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  1. This was what I was trying to describe six months ago: HOWEVER. I think that's also wrong, as a bit more searching on the "Son Goku no Daibouken" name reveals: https://tezukaosamu.net/en/anime/36.html Which is proooobably the closest Alex Kidd similarity: Mystery solved
  2. I may have said this already upthread, but: this will keep getting delayed to 12 months + away, until there's a new boss at WB's games division, at which point it will be quietly canned as part of a review of the current slate. It's being made someone else's problem.
  3. I'd be very surprised if the kit is less than 399 GBP. I'm hoping they try to make the dedicated controller a standard part rather than the odd situation with the Move, which would add a chunk to the cost (negating some of the saving of not needing the camera or addon module thingie). Has foveated rendering been confirmed anywhere? I'd assume it needs quite powerful hardware in the headset itself to be low latency enough. Though even if the eye tracking is fairly basic than that it will still allow for lots of cool stuff. (Eye tracking cameras have no trouble with glasses btw!) The spec I'm most interested in is the weight of the HMD, I found PSVR1 pretty uncomfortable. ... I just realised I've still not played RE7 in VR.
  4. I can't imagine it having anything like the same impact in pancake mode. It makes use of VR's strengths a lot.
  5. It was a real wtf moment for me when the Unity logo comes up in the credits*. Chahi's genius isn't just in technical skill, but his ability to breathe life and intention into the most lightly sketched characters. *Yes I know that you can make technically ambitious games in Unity these days and the bad rap it gets is mainly snobbery, but Paper Beast really avoids that Unity 'feel'.
  6. I'm going to write a round up of the year at some point, but a definite strong contender for me is Paper Beast. I'm really surprised there wasn't more hype about it - one of the best VR games I've seen and Eric Chahi still at the top of his game 30 years after Another World.
  7. This doesn't quite work but I was interested to see how it would combine the not-conceptually-dissimilar videos. https://rave.dj/tw9Uu3bXA3Jh4Q
  8. I love that that song namechecks Keanu Reeves as well. And yeah it's crazy how buried it is in the radio rotation. That video couldn't have been cheap either.
  9. MK-1601


    I've been watching Decino's ongoing series where he plays through a megawad made by Cyriak Harris (the freaky animation guy). It is a bit like seeing what Treasure would do with the original Doom engine, so many inventive engine-pushing ideas. The music is catchy as fuck as well.
  10. Robdood was saying it would be cool if you could do that - you can't, really, but it comes closer than most open world games in terms of having just absurd amounts of stuff built beyond a facade.
  11. The Tim Rogers video really hammers home how much 'story' quest gameplay is in there. Cyberpunk apologist mode: There were only maybe four or five (out of 17 or whatever it was) decent cyberpsycho gigs, but that made it more surprising when it *was* one of the oddball ones and you were expecting the usual. I agree about being able to do side stuff (not shit minigames, just being able to interact more normally with the everyday environments, drinking coffee, getting your hair cut, jukeboxes, whatever). The only time you ever really eat or drink in a diner is during a cutscene. The one time I thought I'd found an exception I'd triggered a mission where some punks stuck up the diner. "There is less to do in terms of exploration [than GTA]" == "I didn't put significant time exploring the world on foot". There is SO MUCH completely missable stuff you can stumble into. Not just corpses with notes on them (although there's plenty of that), there's whole sprawling areas that you might fleetingly dip into for a main quest mission but can go back to and explore at leisure. This stuck out to me: "Eg, say you see an ad on a billboard for some mad cool cyberware. You use in game Internet to find the manufacturer office / factory, break in and steal some totally amazing, one-off equipment. All of this would be free form and not a "quest" you follow." It's not so exhaustively simulated a world that you can do this for every single brand/product in the game, but you CAN do this! Some of the corpo HQs are just exteriors/campuses (although this is already insane, near-Hitman levels of detail for stuff that you never need to visit), but there ARE some factories. workshops, mansions, drug labs etc. that are fully modelled and populated and are worth breaking in to of your own volition.
