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  1. Just finished it on Switch. It's so good. Some of the jokes I'm surprised they got past both the publisher and Nintendo. The way lives/energy and restart points are balanced is a bit aggravatingly shit at times. Some of the bosses really don't feel designed for a VVVVVV-like 'one hit death but infinite lives' system. So glad I persevered with the difficulty spikes though. I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a game. Some of the background gags and one-off cutscenes when you try certain things* are awe-inspiring. * Drying up minigam
  2. If the Series S/X do reasonably well over Christmas the XBONE version of Halo Infinite will be sent to live on a farm with the Switch port of Doom Eternal. I expect it will be increasingly unusual for 30fps to be intentionally targeted, continuing the raising of expectations that happened in the last gen. Plus being able to offer a 120hz option is too alluring a prize for the most technically advanced games. ... The new consoles should be able to do something useful with raytracing at 1080/60, and I'll take better image quality over pointless 4K any day.
  3. In the case of Basecamp, what they were arguing against isn't an excessive demand from Apple. They wanted to be able to offer a subscription product, Apple offer a mechanism to do this, they wanted to get the benefits of this mechanism without following the same rules everyone else on the store has to follow. (As opposed to, e.g., Netflix, who just take the whole process off-platform.) Making stuff for iOS (and consoles) is more restrictive but sometimes the platform holder taking on some of the functionality benefits users (many of whom aren't PC and internet savvy) an
  4. I think on some level Sweeney is genuine about wanting iOS to be an open platform like the PC. I think everyone understands that at some point not too far in the future consumer Mac is finally going away, and whatever Surface Pro-ish iPad/MacBook hybrid (running iPadOS) Apple offer to replace it is going to need to work as a general purpose computing platform to be viable, which means opening up iOS to some degree. Sweeney is just trying to make this happen faster. However, I think some of the other members of this coalition of unhappy iOS developers (e.g., the basecamp
  5. Got my first Game Completed since 1.0 last night. The end boss feels easier now although I did have an insane wand. A tip for people with weaker CPU/GPU - change the video settings to 1280x720 and fullscreened window. I guess this will make some per-pixel fx (like shrooms) look worse but the world simulation is still lower res than this so you won't lose any detail. Noita's renderer seems to be oddly inefficient for what it's doing.
  6. I'd like to see a live action Bash St Kids where they're tried to be really faithful to the character designs like Dick Tracy. And live action Numskulls would be amazing. Or Shane Meadows' Biffo The Bear.
  7. I liked Overlord. Probably the closest we're gonna get to a Wolfenstein movie until Netflix scrape that particular IP barrel. The opening scene (shite fx, shite dialogue, overfamiliar, goes on foreverrr) really does a terrible job of selling it, I bet it has terrible audience stats. The ridiculous levels of cliche and implausibility are part of the fun. Historical accuracy was the least of it's problems. (They explain away the integrated paratrooper unit by saying it's an alternate timeline.)
  8. The thing about Inside... is that it's like a music video that's making clever cinematic references, rather than a full narrative piece in its own right. Each of the scenes feels internally consistent but if you take a step back there's no coherent throughline. It didn't feel like a game that had emerged from a backstory someone had written, rather that it was trying to nail together unrelated cool-seeming images. It's cheap JJ Abrams mystery rather than real depth. I think seeing it on awards shortlists with The Last Guardian (the polar opposite in terms of design ethos) rubbed me
  9. Pasting in YouTube links seems to be broken at the moment but using its built-in search seems to (eventually) work. https://rave.dj/bxlnD5lKrhHLfQ
  10. Mad that they'd misprint Noita's 9/10 like that. That GOTG list is really good. Personally I'd drop Inside (under the huge production budget it's still just a bog standard box2D platform game - and probably not even in the top 10 of *2D platform games* of the last gen), I can think of about two dozen games of a similar scope that I'd put ahead of it. There's the other big celebrated indies of course (Baba is You, Celeste, Gorogoa, etc.)... but I kind of want to say... Streets of Rage 4.
  11. Thank god PK saved the thread and mentioned Quake. The blueprint for online multiplayer, moddability, engine reuse, games online communities and esports and the killer app for hardware 3D. If PC gaming hadn't focused around it and PC devs hadn't learned from it we would have seen very different outcomes. Certainly we wouldn't have seen anything like Half Life or CoD for several more years, and 3D cards might've been stuck in limbo (in the way VR mostly is now), instead of the incredibly rapid progress we saw. Quake LAN deathmatch was the best game that existed anywhere
  12. There's already disparity between the console and PC base size allowances. ... It says in the patch notes that PSVR support is enabled through PS4 back compat, so I'm assuming it doesn't have upgraded visuals in that mode. PSVR mode launches a separate executable already I think. If/when we see a next gen PSVR HMD that will presumably be supported. It is kind of odd that they never switched on the quicksilver MTX. I guess they promised that they would never charge for updates. Perhaps they're planning to eventually (when they make the base game free) or they
  13. I do wonder to what degree early LED/LCD etc. screens degrade over time. I dug out an old monitor (circa 2004-5?) to use as an extra screen recently, I couldn't believe how terrible the colours (particularly white balance) were. Did I really play through Half-Life 2 in smeary nicotine-o-vision? (I suspect it's more likely that the lamp had crapped out)
  14. I dug out and powered up my GBA:SP recently and I'll just say that those in the thread remembering it as solving the issues with the original GBA screen are in for a shock.
  15. If you think the scene in the synagogue had the old women (one of whom the film is dedicated to) as the butt of the joke you might want to watch the scene again with a functioning brain.
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