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  1. This is, I'm certain, one of the reasons I'm making such slow progress. I get carried away working through Biome 1 even though I can skip quickly to 2. I've genuinely never played a game - certainly not a shooter - where I enjoy the actual second-to-second gameplay so much.
  2. Well after an age I finally downed Phrike and the feeling of relief and excitement was amazing. Hit the second biome expecting a quick death and really made some progress. It is SUCH a good game. Absolutely not a typical shooter fan but it just has so much going for it.
  3. I’m delighted with my PS5. The Dualsense is wonderful and the run of really impressive exclusives has been better than the first six months of the PS4. I’ve filled in gaps playing PS4 games I missed last time at a higher frame rate. It’s been great.
  4. I'm not sure I've ever really played a game so much while being so bad at it. I'm not a bad gamer - managed to really click with Hades and beat it consistently - but I've played this a lot and still have only got to Phrike five or six times and never quite beaten him. I should hate it. It should fell repetitious and frustrating. But the actual experience of playing it is a joy and I'm still plugging away very happily. The £70 price tag is a huge shame - I really hope that Housemarque is ultimately rewarded for what they've created here - but the thing that baffles me is seeing people arguing in other threads that it's somehow a budget game. It's a really towering achievement in terms of visuals, audio and gameplay.
  5. Guardian review is live:
  6. Wow! Thanks @Vemsie, @Majora, @df0 and @charley farley! All incredibly helpful!
  7. Couple of questions for any kind souls... i) I'm still on biome one and slightly struggling with Phrike. Should I be putting the Ether I gain into the obelisk in the crash room or is there a better use? ii) Sometimes a room spawns which is a large pool with a walkway around it... and seemingly nothing else. Am I missing something in here? Any help welcome. I'm still loving it despite the lack of progress. I find the shooting just really pleasurable, even though I'm getting hammered!
  8. I am terrible at this. I mean really terrible - I’ve played for a number of hours and only got to Phrike once… but I absolutely love it. It feels amazing in the hands and looks and sounds completely phenomenal
  9. Sadly, I did exactly that. Is this the rumoured PS5 update? I thought it wasn't due til June
  10. I’m beyond delighted with my PS5. I like the UI, it’s fast, quiet and crucially there are fantastic new games to play on it that feel next generation.
  11. I'm so pleased about the early signs on this and hope the game really delivers. I totally understand people's views on the price, but also find the whole 'but it's not AAA' argument a bit baffling. I'd much rather pay for this than something like Days Gone at launch price, just for the signal it sends that something a bit different can really work.
  12. I've got the same thing on my C9. It doesn't completely solve all the issues, but you can avoid the TV turning on the PS5 if you turn it on via one of the streaming buttons on the remote rather than the power button,.
  13. Thanks both! I think it was that I had my weapon out. I'm really enjoying it but it does feel a bit impenetrable at the moment!
  14. I realise this is probably a very dumb question - I’m struggling to get to grips with everything early on - but what do you press to actually lay a trap?
  15. While it's always nice to assume that people with a different point of view are either ignorant or too stupid to understand something, it's not terribly constructive. Many, many people played the game and had major problems with the story. That's not because they missed the point. I mean, how could anyone miss the point? It's one of the most heavy-handed pieces of narrative I've ever come across. I should say it was still in my top five. I thought the gameplay (when it wasn't interrupted with cutscenes) was great.
  16. I obviously understand what you're saying, but equally the Switch is selling in astonishing numbers and continues to be the home of some of the best and best-looking games out there. What you're saying isn't really a fact - it's an opinion that is contradicted in many ways by the audience reaction, developer support and the quality of the software being created.
  17. Failing to embed properly: Ouendan!
  18. Thanks for the warnings, everyone. I know these things are huge, rushed for launch and Covid has been a huge issue but god it’s depressing that something that has sold this many units remains so compromised so long after launch.
  19. Thinking of picking this up in the sale for PS5. Is it still buggy or have patches improved it?
  20. Ha! Thanks, @Jolly. I've enjoyed reading other people's comments so much that it made me want to add a bit of detail myself. It's always a pleasure when this thread comes round each year.
