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  1. Talking of bin bags, a weird thing that really hit home how messed up Night City is, is how horrible the main park and waterfront areas (not Pacifica, there's a scuzzy area near the marina people are using for sunbathing etc.) are! Also it will never stop being funny having an NPC doing something innocuous like busking or tai chi suddenly snap "PISS OFF SLACKER! Another fucking weasel!" when you get too close.
  2. Weren't the Voodoo Boys white kids in the original game? I love adaptations that take super-pulpy, lightweight source material and flesh them out to the point of absurdity. The nearest equivalent I can think of is Mars Attacks!. ... I don't mind crowbcat's stuff, it's pandering to the audience's worst, bitchiest impulses but he's at least forensic about it. His Game Award recaps are incredible. But yeah, I don't need 40+ minutes of footage captured by streamers running the game on their badly configured PCs and intentionally trying to break the game for LOLs
  3. I was really impressed with how close the scene with Royce was to the demo. The proportion of the game that takes place in the open world vs. elevator/loading pause gated mini maps massively outdid my expectations based on the demo.
  4. There are loads of typos in the subtitles. And the drop point machines have "Devilery" instead of "Delivery" on their screens. The 'live translation of subtitles' thing is brilliant though, and cool that it works for all the languages the game is localised into. ... Do the random crimes / skirmishes level up with your character? I'm close to the level cap and there's been a noticable jump in the size of random scuffles. Wandered into a pitched battle (with trucks, robots, drones etc.) between two corps last night, like something out of Syndicate. Fucking wil
  5. Yeah, I don't get it. I've read two articles describing it's rocky launch as "bombing" now. Err? It earned back it's multi-$100m development budget in week one, it's still in the Steam top ten by revenue. Not being on the PS store will be hurting it, but it's not like it's flopped critically or commercially.
  6. I know ... The issue is that they were dicking around with the streaming system right up to the last minute. I'm not saying it's QA's fault (I hope that's clear), there's no way management didn't know about the issues, v1.00 stability was so bad, and it was their decision to put QA in an impossible position.
  7. I think some expectations people have from the patches are unrealistic. There's only so much performance you can coax out of obsolete hardware. I don't believe they were unaware of the issues, but I can believe that they didn't anticipate how often the streaming system would fall over (pre hotfixes) on mechanical drives.
  8. I don't want to make excuses for CDPR*, but it's hard to course correct over 7+ years. You can't pinpoint predict where PC and console hardware is going to end up in that time. They were dealt multiple bad hands over the last two years - to me it seems crazy that Sony and Microsoft didn't make a much more concerted effort to establish their mid-gen machines as the baseline long before now. Nintendo figured this out for their handhelds pre-Switch. It doesn't make sense when disc sales are dwindling away to force every game to release simultaneously on the base machines.
  9. The lighting is amazingly good. When I first got there (and could roam around after the plot bits), it was early evening after a rain shower, it was exactly like the seafront/beach where I grew up. When you see places like that, and the desert, and the maelstrom Chemical Plant Zone, you can really see that they've taken their time over tweaking the lighting, they've not just set up a global day/night cycle and called it a, uh, day.
  10. I forgot that the Gorilla Arms mod lets you rip turret guns off their perches. Was VERY cathartic when I remembered (clearing out a stockade in the badlands with bloody annoying snipers). I always murderise 6th St. (pricks), Scavs and usually Maelstrom. Don't think I've actually gone up against Voodoo Boys apart from random gang skirmishes in Pacifica. I love all the different ways people have done that club mission. Yeah, not alerting/aggroing anyone or getting spotted by cams counts as 'no combat'. You can still kill with sniping, hacking, takedowns etc. as long as no
  11. Came close to failing a kidnapping mission in a nightclub because I temporarily dropped the unconscious target on the dance floor, and V's urge to dance overwhelms all other interaction verbs. Had to awkwardly fish the body out while standing in a doorway to stop V involuntarily throwing shapes, in a near-empty club at 10AM.
  12. Polishing off the cyberpsycho missions, the one I did last night on Maelstrom turf was properly hair-raising. I worry about people playing this like GTA and not realising the density of stuff that you can find (not marked on the map) just wandering around back streets and popping into random shops/bars. A trick that they've maybe missed (spoilers for 'Johnny' story stuff that comes into play in late Act 2/3 - I am still putting off going past the point of no return btw)
  13. My theory is that one of the biggest influences on the cars is those Matchbox cars you'd see sometimes that were 'futuristic' versions of sports cars. I found a car early on with a tinted glass bonnet that I'm sure I still have in a shoebox somewhere.
