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  1. I was still wondering why I didn't have loads of the display slots filled in the apartment stash, looked it up. You get some iconics as crafting specs only. Which I guess is why the apartment stash rooms have workbenches everywhere. 😐
  2. Am I missing something or can you not kick open doors now? Demo looks lovely but I'm not keen about there being any changes to the mechanics, which were tuned very precisely.
  3. The Pixel and Chibi sets really are weak* compared to basically everything else. I hope they get some good pixel artists to have another crack at it at some point. *with some exceptions https://marvelsnapzone.com/variants/hellcow-01/
  4. Had a good game yesterday: Filled Raft on Location 1 in three turns to get 0-cost Hela. Turn 4 Shuri and Hela on Sinister London. Turn 5 Beast to put both Shuris and Helas back in hand, Turn 6 Wong + Shuri + Hela. That last turn working because the Shuri duplicated by Sinister London only costs 2 (-1 from Quinjet and -1 from Beast).
  5. *citation needed. On one hand John Wayne Gacy was a successful children's entertainer. You don't get to bank good deeds to offset later being revealed to be terrible.
  6. Come on man, Riker's Island is right there. ... I'm not convinced that Michael Dorn can still play Worf reeeally. But he manages to make cheesy Whedonesque / TNG movie-esque quipping dialogue actually funny, which is no mean feat.
  7. "But what about the people making bad faith arguments, what more can we do to appease them?"
  8. Charitably, I think it's a mix of some genuinely malicious trolls and some users who just haven't thought about things very deeply. Which is always going to be likely in a thread full of middle aged men discussing a children's game based on a series of books/films that are a bit ... 'unchallenging'.
  9. I finally got my arse into gear and got a PS5. NMS feels alarmingly buggy at the moment. Had a crash going out of atmosphere almost immediately. UI elements for industry stuff (generators etc.) are a glitched out mess. Framerate is butter smooth but pop-in is worse than I've ever seen it. I hope it's just post-big-update teething troubles and there will be a hotfix along soon. 😕
  10. Hmm. If she weren't actively promoting a film, game, book and/or theatre show in recent memory, The Times would surely be less eager to splash her on the front page hanging out with her neo-nazi chums. Public perception and commercial viability/relevance are definitely connected. Clarkson and Amazon are a good example. I'm sure Amazon would prefer to keep milking that cash cow for years to come, and there's a paying audience for it, but he's become toxic enough to be a PR nightmare for them and likely to make it harder (or at least more expensive) to convince other talent to take the hit of being associated with him. ... "LGBTQ+ people can face capital punishment in Saudi Arabia. Which is beyond any harm potentially caused by JKR." The state denying medical care to trans youth (which Rowling actively campaigns for) also kills people. I'm not trying to make an equivalence between two objectively shitty evil things, but I do think there's a danger in seeing billionaire Westerners committed to rolling back human rights as just having a harmless debating club hobby. ... Matt0's post already covers this very well saving me typing any more.
  11. The Worf scene was perhaps the worst directed fight I've ever seen ... in *Star Trek*. Michael Dorn deserved a way better introduction than some out of focus flailing in the dark. 'Intergalactic' - if one was being very generous they could say he was exaggerating for emphasis. The use of 'codec' in episode 1 was annoying as well. Something like cipher or cryptogram would have made more sense, but the writing room went with the technical sounding word they know from Premiere Pro, huh? One benefit of sticking the title sequence at the end is not spoiling guest appearances... 🤔
  12. The only context is which this is meaningful is how it factors into amplifying the damage JKR can cause.
  13. Maps aren't locked to specific planets, and I think if a planet has Sentinels it's got to have pillars, so if you can get to another system and snag a map you should be good to go. It is a massive PITA though.
