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  1. It’s not a stretch. Sites are responsible for their comments, legal is absolutely part of that and moderation can be costly. They also don’t owe anyone the right to comment on their site. Shutting down comments doesn’t stop anyone from discussing or speaking publicly about the journalism on social platforms or gaming forums elsewhere. The forum itself was used by a tiny number of people by all accounts. Not saying it couldn’t have been handled better but it all feels rather confected. Most people never used them and it’s just another thing for them to worry about.
  2. I'm a journalist too and I totally accept the need to establish a working business model, but that's exactly what they're trying to do. It's tough in an industry that's gone through such a disruption in the last 30 years. There are only a handful of bigger media organisations that have a really reliable mix of revenue streams even now. The NYT isn't a model that most can emulate, for example. I obviously accept that people can complain and shouldn't pay for something they think is worthless. I just think most of the complaints amount to an incredible level of entitlement.
  3. To be fair, I wasn't specifically aiming this at you. It's fair to say a lot of the comments are full of outrage, though. As I said in my comment, it's totally reasonable for people not to value what they do or pay for it. And it's totally reasonable for them to ask people to, especially because we can all still get most of it for free.
  4. Yep. A lot of the replies in this thread express outrage about asking for money, outrage about closing down a forum that very few people use and would add to costs and outrage about not opening comments on threads where there's a high chance of legal or taste issues without expensive moderation. Often with an added dose of 'I prefer Youtube anyway'. Totally accept that people might not value EG's site, but the entitlement around free access while also demanding services is basically a perfect sketch of why making money or even breaking even is incredibly challenging in journalism right now.
  5. To be fair it’s incredibly hard to get a landscape picture of him with the Spectrum that works.
  6. Hewson


    That's an EXCELLENT tip. I couldn't work out why I couldn't consistently tag enemies!
  7. Hewson


    I'm really enjoying this so far. It has a really interesting way of opening up from the first moments and while there's a lot to take on board there's a sense of excitement rather than confusion. I also think it really deserves respect for its tone, writing and performance. It has a really clear idea of what it's aiming for and it hits it beautifully. It could have been trite but it's incredibly engaging and the interplay is often genuinely funny - a rare thing in a game.
  8. Hahaha. Brilliant - that's given me a whole new way of appreciating it. Thanks, @Dudley, for your thoughts too. Will resist the restart button!
  9. @Pob so helpful - exactly the kind of advice I need! Thanks!
  10. Apologies for a slightly random request, but I'm struggling to get into this after picking it up in the PS5 sale. I basically find it quite stop-start and I'm not really sure how to play it. Typically I'm going for the first mission (after doing a few runs through the tutorials) and I just keep going off the rails and restarting. Should I spend more time just looking around a mission before committing to a particular approach?
  11. Ha! I have exactly the same Astrobot/kids/rest issue. The game is genuinely a simple save function away from being an all-time classic for me.
  12. Sure. I guess it could be entirely momentum. And I agree that MS have done a lot of work not just to close the gap but to offer something different. That makes the whole industry better (along with Nintendo’s stellar few years). I just sometimes think that there’s a perception here that Sony have fumbled the ball somehow and I’m not sure that’s the case.
  13. This is last thing I saw on the subject: https://www.gamesradar.com/ps5-outsold-xbox-series-x-by-more-than-double-in-q1-2021-analyst-reports/
  14. I guess. I suppose I’m saying that they might see making a big deal of other elements a distraction from the games and the controller - the really appreciable points of difference at the moment.
  15. I totally get this. And while the MS strategy isn’t so appealing to me they do have a really clear narrative focused on Gamepass. But Sony’s emphasis on exclusives does feel like a coherent response and maybe more easily graspable in some ways. And the consoles they’ve shifted compared to MS suggests that they are doing quite a lot right.
  16. I moved on from this after defeating B6 for the first time and got stuck into Resi Village... and spent most of my time wishing I was playing this instead. I've now polished that off and have dived back in to mop up weapons, logs and so on. I genuinely haven't been grabbed by a game like this in so long, and especially in the shoot-em-up area. I'd be amazed if anything comes close to this for my game of the year at this point. It's all about how the controls, feedback and immediacy come together to let the player not just enjoy it but feel like you're expressing yourself while playing. I've always struggled with games like RDR2 where the controls feel slow and cumbersome and I'm honestly worried it's so good on this front that it's going to spoil my enjoyment of other games.
  17. Isn’t the Switch comfortably outselling the new consoles combined and even saw a lift in Q1 on the year? I obviously want to see some great new games (and I’m sure we’ll get them) but this diagnosis just seems completely batty to me.
  18. Great post - and totally right. I think it took me a lot longer than most to even get through the first biome. There was a point where I genuinely felt like I’d be happy to get through 2. I’m not sure I’ve ever got so much better at a game.
  19. So I finally beat it - or at least completed B6 for the first time. It has taken me a long, long time, though the second half went much faster than the first and Phrike was the biggest sticking point. All the talk pre launch was about the price tag and while I totally think £70 is too much for any game, I’d be astonished if I get the amount of value I’ve already had from this from anything else this year. The sheer sense of achievement this game has given me is amazing and I love what Housemarque have achieved. What a game.
  20. I traded my One X in on Saturday with no box and got the £49 deal. All good.
  21. My incredibly slow progress continues, and I’m still loving it. Took the time to do a complete run through of b1 and b2 when I was having trouble with b3 boss and walked it as a result. Beyond just the feel of the game, the other thing it gets really right is never letting you feel like you can predict how it’s going to proceed. It keeps you wonderfully off guard.
  22. Am I the only one who’s found it easier since the update? I find the scout bodies incredibly helpful in blasting my health bar up and I finally got past B2 and a decent way through B3. I still absolutely love what they’ve managed with the feel of this game
  23. Seeing the player bodies in this now adds what feels like a really crucial piece of the jigsaw. It really does add something, both in terms of the sense of others playing and the chance to really build your health and improve your weapons in each biome.
  24. I still can't get past Boss 2, and yet I'm still loving this. One thing that might seem really odd, but I think really captures one of the reasons its so good is that I absolutely LOVE shooting the various statues and obelisks, mainly just because of the sound design, haptics and just the feel of the guns. It's a really thrilling sensory experience right down to the smallest details. I thought the Edge review was absolutely excellent, too, and really cuts to the heart of the issue that I think divides people in terms of its shooter lineage and its success on those terms vs some of the challenges on the Roguelite side.
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