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  1. I won't buy a ps3 because it is expensive, and because sony are the greatest bitches of all by not letting gamers import. Fuck you for closing down lik sang.
  2. There should be an option to buy a wii and play wiisports, that would be awesome. oh wait...
  3. This is not funny anymore . It was a stupid law that doesn't exist anymore.
  4. Throw as a bone arseholes! The DS lineup apart from Zelda and DK has pretty much games that are already realeased in the US with slimmer boxes, did you know that . I think eventually I'll be buying FFVI as I have never played it more than an hour, or so. As for the Wii release schedule what to say... Very informative it is
  5. Yeah you are right, I am thinking of giving them just 200 euros more just for them delivering hot stuff. Poor boys they need to feed their families.. Aww The more intelligent a nation is the more able they are to see that the PS3 is worth a pile of crap. Buy an Xbox360 instead.
  6. Υπαρχει και αλλος ελληνας στο rll ουαου!
  7. I am so waiting for metroid, it's supposed to come out in a month or so, right? Also I watched yesterday the trailer of No More Heroes, amazing style and graphics, really looking forward to it too, do we have any dates on that?
  8. you can use any console pad you want, just get the proper converter
  9. Anadim


    Another amazing developing studio bites the dust. Capitalism sucks. Good to hear that they are back in a way. As to the VJ series I really don't see them coming back again, even if I really loved to see a new installment. They'll go the Crono Trigger way.
  10. I was starting to comment on posts about Katamary Damacy being shit, but it's useless. It's like surrealistic painting some get it some not. Pitty to those who can't.
  11. Late on the party. Wii has not yet dissapointed me, it has generated in me the exact same feeling I had with the DS when it first came. I only had SM64 which I had played a million times before, and then some Wario which I despise and then some draught. All I had to do is wait for the next batch of post-launch games, which was not that late, and were followed by more and more great titles. Truth is though that usually a portable games' draught comes a bit less noticed than a home consoles' one.
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