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  1. Went up a volcano in the middle of France and discovered a swarm of paragliders...
  2. Love the Edward Hopper vibe of that!
  3. @Alan Stock super helpful! Thanks - I’ll stick with them!
  4. I waited on this because I was pretty sure how I’d feel about it, but have now started it through PS Plus. I’m intrigued by the gameplay and enjoying it so far despite not really understanding the various mechanics. But I’m hating the cut scenes as much as I expected. So my question is… can I just skip them? Or is it all genuinely integral and worthwhile?
  5. I think this is a bit unfair. ND have really led the way on accessibility and I think have changed the expectations and standards in the industry. They clearly do care about it and have invested in it by building it into their engine. Of course it'd be better if they could just update old games to that standard and release them for free but I don't think it's terrifically realistic in this case considering the effort that has gone in. Again, value is a subjective issue and I totally understand people not feeling it if they've played the original or remake to death.
  6. Just if nothing else, the delivery of top-class accessibility options seems to me a really positive thing that doesn't get enough credit. I think questions about value can only really be answered once the game's in people's hands, and depends on your history with the game, but I think describing it as greed considering the obvious effort that's gone in is a bit crazy.
  7. I am absolutely loving this too, especially having come from two huge games in Elden Ring and Cyberpunk. It's incredibly charming, feels really distinct and has a lovely gentle vibe to it.
  8. 'Finished' this today, having done a ton of side quests and gigs and feeling like I'd got most of what I wanted out of it without it outstaying its welcome. I really did enjoy it far more than I expected. I think the city is a fantastic and a lot of the quest design was great, with some really memorable examples. My main takeaway from completing the storyline (no spoilers) is that, despite paying attention to the plot, by the end I didn't really understand what any particular course of action meant or the consequences I should expect. It's incredibly hard to balance all the different elements they're trying to tie up coherently, and I kind of wish they'd kept it all a bit more simple and dialled down the pretensions to profundity a bit.
  9. @Cyhwuhx - really interesting. Like @ZOK I actually found it differentiated it from the Ubisoft template because it gave me more of a reason to care about even the smaller side quests than I ever did in an Assassin's Creed or Far Cry. But obviously different things work for different people here. I felt it built on what they managed in the Witcher in a really good way personally.
  10. After a really shaky start, I'm now loving this. One of my favourite aspects is how well the Gig missions are done. They manage to deliver really good context for each one really quickly and somehow it means that missions that in many games would be repetitive somehow manage to feel really distinct and worthwhile. It's the concision that really makes it for me. The quick phone call and then a bit more detail in text if you want it means there's still a lot of gameplay to dialogue. Especially after Horizon Forbidden West, it makes me feel like I'm getting the most out of my gaming time.
  11. It’s a really interesting topic. As I get older and my time is harder and harder to secure for gaming, the main thing I value is concision in storytelling. I really enjoyed the Horizon games, but the absolutely endless dialogue trees - all beautifully acted and technically amazing - had to be skipped 90% of the time. Playing Elden Ring and Breath of the Wild afterwards made me really appreciate games with simple stories and judicious cut scenes.
  12. Hi all - haven't posted in here before but have been an interested lurker for some time. I love seeing your work. I've been getting back into photography recently and trying to improve my landscape work. I'm no expert and I really struggle with composition but was fairly pleased with these after I carved out a rare couple of hours to go out on my own and just focus on taking some pictures last week.
  13. Yeah, I’m not saying I can’t get to grips with the concept of an inventory. It’s just that the UI is abysmal, when you start out it’s completely overwhelming in terms of the sheer volume of things you’re picking up, and there are whole features unexplained at that point like disassembly and so on. The game clearly has some merits but the start and lack of onboarding very nearly saw me drop it. Glad I didn’t but it’s really off putting.
  14. I was really not enjoying this to begin with because I felt the story was advancing a lot without me having a clue about how the game systems worked and finding the inventory completely overwhelming. So I stepped off the main arc, finally worked out what gigs were and how to find them and it’s starting to really click. It’s such an odd game. It has so much going for it but it also seems deliberately perverse at times in the way it just expects you to work out what’s going on.
