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  1. fretnoise

    F1 2020

    You can download (some?) PS4 games from Now, now
  2. I think they teach that line at Track Instructor School - that's exactly what the guy told me in the Atom around Brands The other line that's stuck with me was Jackie Stewart when he was teaching James May to drive faster on an episode of Top Gear: "You never press the gas pedal until you know you'll never have to take it off". I find myself doing that all too often (everyone says GT is all about getting the power on early) - I have a little Scottish voice telling me off in my head when it happens... Here's the segment: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2o54o2
  3. Yeah I think that's it. I'm usually all over the first curb, and then take as much of the exit one as I can manage without spearing off into the opposite barrier on 2 wheels.
  4. I’m one of the damn fools that have been helping drive costs up during lockdown. I splurged £200 on a Logitech G29, and another £200 on a Playseat Challenge. Sounds like a lot but the difference it makes to racing is huuuge and I can’t recommend it (i.e. getting some kind of wheel) enough. i haven’t used anything except the Logitech so have no experience of belt driven wheels, but I think Joe’s being just a tiny bit harsh - it’s way more than rumble, but belt driven might be in a different league. Always nice to have an upgrade path The gears do feel a bit notchy and there’s a bit of a FFB dead zone at 12 o’clock, but you don’t really notice in games. Basically, I’m more than happy having paid £400 for the whole setup, so if you can find it used for somewhere near your budget I’d snap it up - it’s literally a game changer
  5. Not at all - I hit you if memory serves, but to be honest I'm only ever barely in control on that section anyway
  6. I was more than a little surprised to see you there, to be honest - fortune favours the brave and all that Daily Race B is Dragon Trail Seaside in trusty Gr4s... should be a decent showing for the TT.
  7. Excellent races this week chaps. Bathurst is a funny beast but actually I think it works well as an endurance track - if you can keep it together over the mountain you can overtake down the chase and through the kink, or between T1 and 2, you just have to keep it tidy in between. Less of an issue than in sprints where you absolutely have to overtake wherever you can. I reckon I would’ve got 3rd if it had been another lap or two (but then I think Joe was catching me too, so who knows? ) Just too many mistakes from me on Race 2, which is upsetting as it’s a bit of a favourite track. Too much time time trialling round there; it certainly doesn’t teach you how to handle going into the hairpin 3 abreast! @Jashin I was ghosted and serving a penalty when I span, and watching the replay if anything I’d have taken you out if I hadn’t been ghosted as my back stepped out after too much curb. Spent the rest of the race hunting down @Freeman and would’ve got him too were it not for yet another mistake at that tricky left hander... Next time!... (which will be in a couple of weeks for me since I’m off to make it rain in Cornwall for a bit) Here’s that aforementioned 3-wide into the hairpin moment... we all made it through too!
  8. Sorry PP - I think you're out of luck as far as Animal Crossing goes, for the time being at least. Seems like Nintendo don't want you buying more than one Switch ever... https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Support/Nintendo-Switch/Save-Data-and-Multiplayer-Support-FAQ-Animal-Crossing-New-Horizons--1747790.html Sounds like Pokemon is possible but I'm by no means an expert (and haven't researched as my lad isn't too fussed by them, unlike Animal Crossing which appears to be the world's currently most important thing...) Couple of potentially useful pages though: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/10/pokemon_sword_and_shield_will_not_support_cloud_saves https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/06/guide_how_to_share_games_and_saves_across_nintendo_switch_and_switch_lite#how-do-i-transfer-save-data-for-games-that-dont-support-cloud-saves Apparently the lack of cloud saves for these games is to do with some lame excuse about not wanting players to be able to revert to previous saves after trading with other players. The rest of the world (where, you know, you can use different clients to connect to the game without saving all of your state locally) would tend to disagree... I'm probably missing something very obvious and/or something very Nintendo-ish. EDIT - sorry PP, I just found your other thread where you say the old Switch is now blank Maybe getting on to Nintendo to see if they can help is your next move? This seems like something every other console just copes with by default, doesn't it? I didn't even give it a second thought when I swapped the HDD in my PS4, for instance - it just worked...
  9. Yeah, we should definitely save it for when you’re back, @mexos
  10. Anyone else having problems with the PSN messages app on iOS? Just me? Probably cos I put the iOS beta on my phone... (What makes it all the more fun is the way the other PS app happily tells me there are messages to read, but won’t show them to me... grrrrr) Ok, well I can’t read the group messages except when I’m at my PS4 which is woefully infrequent at the moment. If there’s a consensus on the plan for Monday can someone post in here, pretty please?
  11. I was absolutely convinced for 6 laps that one of you was going to take the the other 3 out and let me saunter through for the win. Not to be - but still a bloody good race
  12. I had a noteworthy race in the Nurburgring Daily last night - battling for about 5th, screwed up the first sequence of corners and got overtaken at the 1st sector marker, but kept on his tail. Had better momentum out of the next couple of turns and was alongside on the inside heading into the hairpin. He gave me room and tried to cut back inside, but just tapped my rear quarter in doing so - I was already a little loose having had to commit to the move, so I fishtailed, and ended up in the left hand barrier, thinking to myself "oh well, it was a bit optimistic". Once I got back on track, I noticed the guy was waiting for me, and we continued our scrap to the end of the race, finishing a couple of tenths apart in 13th and 14th. Almost MNRC-level manners, especially when I'd had it down as at least partly my fault. Top stuff. And then I spent an hour improving my qualy time and have obviously gone up a split. My old time had me starting 4th or 5th. I'm half a second quicker now and was bumped down to 12th at best, basically far enough back to not quite be on the straight when the lights go out, and at least 10s down on the leader by lap 1 turn 1. Nnnnggg.
  13. I've been to an indoor place in Aldershot (work teambuilding thing) and a practice day at Bayford Meadows (near Sittingbourne) - here's Lando showing how it's done there (skip to 1:21). EDIT - it's roughly the same layout as your one @beenabadbunny, isn't it? Must be a 'thing' Driven past Buckmore Park roughly a million times and have promised to take my boys there about as many times...
  14. We're in the same neck of the woods - both about 30-40 minutes from me. However... I'm fairly sure I'm too lardy for karting at the moment I only just fit in my Playseat Challenge...
  15. Me too! I was on a completely different part of the track, but just having someone calmly talking about using the width of the road and flattening corners and so on meant I was doing much more of that myself. People'd pay for that, @Varnsen
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