  12. Ah, the hindsight of 10+ years of patches and 60x more powerful hardware. Every big (Bethesda/Gamebryo/whatever they're calling it now) game at launch crashed all the time, had frequent game breaking bugs, mountains of jank, and on PC had to be sometimes extensively modded and tweaked to get the controller-centric UI and batshit default settings choices fixed into a playable state.
  13. Drama about games in the specialist press is a tiny sideshow. If The DiscourseTM mattered critically or commercially Hello Games wouldn't exist today, and Ubisoft wouldn't still be releasing new entries in their main franchises after the year when they shipped obviously half finished games.
  14. " It's got a flawed core to it - there's nothing they can do to ultimately deconstruct and rebuilt it to make it hugely different to what it is. " It's not impossible to rebalance a game. I don't really mind if they never fully manage it, combat feels very much a side dish to the story, world and player choices. Same as every RPG really - at no point for instance do any of the old school grindfest JRPGs challenge the player in gameplay terms. " Given the reaction to 2077 though, I'd be surprised if we do indeed see sequels, which is a shame. " It made a shitload of money and when the DLC and nextgen patch drop it will make another shitload of money. It's a situation much closer to Witcher 3 than, say, RAGE. Of course CDPR would like it to be a GTAV level mega success but it's not an existential threat to them that it fell short of this. ... I don't disagree with anything in Floshenbarnical's post above, but while the 'sandbox' integration doesn't work in gameplay terms, it's ridiculous how much better it is in technical terms than what we'd typically seen on PS4-gen hardware before then. Mafia 3 is a good point of comparison, where the 'open world' and 'level boxes' feel extremely inorganically connected. CP2077 reminds me of MGS5 quite a bit (in the previous gen transition) in terms of raising its sights in terms of technical ambition over the established model.
  15. Regarding the amazing value proposition: I do wonder if it's going to only be available for a limited time... When this was announced I assumed it was going to be VR - I'm guessing the Epic deal and PSVR2 being slow to materialise have complicated things on that front. My somewhat *cough* sub-PS5 level GPU isn't quite up to the job but the parts I played (up to You And Whose Army I think?) were amazing. It's so engrossing with lights down and sound cranked up that parts of it felt quite VR-like even in pancake mode.
  16. Every time there has been an Activision scandal I've thought haha no that's not even in the top three of terrible shit that's going to come out. I still think this. I don't expect Kotick will face any real consequences but I think he's definitely gone as CEO at this point.
  17. Not that I'm expecting historical accuracy from a Hallmark type movie that takes pains in its trailer to set up an unreliable narrator, but I don't think there was that sort of a buying panic around the NES when it came out? That was more a thing for Cabbage Patch Dolls and Teddy Ruxpin (and later Tickle Me Elmo) where the basic thing was (relatively) cheap and the level of demand took the stores and manufacturers by surprise.
  18. The video that photo is from is one of my favourite things ever.
  19. See, the pre-release trailers made me worry it was going to be like that. The characters didn't look a million miles away from The Witcher's and the environment was the usual mishmash of Blade Runnerisms. But the end product is one of the best art directed games ever. The art book (I don't know if you can buy it or if it was some pre-order bonus, but which is Out There anyway) is brain melting.
  20. Well yes, YouTube compression is chewing up both.
  21. Just watched the (spoilerific) 'what I liked' chapter of Tim Rogers' review, wow, there are some side stories/options I had no idea about and I thought I'd been fairly thorough. (A big takeaway from that chapter is the story/quest structure is really clever and something other open world games should learn from. In terms of achieving the old-timey CRPG goal of giving every player a unique experience based on their choices it acquits itself very well.) ... As I've probably said before in this thread, they could make a shit tonne of DLC, expandalone sequels etc. in Night City. I don't think there's any realistic chance of a mod scene creating story mission content as good as the main game even if they did have tools, not for a good few years anyway.
  22. That's, uh, kind of missing the point of the thread. But it did remind me of all the definitely unauthorised celeb cameos in Horace, including Larry David, John Cleese, Richard Nixon, Bill and Ted, Pat Butcher, Billy Mitchell and Reg Hollis from The Bill.
  23. A ton more here: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/tracing/tracing.htm
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