  15. Gwent has so much to answer for. Games within games is one of my most-hated tropes these days. Every time I sense a tie-in with the game I resent it, especially when you end up in a huge, lengthy open-world game having to listen to every third person go on about how they love playing it. I end up wondering how much effort went in to creating an entire in-game-game and the associated boring meta games and collectathons around it, how much better the main game could have been with that effort put elsewhere and how much I'm missing out on by ignoring it. I realise this is a huge over-reaction and very personal but god I hate it.
  16. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Super Mario World 3. Halo: Combat Evolved 4. Resident Evil 4 5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 6. Mario Kart 8 7. Returnal (video game) 8. Super Mario Galaxy 9. Bioshock 10. Hades (video game) 11. X-COM: UFO Defense 12. Half-Life 2 13. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 14. The Last of Us 15. Elden Ring 16. Metroid Prime 17. Red Dead Redemption 18. Wave Race 64 19. Crackdown (video game) 20. Minecraft Not a lot to say about my list, except my favourite game of each of the last three years breaking in. Oh and my irrational irritation at having to call the original UFO: Enemy Unknown by its US name thanks to the (perfectly sensible) Wikipedia rule.
  17. I'm actually quite jealous of people who are able to do this. Especially with big, chunky control schemes my muscle memory nowadays makes it really hard for me to juggle two games like this
  18. I've been playing and loving Elden Ring solidly recently but there's no doubt it can get a bit relentless and grim. Normally I stick to one game at a time, but I picked up Switch Sports 'for the kids' this week and it struck me what a brilliant pair of games they are to play alternately. The simplicity and sunny vibe make it such a brilliant tonic for those moments when I'm stuck or frustrated in ER and I just need something to break it all up a bit. So do you guys have similar pairs of games that work really well together?
  19. Before I ask my specific thing, just wanted to say thanks to all the people answering questions in this thread - it's been really enjoyable to read and I've learned a lot. My questions a bit woolly, I guess. I'm doing STR/DEX and I've been using the Twinblade since I got it. I am now just past Godric. I've upgraded it to +7 and I like using it but also just keep wondering if I'm missing out on something else great. I really struggle to know how to experiment meaningfully with other weapons - not just using them but upgrading them. I tend to get paralysed by the options and it never feels a good moment to go into a scrap with an unknown weapon. Do you guys just keep trying different things? Should I stick to my trusty Twinblade or have I wasted resource upgrading it? Any tips welcome!
  20. I am really, really enjoying it but I'm increasingly certain that I won't see it through. That's fine - I'll still get a lot of enjoyment from it compared to many other games. I think the thing that distinguishes it for me from the example of Elder Scrolls above is that in those games whenever I wander into an area that seems really tough I'm basically pretty sure that it's because I'm underpowered and I can usually go and find somewhere more friendly to persist with. But in ER there's always the strong chance that it's just me being terrible at the combat or - more worryingly for me - that I've levelled myself up in ways that make life really difficult. Because my gaming time is limited that lack of certainty tends to drive me to guides and then it all starts to feel a bit mechanical and you lose the thrill of discovering things for yourself.
  21. VRR finally confirmed... though still a while to wait.
  22. I've said before that £70 is a really bad price point from Sony, but I also struggle to think of a game that I've got more value from than Returnal. And it seems like there's a lot more to come here.
  23. It's a really interesting one because I think it's well scripted, well acted and the character models and animation are out of this world... But I just don't have the time to invest. It's a real shame, but also a real lesson in respecting the player's time. I just wish the cutscenes were all a lot more concise. I also struggle with how some conversations can be sped up and some can't. Invariably now I'm completely skipping the latter. Having said all that, I'm still loving it as a whole.
  24. Yep, this IS one of those tropes across too many games that really needs cutting out. I understand that it helps create spatial puzzles but it's very hard not to sigh when you see them coming.
  25. I'd definitely bump it up. Going from Normal to Hard really forces you to exploit more of the tools at your disposal.
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