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  1. I played this originally on PS3 and while I didn't exactly bounce off it - I put a lot of hours in and got fairly far - it established a pattern for me of buying each Soulsborne game in the hope it might click and then grimly persevering through it, sifting through game guides, cheesing where I had to and never quite feeling like I was in control. So of course I decided not to buy it this time. And of course I bought it last night. Made my way through 1-1 and pretty much really enjoyed it. But I still really struggle with the options available. Ended up with a Wanderer. Are there easy ways to work out what kind of weapons will work best? I'm still clinging to my Falchion just out of habit and not quite knowing how to judge other weapons.
  2. Thanks for that! Assumed that was the case just wasn't certain!
  3. Dumb question here... with PS4 games with Pro upgrades, do I need to activate them in any way when playing on the PS5? I'm replaying Uncharted 4 and not certain if it's running at the higher resolution. I'm assuming it's automatic but just wanted to check!
  4. I'm fascinated by the look of it. It's not just massive. It's properly weird. And in a funny way I find it kind of lovable, even if it's objectively ugly. The pad is phenomenal. It feels great in the hand and crucially new, even if it can be seen as a development of HD rumble and the like. The triggers are brilliant and it feels like a really coherent collection of tricks that really work together in Astrobot. I also think the OS and startup is wonderful and again conveys that sense of a step up from the previous generation. I understand why a lot of people enjoyed the care that went into the Series X|S packaging, but for me the 'unboxing' excitement comes from the first time you turn the actual thing on and the PS5 makes a great first impression, especially with Astrobot bundled in. I LOVE a bundled game with a new console. It feels generous but also a statement of intent about what's different. And when the game is of this quality, the impression is amplified. Installing Miles Morales was a bit worrying because it sounded like a jet engine, but in operation I've found it incredibly quiet. I had one crash in MM too, but otherwise it feels stable and lightning fast. I'm really, really taken with it so far.
  5. And me too! Meanwhile a steady stream of delivery vans have been arriving outside my window in a direct attempt to troll me.
  6. I'm in the Amazon radio silence camp. It's been in the depot five miles away since 1am and still no delivery details. Delighted for everyone who've already got theirs while also wanting to spoon my own eyes out in childish frustration.
  7. I was referring to the earlier comments about bias that I had replied to originally - not you! I don’t disagree about the sense of things being undercooked, either.
  8. I mean maybe. But you might of course still find they disagree with you on this point. They may well say that Demons’ Souls really shows off the new platform and that MM, while also on PS4, is a great development of one of the biggest games of the last two years. And there’s Astrobot which a lot of people are already praising. And they might also point out that the console and controller feel different in a way the X equivalents aren’t designed to be. They might be wrong, of course, or your idea of what the better approach is might be different but the bias stuff all just seems so Trumpian and pointless.
  9. Just wanted to say that if you end up saying things like ‘the media is biased against Xbox’ then you probably should take some time and find a way to think differently about things. I can see you’re really passionate about what MS is doing which is great. But if you take quite universal impressions from multiple sources as bias rather than a difference with your opinion then I’d strongly recommend just concentrating on your own enjoyment. One of the great things about these two machines is that they really do take quite different approaches. Earlier in the thread you said ‘each to their own’. That’s really the point here. Some people will find the Sony approach fits their idea of fun more snugly. That doesn’t make them idiots. Reviewers suggesting that many consumers might want to hold off til MS’s longer term vision comes to fruition isn’t some mad conspiracy. It actually seems to me to align with a lot of what you say yourself is the Xbox difference. And, of course, we still haven’t seen any reviews for PS5 yet.
  10. From the Verge review (and mentioned in a few other places) 'When Quick Resume works, it works really well, but it doesn’t seem to work on all games. I’ve not been able to use it with Forza Horizon 4, Watch Dogs: Legion, Sea of Thieves, or GTA V. Microsoft is still working to enable Quick Resume on a number of games due to a “recently discovered platform bug,” so updates should arrive after launch. While most games should support Quick Resume, it’s still not clear which missing ones will get updated.'