  21. Game of the Year A1. Hades - I should have hated this game. I’ve never clicked with Supergiant stuff before, I’m not keen on roguelikes and I’m not terrifically skilful. But it’s so well judged, so clever in its use of character, so clear in its visual design and just so fun to play that it towered over everything else. A2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons - The right game at the right time. I’ve always had a soft spot for Animal Crossing but never really fell in love with it til now. Part of that is being a parent and seeing the joy my kids get from it, part of it the pleasure of playing something so joyful and part of it the sheer level of craft and care Nintendo put in. A3. Demon’s Souls - I’m not great at Soulsbornes but I couldn’t resist this and I’m glad I didn’t. The speed of loading and 60fps transformed it from an exercise in superfrustration into something I could genuinely learn and improve at. And while visuals aren’t everything, my god there’s something to be said for them when they go so far in evoking environments and atmosphere like this. A4. Astro's Playroom - Short but incredibly sweet and the standard bearer for the difference between the PS5 and XsX launch philosophies. For me, a console launch justifies itself with a sense of the new possibilities for gaming. The Dualsense is in many ways an evolution rather than a revolution, but the implementation here, when attached to such rock solid mechanics, made this a moment of pure videogame fun. A5. Paradise Killer - The weirdest and most unique thing I played all year took me back to earlier times when playing with form was commonplace and games were more often bizarre than not. You could objectively criticise it in many ways but its absolute commitment to deviance and a highly specific sensibility was incredibly exciting and refreshing. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Cyberpunk 2077 - At least in terms of the console launch, this felt unready and off-putting to me. Add the various marketing and comms horror stories, the crunch tales and the overfamiliarity of the source material and you end up with an unappetising mess. Time and patches will clarify the quality of the game. Z2. Series X|S launch - MS’s pitch of the Gamepass platform clearly appeals to a lot of people and I’m glad there are various approaches out there. But personally it undercuts the idea of a console launch. The X looks like a great machine (although quick restart seems quite broken and BC isn’t the advantage it seemed to be compared to PS5) but a lack of statement software made it irrelevant to me. Z3. The Last of Us 2 - For all the brilliant execution I found the dissonance between what you were doing in the game and its apparent desire to say something about violence and revenge too distracting to engage with the story. I also found the pacing odd and unexpectedly found myself bored at times. Still only just missed out on my Games of the Year, though. Sound Design of the Year S1. Astro's Playroom S2. The Last of Us 2 S3. Lonely Mountains Downhill Visual Design of the Year V1. Demons Souls V2. The Last of Us 2 V3. Hades Writing of the Year W1. Hades W2. Paradise Killer W3. Spiritfarer Format of the Year F1. Playstation 5 - after a worrying lack of clarity the launch turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. The games were great, the Dualsense was a triumph, it was quick and (for me at least) basically silent and the backwards compatibility far better than expected. The novelty only just pipped the Switch - the thing I've played most this year and the platform for an incredible variety of experiences Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Supergiant
  22. Played a few hours of this now on PS5 and I'm backing off til a proper next-gen update drops. It's a real curate's egg. The first impression is so odd - a kind of clash of impressive and retrograde. In its current console form it just feels a bit underwhelming to me. I think that's exaggerated by how bad it looks next to Miles Morales and Demons Souls. This feels like a game that needs to be played in its best state. It doesn't feel that fresh to me, in a way that Witcher 3 really did, partly because of overfamiliarity with the source material and variations on it over the years. I'm still looking forward to it, but I don't really want to play it like this.
  23. I'm struggling a bit again now. My big issue is that I'm flat out terrible at dealing with bosses. So I've done 1-1, opened up all of 2-1 and 3-1 and making some decent progress through 4-1... But every time I go near a boss, even armed with a guide, I just seem to get hammered. With TK, for example, I just struggle to know how close to get so that I can read his moves but also hit him effectively. Having said all that, it remains such a magical game and the remake is wonderful, I think. It's so, so good at building an atmosphere of dread and mystery.
  24. @Kevvy Metal Thanks so much for that summary - I've been struggling with the settings on my C9 and that's clarified things so much!
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