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  1. Moot point as I can’t get mine to import into the bloomin’ game anyway. Bah.
  2. Nice Suitably inspired (and learning how this vector drawing tool works...) I've gone a bit more, erm, BBC friendly Now we just need to have a chat about whether it's "RACE" or "RACING" CLUB
  3. Exactly. And people said Stadia was a crap launch. They’d have my money already if they just went for the old-fashioned approach of letting me pay for one and agreed to send me one once my order got to the front of the queue - is it really that difficult?
  4. You're right, but free practice kind of behaves like qualifying for the dailies - I could compare my time against Nobloski last night. Not sure what it ends up doing with those times - does it use them in the matchmaking for the race?
  5. Yup - 10x tyre wear. 4x fuel consumption. You must use all 3 tyre compounds in the race. https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/gtsport/news/00_5391168.html (I know, I know, I'm taking a lot of interest in something I'm unlikely to be able to race in. Can still use it as a TT though, right? )
  6. Yes and yes! Send PSN Friend Requests to @McSpeed (PSN = Joe_McSpeed), @GT3Will (PSN = GT3_Will) and @Junker (PSN = JUNKERDENB). The first two usually provide hosting duties on Monday nights, and Junker collates the time trial leaderboards. We use the in-game Daily Races as unofficial TTs - go to 'Race' and then choose one of the dailies (Race A, B or C) and set a qualifying time. You can see your friends' times, and Junker usually posts his leaderboard as the results. They're called "Daily" races, but they only change once a week, on Monday mornings, so you have a
  7. Just waiting for another Gr2 endurance at Fuji so you can scamper off into the distance again, yeah? Completely get it - my gaming hours are so antisocial the leaderboards and dailies are what keep me busy 6 nights a week.
  8. Yet somehow very little on a Monday night - something we said?
  9. Hah - my son just chanced upon the YouTube video of Mr Noble beating Hamilton in that Pro/Am event from a while back. "Ooh, I've beaten him", I say, "...and he beats Hamilton in this race... so that can only mean your old dad's faster than Lewis Hamilton, right?" Dammit, even at 12 he sees the flaw in my logic.
  10. I snuck in a few laps after lunch with my G29 wheel and pedals and..... no difference whatsoever. The game shows I'm braking fully by the time the pedal touches the rubber stopper thingie at about 70% travel. So no trail-braking improvements, but no sailing off into the scenery at every turn either...
  11. Gah! I'll give it a go later. I hope it's a good thing in the long run as more travel should make trail braking a bit more precise as you mentioned in chat a couple of races ago, but change is always a bit jarring... Maybe they're just trying to make my "should I get a new wheel/pedal set now that I don't need a PS5 till next year" decision a bit easier...
  12. Hmm - the game treats the G923 and G29 as the same thing (they're under one option in the control settings menu). I wonder if this will 'fix' the way my brake pedal seems to go to full brakes at about 70% of the travel? Not sure how I feel about that! I'm very used to how it works now! Good, I think. Though it does mean fuel & tyre-saving maestros like Mr Noble get more gains out of their driving style, doesn't it? When I've tried that strategy in the past I've always been disappointed by how little time the "soft tyres and multiple stops" guys spent in the pits.
  13. Slacker / No commitment / Whaddyamean you've got a 'real life'?
  14. https://www.wrapup.playstation.com/ As someone who clearly doesn't understand pointed out, I logged 22 days. I think this stat is fairly common around here:
  15. Am I right in thinking you have a PlaySeat Challenge? If so, me too. I'm carrying a few "lockdown layers", so it's a bit snug around the thighs but not too bad. If you've got the same one, have you moved the plate the wheel attached to to its furthest position? It attaches to the frame with a few hex bolts I think, and it's got 3 possible positions, and ships in the middle one. I also played with the velcro straps at the side to recline a bit more than how it came, but had to find a sweet stop between having enough space for my arms and feeling like I was lying on the floor. O
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