  11. It's been really interesting seeing the ways MS have and haven't been on the front foot over the last few months. They've done a huge amount right and at times have made Sony look out of touch or ill prepared. But things like the patchy quick resume support and lack of enhancements for reviewers have really led to some lacklustre reviews.
  12. It might not be as glowing as you’d like, but that seems a bit of a silly thing to say about a piece of hardware you haven’t used yet.
  13. Here’s the Guardian review: https://www.theguardian.com/games/2020/nov/05/xbox-series-x-s-review-game-gaming?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Do I avoid tarring and feathering now?
  14. Not sure if common knowledge but hardware review embargo seems to lift at 2pm UK time judging by ours at the Guardian.
  15. Might be just me but I’m always surprised when I hear people say this. My original DS4s have been tanks - they’re still going and have been great in terms of battery and reliability. Meanwhile I’ve had a lot of Joycon issues and my 2-year-old One X controller has drift and short battery life.
  16. Last night I escaped for the first time. And it felt absolutely brilliant. I very nearly didn't buy this. I never got on with Supergiant's earlier games, often feeling like I was missing something. I'm also getting on a bit and my reactions, never particularly good, are pretty slow these days. I've always played games to immerse myself in other worlds rather than hitting high scores. But from the first minute, even though I found it incredibly challenging, often hitting bosses and thinking 'I'll never be able to do this', this game has completely grabbed me. It's definitely something to do with the story, the polish and the gameplay loop. It's that extraordinarily well considered journey from bloodbath to bedroom to weapons to new game. It's the sheer fun of discovering new spins on familiar weapons. But the thing it gets right more than anything, I think, is the progression. I don't think I've ever played a game that presents walls of difficulty that seem impossible to scale and then - without really seeming to do anything specific - teaches you to climb them. It's easily my game of the year and just at a point when I'm struggling to get excited for two new consoles I should be eagerly anticipating. What a game.
  17. So helpful. Thank you - and thanks for the excellent video guide too!
  18. One thing I'm finding slightly frustrating is not being able to see which weapons I've successfully beaten bosses with for trying to get rewards. Unless I'm missing something?
  19. This is just wonderful, isn't it? I've actually struggled in the past with Supergiant - I tend to admire their games rather than really love them. I'm also not a big rogue like fan. But this is working for me in similar ways to Dead Cells. There's a real sense of progression and the gameplay loop is a joy. Add the lovely character work in terms of design and voice and it's just a joy to play. Even though I'm rubbish at it.
  20. Yeah, I know - I really tried to get beyond it all but for me it's riddled with awful things.
  21. Pretty much anything that's in Days Gone. I picked this up cheap and persevered with it since it seems to have a lot of Rllmuk fans... but man it's practically a shopping list of turn offs. Huge journeys across a map to trigger a lengthy cut scene followed by journeys back in the opposite direction? Check. A primary means of transport that isn't fun but is essential to cover the huge map? Yep. Missions that require you to leave a place and then return pointlessly in order to trigger? Oh yes. And perhaps worst of all, a hefty storyline featuring awful characters, charmless performances, a stupid plot, banal or idiotic dialogue and basically absolutely nothing to justify the time spent with any of the cut scenes.
  22. This is a bit much. There are multiple good reasons why someone might not value Gamepass in the same way you do. It’s not automatically disingenuous, ignorant or idiotic. I have Gamepass on my One X and I can absolutely see that, if your gaming habits are in tune with it, it’s wonderful value. But to be honest I don’t get as much value from it as I expected. I thought it’d lead me to play a wider variety of games but in fact I’ve found there’s a reason I don’t play things like Ace Combat. I don’t have the time and I’d rather spend it with things I love at the time I choose. That’s not an attack on Gamepass - it’s just a very personal and perfectly reasonable preference.
  23. Sorry - wasn't being clear - that's exactly what I mean. They should have removed clutter from the map and done the backpacks with an aural hint.
  24. The backpacks in Spiderman felt like a really obvious candidate for ripping off the orbs in Crackdown. Amazed how rarely that's been copied.
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