  14. I'd be surprised if it's not one of the issues they address in the 'big' Jan and Feb patches. Joshua mission: I was kind of hoping the producer would show up again as a quest giver or something after? It's quite a short series of missions. A couple of other side stories I've encountered have felt like that, like they've built the assets and recorded the dialogue but couldn't get something working (on base consoles I'm guessing) so only a truncated version of the planned story is in the final game.
  15. I like that some of the other fixers aren't ungrateful pricks like Regina, some of them get quite jazzed when you murder everyone.
  16. Because the game has to scale down the the Xbox One S and base PS4, which have the computational power of a toaster. This thread is largely positive because of what the game does right and how it innovates in spite of the constraints placed on it. And because it's fairly easy to extrapolate from cross-gen games last time around that as soon as CDPR are able to focus on next-gen consoles as the baseline their engine will get a chance to stretch its legs.
  17. See earlier in thread. YouTube is brain poison.
  18. I was really surprised to learn there's something like 150 tracks on the soundtrack. It seems to favour a handful of them really heavily. Driving a town car around in the rain to Chet Baker feels amazing, proper 'Ghost in the Shell: Innocence' vibes. ... I'm pretty sure you can't fail driving chase missions, I think the car you're pursuing just parks once it's beyond the edge of the tiny radar. I like this, and that you can disable surveillance cameras (permanently) without really ever having to dick around waiting for vision cones to move. And the 'non-leth
  19. "Read the signs, no feeding the baboons Seein' as how they got ya back, bleedin' from the stab wounds" I love that both of these lines lead you up the garden path, with the first part of each making contextual sense both literally and figuratively. "Exercise index, won't need bowflex..." You need a line that conveys that you solve problems by the use of firearms rather than physical altercation, how many words can you fit- wait, what, two? DOOM beats .zip at compression. "in effect like alternate side of the street parking ru
  20. Respectful disagree. There are places where it just clicks and feels so vibrant. Walking along the waterfront, or that roundabout with the quickhack shop in the middle, there's just so many layers of activity going on. Peds, traffic, AVs and airships. The massive amount of motion capture and ambient dialogue helps a lot too. 100+ hours in and I've just found out there are different types of buskers.
  21. I'm not going to watch 46 minutes of some "lazy devs" YouTube cunt, but suffice to say: every open world game on current hardware leans heavily on smoke and mirrors. The sole objective of the 'ambient NPCs' stuff in 2077 is to make the game feel like you're in a city populated with millions of people. Mission accomplished. Yeah no shit they don't all follow full daily routines. It's no better or worse than any open world game with essentially zero persistence - so any Ubi or Bethesda or Mafia game for a start. RDR2 is an exception because it BRUTALLY limits the number of things it
  22. The first toilet I went in in CyberPunk 2077, I thought to myself, "haha, at least they've not done the cheesy old gag of having the three seashells." The toilet in V's apartment has the three seashells.
  23. I think it was Clive or Calashnikov here who introduced me to Doom... in 2005/6? Fucking terrible news. Blasting Madvillainy rn. RIP.
  24. Was doing an assassination mission for the massively ungrateful pain in the arse Regina Jones earlier, wanted to ghost it but wasn't high enough level to pick the back door lock. Spy a fire escape but the ladder is retracted (can't be hacked, the intent being, you use this as a quick escape route on the way out) and didn't have double jump yet... so summoned the tallest vehicle in my garage and drove it under and jumped up, and it worked! A stupid thing but I was so pleased my plan worked. I do like that the objectives in side missions tend to follow real world logic (doors don't m
  25. It's odd that it starts out in areas that (on console) are relatively rough looking and chug quite a lot. Some areas of the game (Pacifica, the desert, and more open bits of the city/rooftops rather than the heavily ocluded alleys/marketplaces right in the centre) look jawdropping. The lighting is incredible, even without the benefits of raytracing. The ratio of good / distractingly crap visuals is at least better than Deus Ex 3 and 4, generic NPCs tend to look reasonably detailed rather than plasticene abominations. I still can't get over the quality of the level desig
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