being rumoured - it fits in with the comics and some other announcements- but it won’t be a major part of the film. At most I think it could be referenced post credits.
  21. I think this looks like a load of fun, and the cgi doesn’t look nearly as much of an issue as the last trailer. It’s still a shame they never gave Ruffalo a stand alone movie and instead he got shafted with a piecemeal story that changed bits willy nilly. Would have been cool if they could have gone all in on a World War Hulk movie, that could have been pretty sweet.
  22. That would make sense to do, makes easier flesh out the story over what’s been announced.
  23. Yeah I’ve just realised I’ve been stupid and forgotten that Secret Wars isn’t the ones with the Skrulls (which is Secret Invasion - I for some reason had it in my head the show of the same name would be a set up for a larger movie about it). Now you’ve jogged my memory it does make those 2 movie more sensible to do like that! That said, they could still do it without Doom, or it be the intro for Doom for the next phase. Hard to say, like you said they usually are quite loose with adaptations. There are rumours they are going to announce more details including a cast in the D23 expo early sept, can see parts of the internet exploding if Krasinski isn’t announced as Reed - which tbh I expect isn’t gonna happen, Raimi pretty much said it was a fan service nod.
  24. There are at least 2 movies that haven’t been given dates that will likely take up 2 of the phase 6 slots
  25. It’s one of those “depends on the writers” things. In general, Thing can at the very least put up a good fight, but usually needs something else to get the upper hand, whereas Hulk has at times beat him pretty easily. As for the rest of the team - people focus on Reeds kinda daft stretchy limbs, but they can easily play more to his intelligence. Sues invisibility is her most famous skill, but she has a bunch of other powers like force field generation that makes her really powerful. The Human Torch is also super powerful, like he can create supernova levels of power. And while Thing isn’t the Hulk, there’s no shame in that and he’d still take out most super human strength characters. Problem is, they still all look a bit daft. It’ll be interesting see if they do Doom. Part of me thinks they won’t unless they tie him into later films - he’s too big a character and too well liked to be a one shot.
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