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  1. MK-1601

    Fall Guys

    In spite of finding it quite technically shoddy I do keep getting drawn back to this. I can quite easily see someone quickly coming out with a massively more polished clone a la Fortnite though. You wouldn't even have to change much, just fix the control responsiveness, camera and loading times i.e. implement it in a more suitable engine. I'm sure Epic and Valve are looking at the numbers and thinking about this already.
  2. I really enjoyed this, the main guy really sells it. I've seen reviews saying some of the fx let it down but I didn't notice this at all? Other than being a bit claustrophobic in terms of locations and busy scenes it hides its low budget well. STEM having access to his body but not his brain is a brilliant constraint and they came up with lots of clever uses for it. Whoever cast the film did a good job with the brief of "get me Tom Hardy, Sonja Sohn and Rami Malek but waaay cheaper than that". I'd watch a series of this.
  3. I was about to take off from this planet when one of these dudes trundled past in front of my cockpit.
  4. Happening again right now!
  5. MK-1601

    Fall Guys

    I was really looking forward to this from the trailer but it's a real let down on PS4, at least in it's current state. Ridiculous loading/matchmaking times, no invert option on the camera (which you constantly have to slooowly adjust to be able to see anything), doesn't even tell you what the buttons are (knowing you can grab and climb would be useful) and has no config options. Input latency and framerate are a bit choppy as well (this is on PS4Pro). And quitting a match after you're eliminated takes absurdly long. All a bit bargain basement feeling. Still, nice to have a new release on PS+ for a change.
  6. I'm not sure if it's deterministic. I've sometimes had it fail with an error to mix two tracks, but then succeed when I submit them again.
  7. Beck x Chris Isaak - Game Invitation: https://rave.dj/dgNP2lyI4JvUKw
  8. This is not remotely a controversial opinion
  9. The worst parts of BOTW are when it's trying to do the kind of bone-headed puzzle design from the 90s. Broken stealth, unguessably cryptic puzzles and terrible 'special case' areas. It's only about 2% of the overall game, but it's a shame nobody decided to cut these bits - especially as so much stuff blatantly *was* cut during development. (Nobody will notice if we cut and paste the same 'test of strength' shrine and goblin camp all over the map!). I'm hoping BOTW2 will be a big improvement (and not just feel like an expansion pack) now they know what works and the crazy things their tech is capable of.
  10. Your save game should still work. Personally I would just carry on from the existing save. The early grind is not the aspect of the game that I enjoy, soft restarting in a new galaxy with a broken ship is enough of a pain in the arse.
  11. Spoke too soon, the first freighter inventory expansion I looted let me use it infinite times. Hotfix incoming, presumably.
  12. Being able to expand freighter inventory and install tech in general inventory is a godsend - freighters have been bugged for years now.
  13. It always confuses me when people make this argument. Every hardware generation has allowed for massively more ambitious ideas to be realised. You don't see people seriously arguing the case that film technology stopped with the introduction of sound or colour, and yet the same essential argument is given credence when people are talking about the move from 2D or 3D in games. I guess people just don't notice stuff unless it's a massive in-your-face change? Like, physics, pathfinding, realtime lighting, animation blending, cloth, fluid sim, materials, are all just 'solved' now even in quite small scale games whereas they very much weren't in the last gen. We are at the foothills of trying to depict people, animals, or anything but the most carefully curated examples of the natural or built environment convincingly. The next gen (particularly fast storage) is going to unlock crazy amounts of new stuff. BOTW is like a napkin sketch of how deep world simulation is going to get in games focused on that in the next few years.
  14. "I want to do a show about the people who put the yellow cartridge in the food replicator so a banana can come out the other end" That's not how replicators work Red Dwarf already did this Alien already did this Dark Star already did this Futurama already did this TNG S8 was a mildly amusing idea that quickly ran its one joke (DATA AND GEORDI ARE LIKE KIDS DON'T YOU SEE) into the ground I've seen better writing, technical craft and genuine love for the subject matter in Newgrounds animations (not to disparage Newgrounds) Jesus Christ Fuck off Alex Kurtzman
  15. As far as the games press is concerned anything with a publisher's name on it is "AAA" at this point.
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