  14. "Speaking as someone who skipped this game for reasons, I would like JKR to walk all over me with sharp stillettos" Taking so many, many run-ups at 'reluctantly' defending this game and it's IP owner is somehow simultaneously deeply weird and extremely tedious! Games sites don't have to justify what they choose to cover to publishers or to their readers. There hasn't been a game too big to ignore for many, many years now. That was a phenomenon in the days of Doom, Quake, HL1/2, LTTP, the GTAs up to around San Andreas. The pond got exponentially bigger. Elden Ring sold 20m copies, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing routinely sell more than that - even the most SEO-obsessed games site isn't sweating writing new content about them day in day out. Commercially successful licensed games getting overlooked for awards isn't remotely unusual (see: TT Games' entire ouvre) even when they're not directly enriching bigots. ... LOL, bullying. Here's the Dog Kid University article again for those who evidently need to read it https://www.thegamer.com/hogwarts-legaxy-throw-people-under-the-bus-childhood-harry-potter-jk-rowling/
  15. Can't you turn Sentinels off in the custom options now, or do Expedition saves not let you change options? You can buy maps for Sentinel pillars at Space Stations iirc. I generally don't remember them being that hard to outrun even on extreme planets? In-atmosphere flying or using a vehicle or mount is usually enough. I find interceptors spawn very very rarely when I play but maybe I've just subconsciously gotten into the habit of avoiding high activity planets.
  16. Ten years ago maybe. Notice how most of the PSVR2 stuff that's been shown isn't really careful to have all the training wheels stuff like teleporting movement and reducing the FOV during rapid motion? Because the hardware isn't barely-functional experimental stuff any more. I don't know if VR will ever go truly mainstream but the hardware won't be the problem. I expect that over a long enough time it will be in the weird limbo space a lot of PC games fall into - there are loads of specialist genre games with millions of players that don't really ever get talked about in the 'mainstream' of games discourse. There is still a major barrier to good VR games getting awareness, largely that's down to the games press not covering anything a tiny fraction outside of the AAA mainstream. YouTube and Twitch have VR covered very well already (e.g. HL-VR-AI), where obviously you don't get the immersion but you get a decent general impression of what the technology allows. An indication of where the hardware will be in a few years: https://www.roadtovr.com/bigscreen-beyond-pc-vr-steam-release-price-specs
  17. Fight'n Rage another of the growing list of games that blatantly trace over SNK artwork and call it an 'homage', I see. The sheer quality of SOR4 and Turtles has cooled my enthusiasm for a lot of the games that are *just* trying to replicate the 90s scrolling beat-'em-ups as they were. The genre died out the first time because there wasn't much more you could do with it. Although happy to be proven wrong.
  18. Not to mention that a gramophone record that warped would sound utterly fucked
  19. Annoying bug: if Wave gets pulled into play at the start of a turn (e.g. by that location that does that the name of which I forget - Saakar?), her effect happens that turn AND the next turn.
  20. All I can say to stir fry's post is: spend more time in Night City. If you're evaluating worthwhile stuff to see/do in the game solely by map icons and hostile areas, there is a lot more to find in the world. I take the point that the city doesn't change much to reflect your choices. That would be cool and feels eminently achievable - even just having different gangs/factions/fixers/shops change their attitude to you in a consequential way would have been nice. HOWEVER. There *are* a ton of missions that can be approached in radically different ways. Far far beyond the old Deus Ex choices of here's a keypad door, here's a duct, here's a ladder, etc. "lack of immersive systems" -- I'm interested to know what this would entail. BOTW style physical properties? As a player who's very much of the 'explorer' archetype, I personally think that CP2077 makes all the old Bethesda and Ubi open world games feel if not obsolete at least two generations behind. I have no interest in Starfield for instance - I can see it's the same organisational structure that made Fallout 76, a bit like San Andreas era Rockstar - just piling more distractions into aging tech because they can't fix hard problems (like CP2077 fixes with it's still mind-boggling character animation tech, for instance).
  21. I should say, I don't think he's being deceptive not mentioning that stuff in the 'making my first game' vids. Always good to have some practice runs before trying something new.
  22. He developed and released an iOS game after (or possibly during) his Pocket Gamer stint and before starting GMTK, iirc.
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