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  1. Surely the reason most games are shite is that they just don't play very well? And of course games should be fun, but why are you so upset at the idea that other people who play games would also like to see some games which intrigue us?
  2. Sorry, but it's difficult to reply to an argument which runs 'you haven't got a girlfriend', particularly when the person posting it has no idea who I am. I'm fascinated by the amount of reactionary comment on this forum after I basically suggested that it'd be nice to see male and female characters in videogames portrayed in a more mature manner. The response has basically been 'yeah, but men aren't always portrayed realistically' or 'you don't have a girlfriend and if you did you'd know that they all love being attractive'. Both of these are quite weird reactions when you actually consider my initial responses. Notice I said nothing about realism and emphasized that it wasn't only a gender issue. Having said that, it's incredible to see people getting pissed off by a statement of fact about the way most female characters are portrayed in games.
  3. Congratulations - another great post
  4. Congratulations - great post.
  5. Why do you want me to name one? Isn't the whole point here that if we continue to want one of only two things - either female 'role' models or bouncing playbunnies - then the representation of women in games will just continue to be an extension of male misogyny and misguided marketing. I don't necessarily want to see role models, just something approaching real women (and, actually, men) would be a nice start. My point was merely that beat-em-ups seem particularly guilty of crappy and decades old objectification.
  6. The quality of the reviews in Edge are, I have to say, second to none. No, they don't have twelve page, spoiler-ridden, photo-led PR fests like most magazines, but instead have intelligent, focussed analyses. I can understand people accusing Edge of being pretentious, but to accuse them of not having played the games or not being gamers is incredible. Equally, I can't think of one magazine, other than Edge, whose features are anything other than sycophantic PR exercises. Edge features and previews are consistently, constructively critical, and it's a testament to their integrity that, if you've read their previews, then it's rare to be surprised by their reviews. I get the impression that the writers are intelligent gamers. It's extraordinary that people can criticise a magazine on the grounds that the writers like writing about games. What do you want, a magazine put together by a 13 year old kid who's a gaming genius but has an IQ of 10?
  7. Dead or Alive springs immediately to mind, but most of them feature scantily-clad, large breasted male fantasies, really. Why, do you think beat-em-ups feature positive role models for women that aren't created by emotionally stunted men?
  8. I've read Edge since the first issue, and even continued to read it for a time when I had stopped gaming in the early 90s. One of the key reasons I came back to the whole hobby was because Edge gave me hope that the industry holds the potential for continued technical, intellectual and emotional growth. Every time I see another crap 3rd person shooter, politically compromised Tom Clancy spyfest or idiotic beat-em-up featuring yet more dodgy sexual stereotyping, Edge manages to point out a current, future or past release that captures my imagination and reminds me what the very best games can be. When I look around at anything else on newsagents' shelves, from the lowest-common-denominator approach of Games TM to the bizarre tribalism of console-specific titles, it amazes me that it's still possible to find a magazine which doesn't feature lashings of tedious adolescent 'humour', reviews puked up from the bowels of a publisher's PR department or editorial 'features' which feature no editorial intelligence. It's ambitious, vital and unashamed to demand more from its readers and its industry. For that, I am eternally grateful.
  9. I just don't have the patience for that to be honest, and I'm really not too bad at games. There's something about boss fights that just leaves me feeling a bit depressed, especially if the best tactic is to hope that you fluke it after half a day's play.
  10. Viewtiful Joe. I loved so much about that game - the way it looked, its freshness and responsive controls... I could go on and on. Unfortunately I just wasn't good enough and so I tried and tried until I just couldn't beat one of the bosses.
  11. I agree. For me, even as a keen and relatively affluent gamer, the cost of the PSP, for both consumer and producer, looks all wrong, and is certainly personally prohibitive. Earlier in the thread somebody said that Sony understood the European market far better than Nintendo, and that may be true, but I'm not sure they understand the handheld market at all. It's a curious market, where most buyers are children or more serious gamers, weirdly. There might be a mainstream appeal for handheld gaming, but I don't think it exists at 180 quid, especially when we all have access to simple games on mobile phones etc. And as for movie playback - I think it's one of the most bloody stupid ideas I've heard. How many people are willing to buy their favourite films once on DVD and again on UMD? How many people will regularly use it? For me, the whole package just completely misses the point, even though there are some lovely games coming out for it.
  12. Hewson


    Good to see that 95% of those responding to this thread base their reactions on some screenshots and the possible quality of the graphics rather than the pedigree of the developer. Metal Arms was plain, ingenious, cute, witty and fun. Would you all really prefer something beautiful, derivative and tedious? I thought hard core gamers were supposed to have standards.
  13. Couldn't agree more. I hate games which promise to put you in the shoes of 'a highly trained operative' only for you to find out that, while he might be able to stick an optical fibre under a door, he can't negotiate a low ledge without falling off with all the stealth skills of an obese 75 year old man and immediately alerting all the guards in the area. It looked beautiful, and that only made the pain worse.
  14. Really, really depends, this. Often if someone I trust has said something is particularly good I will persevere (Oddworld springs to mind here), but sometimes it goes beyond a joke. Splinter Cell and Ninja Gaiden annoyed me so much I didn't get through more than two hours with either of them.
  15. For me this just makes sense with the strategy Nintendo have been outlining with regards to capturing new demographics and casual gamers. The only people who really care about HDTV are early adopters and spec-heads. Obviously that means it is important to some people on forums like these, but to many people it's totally irrelevant, especially because the technology at the moment is prohibitively expensive and doesn't really have a user base in Europe.
  16. Finally picked up Fable for a tenner and I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's pretty linear, the control scheme feels awkward at times and there are certainly rough edges here and there, but any fantasy RPG which doesn't subscribe to the dual staples of Japanese whimsy or American portentous D&D nonsense is a breath of fresh air for me. It gives me very high hopes for a sequel on more powerful hardware, too.
  17. Edge remains the only games magazine that I'm unashamed of reading, particularly of those that cover consoles. It treats me like an adult, the industry with respect and games as a medium which can aspire to be more than they currently are. Even when I've gone through periods of being bored or disillusioned with games, I have always read Edge, and I think that it's something that adult gamers, regardless of whether it suits them or not, should treat with respect. Games tm, for me, is interchangeable with pretty much any other multi-format magazine of the last twenty years in terms of maturity and content. That doesn't make it bad, necessarily, but Edge remains adult, intelligent and unique.
  18. Yeah, I loved it too. One of the few games you could describe as having genuine charm, and I kept playing just to see what further eccentricites would pop up. The most interesting thing for me, though, was something mentioned by many others here. After my girlfriend and a few other female friends saw it, it spread like a virus. Three of them bought Gamecubes and freeloaders just to play the thing. I hope it has the same pull on the DS and that it opens up a new audience for games.
  19. I got this a couple of days ago, and while I love the potential of it, I'm having real trouble getting to grips with gunplay. Is it me or is the lock-on almost pointless? Any tips?
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