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  1. Without looking, I would guess from this trailer (and Deathloop) that when Raf left, the person promoted to head the studio was previously the art director?
  2. *Shrug* Do what you like Sketch. I get that we all have to draw the line somewhere. And when you start following the money lots of games companies have had to get involved with dodgy benefactors to survive at times. I do find it odd that someone who has worked their arse off putting developer interviews out there (everyone should buy the Japansoft book btw) seems so convinced that raising awareness of problems in the world to try to fix them is futile. I'm as surprised as anyone but there is a level of shithousery that billionaires can't escape at least a tiny bit of th
  3. It would probably be "quite bad" to have the murderous head of a fascist theocracy publicly involved in any legitimate industry. The more this is talked about and the worse publicity it causes for companies taking this tainted money, the harder it will be for future deals to go ahead. Saudi Arabia's foray into eSports last year took a major knock due to bad publicity (with Riot pulling out, etc.). The "but you're hurting the devs!!" argument doesn't work, but as Sketch hasn't actually bothered to build that out beyond "I don't want to do anything that personally inconve
  4. https://twitter.com/pcgamer/status/1403829709113368577
  5. They'll sell loads to collectors and indie devs / aspiring indie devs. Of all the companies that I'd trust to keep the servers alive long beyond it making any commercial sense, Panic are high on the list.
  6. I forgot how dinky it is. I guess I mean to say, I wish it had a physically bigger screen, with those properties.
  7. It doesn't look very ergonomic and I've yet to see a game that does anything interesting. A device with a mono screen could look great if it was really high res and low dot pitch (like an ePaper screen), as things like Obra Dinn demonstrate well, but this is extremely low res. A jog wheel or free spinning dial would be massively more versatile than an awkward and imprecise crank. If it made use of its portability (even in relatively gimmicky ways like streetpass or Labo) that would be more interesting, but again I've not seen any games that treat it as being functionally much diffe
  8. I'd imagine that it's the same situation as the soundtrack (which is ~200 tracks but seems to start the radio stations on the same handful every time) - there are probably loads more pedestrian barks that we're estimating because the same ones are repeated so often over the course of the game. Money and time is a factor though, if you start thinking about localisation etc. At a certain point you hit diminishing returns.
  9. Yeah, this is a bonkers take. I keep going back to wander about the city having cleared everything and I'm still finding areas that I've missed which have stuff to find and do. Nothing as spectacular as the main missions of course but lots of skirmishes and bits of story. There are elevators, garages and keypad doors tucked away all over the place and fights between different factions you can run into. It feels really jarring to go back to an open world game with the bog standard Ubisoft model of an empty terrain map with identikit towns and enemy camps copies and pasted at regular
  10. Weeeell, PS4 Pro. If it's still broken on base PS4: the policy of not being able to set a minimum spec for a console digital release is ludicrous.
  11. I don't understand why this still hasn't been relisted on the PS store yet. Most recent patch seems rock solid stable to me.
  12. Loved it. I think Spiderverse slightly edges it though. All the meme and tech stuff did make me think that it'll date amazingly quickly. I suspect they'll quietly tweak the frequent on-screen dates in a couple of years, it's a bit weird having a film set in 2020 with no reference to covid. Plus having the dad who couldn't be much older than 40 being completely computer illiterate rang a bit false - I guess this had been in development for a long time.
  13. I did not expect this to work. https://rave.dj/zm4ohh91WWMeCg
  14. 'Grown up' with the proviso that everyone involved was in their early 20s. For context, there was a period circa 1988-1990 where a load of games mags launched with names like The One and The Games Machine that tried to look more like 'serious' computer mags and not Smash Hits and Look In. Zero was the most 'punk' of these (really, a bit studenty and having the advantage of being in London and being able to interview pop stars and minor celebs). Early PC Zone was a bit like this as well, PC gamers at the time were either young urban professionals or using their work PCs. PC Format i
  15. Cyber Lip -> Metal Slug? Fire Power -> Return Fire. Not sure how 'secret' that was supposed to be, as much as the first game was just quite obscure.
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