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  1. You know that the first choice for the Charles Dance role was Richard E Grant, which would have (along with Paul McGann who plays Gollick) made Alien3 a three person Withnail reunion? Richard Griffiths would probably have been a bit shit as the xenomorph though.
  2. Sony were literally 100% responsible for the pre-launch marketing as it was a 2nd party published exclusive and Hello Games were ~12 people at the time. edit: life's too short to get baited by posters blocked long ago
  3. *Does a long, sad Mike Ermentraut exhale and sets about mopping up the last page of honkingly bad takes* You keep playing the tutorial of NMS every couple of years and then stopping dead and it still doesn't click with you? No shit. There is dramatically less initial grinding now but you still have to internalise a lot of how the survival mechanics and economy work to be able to get on with the more rewarding stuff. There's hours of story content. Expeditions meaningfully involve planning and skill now. A lot of the addons/mechanics don't do anything for me but the point is there are dozens of them. I take the point that the addons have tended more toward making it broader than deeper, but the current version of the game is mind bogglingly far removed from version 1.0. They've done at least one complete overhaul (Next, and arguably Beyond) that most devs would have put out as a full sequel. ... Starfield is obviously trying to do something completely different to NMS. I'm disappointed with what I've seen because it doesn't look a million miles away from Fallout, whereas the early teasers suggested it was going for more of a 'hard sci-fi' take, and something fundamentally different from Bethedsa's previous games. That the narrower scope (vs. NMS / ED) would be because they would be really pushing some next gen visuals and environment. As soon as you step off your ship's ramp that all seems to fall apart. They've been working on this for a similar amount of time as CDPR worked on CP2077, you'd expect at least some level of 'wow factor' among the jank, surely?
  4. Jesus, Starfield looks severely underwhelming. I bet some bricks were shat at Bethesda HQ when the decree for "real gameplay demos" came down from MS. Fading to black between surface and space. Character animation and UI that doesn't seem to have advanced since Fallout 3. 100 planets! (Montage of different textures over the same very 'fractal' looking height map.) I really do think that Bethesda are in the same bind that Japanese console devs were in at the point when everyone started migrating to middleware engines. They've not invested in tech, and they're not structured in a way (internal politics wise) where they can jettison their increasingly knackered old codebase and processes. Fallout 76 should've been a wake up call. I know it's aiming for something different than NMS and ED, but I've not got a lot of faith in Bethesda to give us an incredible story or amazing mechanical depth to help overlook the technical jank.
  5. I was worried that this was going to be another Tattooine borefest like Boba Fett, but I've enjoyed it so far. Ewan McGregor is really carrying it single handedly though. Disney seem a bit insecure about this show after Boba Fett being a stinker - leaning hard on this being a follow up to the prequels rather than a lead up to A New Hope feels like them trying to manage expectations. I don't care about stuff from the cartoons and comics, I hope the remaining inquisitors are going to get squished by Vader before too much more screen time is wasted on them. The scene of Vader suiting up was fucking awesome. I suppose if you were feeling charitable you could excuse the rather limp way the fight ended as Vader wanting to toy with Ol' Ben. And they're really going to be missing a trick if we don't get Hayden Christiansen recreating the Anakin/Padme meme at some point. They're going to remember to include that, aren't they? Aren't they?
  6. I don't know if it warranted a whole hour long episode. It feels like they've done the 'technically incompetent student film' genre a couple of times now and this one didn't seem that remarkable... it was no Diamond Cobra vs. The White Fox at any rate.
  7. 17 years ago, Jesus. I don't think it's a case of not getting him then, rather him earning his bullshit (and the bar for 'well written games criticism on the internet' rising massively) in the intervening time. Insert Credit's 'house style' (Brandon! Sheffield! Writing! Everything! Like! This!) was massively annoying.
  8. Or that any name brand company or public figure with millions of followers gets thousands of dingleberries who don't know how Twitter works replying to everything they post. One of those two things.
