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  1. This is, I'm certain, one of the reasons I'm making such slow progress. I get carried away working through Biome 1 even though I can skip quickly to 2. I've genuinely never played a game - certainly not a shooter - where I enjoy the actual second-to-second gameplay so much.
  2. Well after an age I finally downed Phrike and the feeling of relief and excitement was amazing. Hit the second biome expecting a quick death and really made some progress. It is SUCH a good game. Absolutely not a typical shooter fan but it just has so much going for it.
  3. I’m delighted with my PS5. The Dualsense is wonderful and the run of really impressive exclusives has been better than the first six months of the PS4. I’ve filled in gaps playing PS4 games I missed last time at a higher frame rate. It’s been great.
  4. I'm not sure I've ever really played a game so much while being so bad at it. I'm not a bad gamer - managed to really click with Hades and beat it consistently - but I've played this a lot and still have only got to Phrike five or six times and never quite beaten him. I should hate it. It should fell repetitious and frustrating. But the actual experience of playing it is a joy and I'm still plugging away very happily. The £70 price tag is a huge shame - I really hope that Housemarque is ultimately rewarded for what they've created here - but the thing that baffles me is seeing people arguing i
  5. Guardian review is live:
  6. Wow! Thanks @Vemsie, @Majora, @df0 and @charley farley! All incredibly helpful!
  7. Couple of questions for any kind souls... i) I'm still on biome one and slightly struggling with Phrike. Should I be putting the Ether I gain into the obelisk in the crash room or is there a better use? ii) Sometimes a room spawns which is a large pool with a walkway around it... and seemingly nothing else. Am I missing something in here? Any help welcome. I'm still loving it despite the lack of progress. I find the shooting just really pleasurable, even though I'm getting hammered!
  8. I am terrible at this. I mean really terrible - I’ve played for a number of hours and only got to Phrike once… but I absolutely love it. It feels amazing in the hands and looks and sounds completely phenomenal
  9. Sadly, I did exactly that. Is this the rumoured PS5 update? I thought it wasn't due til June
  10. I’m beyond delighted with my PS5. I like the UI, it’s fast, quiet and crucially there are fantastic new games to play on it that feel next generation.
  11. I'm so pleased about the early signs on this and hope the game really delivers. I totally understand people's views on the price, but also find the whole 'but it's not AAA' argument a bit baffling. I'd much rather pay for this than something like Days Gone at launch price, just for the signal it sends that something a bit different can really work.
  12. I've got the same thing on my C9. It doesn't completely solve all the issues, but you can avoid the TV turning on the PS5 if you turn it on via one of the streaming buttons on the remote rather than the power button,.
  13. Thanks both! I think it was that I had my weapon out. I'm really enjoying it but it does feel a bit impenetrable at the moment!
  14. I realise this is probably a very dumb question - I’m struggling to get to grips with everything early on - but what do you press to actually lay a trap?
  15. While it's always nice to assume that people with a different point of view are either ignorant or too stupid to understand something, it's not terribly constructive. Many, many people played the game and had major problems with the story. That's not because they missed the point. I mean, how could anyone miss the point? It's one of the most heavy-handed pieces of narrative I've ever come across. I should say it was still in my top five. I thought the gameplay (when it wasn't interrupted with cutscenes) was great.
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