  9. I quite enjoyed The Pentaverate. It has the same glee at completely stupid gags as Myer's old films before they started throwing infinite money at him. And it was quite joke / idea / imagery dense. Nobody is really doing those kind of incredibly stupid and nerdy Police Squad type jokes (like all of Canada being in 4:3 SD, or messing about with the title sequence) these days. The scene with the obnoxious New Yorkers, and Jennifer Saunders utterly hallucinogenic bit later on were probably where it was at it's best, the latter being like something out of the better Comic Strip films. I found Myers' characters were mostly technically good (in terms of makeup and performance) rather than laugh out loud funny. Ken Scarborough was kind of lost on me as we don't have local reporters of that sort over here really. The conspiracy theorist probably worked the best as, well, he's basically an older fucked up Wayne Campbell. The Rupert Murdoch character was pretty much the only one that worked of the Pentaverate themselves, but hardly a comic creation in the league of Dr. Evil. The Powers-style conference room bickering doesn't work when there's no interplay between most of the characters. And cartoonish real world villains like Murdoch and Alex Jones/Joe Rogan are already ridiculous. The secretary (who weirdly reminded me of Pamela Stephenson?) was great. The gross out / scatological stuff seems weirdly quaint these days.
  10. The S2 finale was *nowhere near* as bad as S1's ineptly edited disaster. Faint praise, I know. The Q story wrapped up much more effectively than I expected. (Let's be honest, a LOT of times Q was brought back in the 90s shows was pretty blatant ratings chasing. I got the impression John De Lancie gave more of a shit about giving the character a good send off.) The ship shots looked *great*, it's something that was much more integral to TNG than people remember, and the general lack of them really hurt this show. The effects are all over the place in this show though. The 'new' queen looked crap, especially compared to the decent practical fx of the other queen. The zoom in to the Earth and zoom out from low poly Chateau Picard were laughably bad. Was the Europa mission supposed to be a NASA operation? If so this was a particularly shitty and 'un-trek' element to show them as being incompetent and corrupt. It's just about plausible if it was supposed to be a commercial mission I guess? A lot of this series didn't work because the cartoonish macro-scale logic of TNG (where stuff too complicated to resolve on screen can be given a throwaway line by Geordi or Worf looking at a monitor) falls apart in a modern day real world setting. (Not that the writing is a patch on even bad TNG.) Oh and 'tell the other ships to relinquish control, Picard says it's fine' is absolute bullshit, Patrick Stewart finally achieving the goal of having full sex with his ego on screen. Literally minutes earlier the crew were disobeying orders to stop firing! It felt like a massive 'fuck you' from the writers to have an epilogue scene with all the worst characters surviving. And Wil Wheaton is still awful. All that said: page 98 of this thread is giving me a migraine. It's not that hard to pay attention to the dialogue of a 45 minute show, really? Or remember how time travel in a 'Q' story typically works? There are things that are badly explained in this show (like alternate-timeline Picard not being a robot, which caught RLM out as well), but the basic arc of the plot ties up fine. It's shit and stupid and had to find things to do for about four times too many characters, but there is a two page treatment of the 'main' story that works.
  11. I am so, so sorry. https://rave.dj/FSWBg1f1LDXPNA
  12. That was the best BOTW for ages. I really want to watch Stone Cold now.
  13. Further to this, a planet's climate description (which appears when disembarking for the first time, and is always shown on the scanner UI when nothing is selected and in the 'discoveries' tab) will sometimes hint at the absence / scarcity of storms. You want something like 'mild', 'temperate', 'paradise', etc. Also yellow stars tend to have more of this kind of planet (not sure if that's consistent in all galaxies but assume so), hop to a few six body systems and you're bound to find something decent before long. Pirate systems seem to not have sentinels at all which could also be useful for base building. (Unless there are pirate raids happening all the time?)
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