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  1. Maybe. He’s a bit of a bastard though. I found the 2nd boss much easier to cope with. Something about Phrike’s melee attacks I think - he’d get me once and I’d lose the flow and it’d be game over.
  2. I’ve been there and it turned out I’d forgotten to buy the damn thing from the fabricator Probably too late now but you can save the last hour of gameplay with the share button to see exactly what happened. When I was attacking Phrike I’d often spend a similar amount of time getting tooled up and then lose a “life” in the room with 2 yellow dudes and the big orange tenatacled guy. Frustrating… Keep at it - I really enjoyed the change of biome 2 after struggling in biome 1 for ages
  3. So @Junker and I both uploaded POV videos... and I thought it'd be cool to sync them up and watch them side by side... Took a bit of fiddling to get the sync right, but this is pretty cool: https://viewsync.net/watch?v=p7U--4FDbpw&t=0&v=epJ-5nuTnfs&t=0.49&mode=solo&autoplay=false (click both videos to get them buffered, and then use the play controls at the bottom to play both videos together)
  4. Last night was lots of fun - thanks everyone. The Laguna Seca races were excellent. Sardegna less so - collecting the barrier on lap 1 will do that to a guy's race Here's my POV from the Laguna Seca race. Loses a certain something without the chat audio, but still an excellent race
  5. I was on softs and with the new pedals I think! I'm out of practice though - been busy shooting one-armed flying demon things in the face... I think I was about a second off our usual unofficial '1 second per minute off the top 10' target though - what's your time?
  6. I was re-watching the replay of our Mini vs Abarth race at the weekend. I knew my pedals were playing up a bit but hadn't realised how much. I knew the accelerator was sometimes "flickering", registering between 80-100% when the physical pedal was flat to the floor, but I hadn't realised the brake was doing something similar, registering 0-20% when I was wasn't touching it at all. Watching myself from the car behind, you could see my brake lights flickering all the way down the straights! Anyone behind me must have thought I was being a right idiot! You're all too polite to have said anything though... So... thanks to a charitable donor (thanks @SneakyNinja ) I now have a replacement set of pedals which don't seem to have succumbed just yet, and I now predict I'm going to be seconds quicker per lap
  7. Ixion done! I’m safely in the “He’s not as bad as Phrike” camp, as I managed to beat him on about the 4th attempt (although I did spend a full third of the last phase on a tiny slice of health - harsh language would have finished me off). His attacks seem much less twitchy and survivable. I thought maybe it was just that I was getting better at the game, but on my next run I thought I’d tool up and go and get Phrike again. He beat me, fairly easily, despite my health vial and astronaut. Hmmm. Biome 3 is excellent, and the grapple is amazing. Edit: Spoilered, cos you almost certainly don't care, but here's my "skin of the teeth" fight against Ixion. Watching it back there are at least 2 extremely lucky dash dodges which were just my fingers doing their own thing rather than considered moves. I was a hit away from death for the last 30 seconds, so any one of those lucky moments could have ruined it.
  8. I found Phrike super stressful. Maybe compounded by the feeling - over a few attempts - that I was just never going to beat him and the whole game was a waste of time and money. Much less stressed when I reach Ixion now. I wish he’d stop sodding off where I can’t see him though…
  9. There's a bit of a running gag in my house at the moment where if my wife or the kids want me for something and see me playing this, they'll say "oh, it's ok, it can wait... you'll be dead in a minute". And that's mostly true. Runs through B1 and B2 (especially with the shortcut to the boss in B2) usually don't take very long at all. When I get to the point where a run is going to be longer than about an hour, this is going to have to be shelved until some kind of save function comes along - I just can't monopolise the PS5 for days at a time, and even if I could, there are other games I want to play too! Now that I've found it, I'm quite enjoying the challenge mode through B1 though - some of the guns you get to use are awesome, and really make me want to get deeper into the game to unlock them properly Almost beat the B2 boss last night. Had a really good run through B1, the shop had a health vial and an astronaut, so I carried on through B1 to get enough cash to buy them both and hopped into B2, had a decent enough run through to the shortcut. Got through the first 2 phases of the boss fairly easily, and then lost my mojo in phase 3. Not to worry though, as I had the health vial and astronaut... Except I'd forgotten to go and buy the bloody things... so died with the boss on about a third of his last health bar... and was left slightly perplexed as to why the astronaut hadn't worked... Doh!
  10. Noob question (and I should probably just try it out, but Ether still seems really precious to me...): When you use the respawn thingamejig, does the boss that killed you go back to full strength, or do you carry on from where you were? I might start using them if it's the latter
  11. You definitely get the Astronaut before beating Phrike (though I can't quite remember where or how). I also stocked up on a large health vial, and made sure I had as much health as possible and aimed for a 3* weapon (though I finally beat him with a 2* carbine).
  12. I came in to say something very similar. I'm still working my way through B2, but spent a fair while last night just trying to get as much as I could out of B1, including a couple of runs where Phrike's pit was off the 2nd or 3rd room and I thought "why not" and dropped straight in. OK, so I didn't beat him either time, but I did get through the first 2 phases without much trouble both times, and fairly sure a health pack or astronaut would have seen me through. It's either just practice, or the complete lack of pressure, or maybe a bit of both. (I might be getting better at those active reloads, too, @HarryBizzle )
  13. Thanks - teach away I’ve been concentrating on dealing with his attacks and staying alive long enough to eventually whittle him down. Weirdly I find if I worry too much about the reloads I lose focus on his attacks and it goes rapidly down hill. I’m better at it in the normal rooms… If the option was there, I’d definitely have turned the difficulty down about 5 attempts ago, and tbh was close to giving up. Keen to push on now
  14. Finally beat him! I haven’t been keeping count, but I reckon that was somewhere around my 10th go at him. Lost count of the number of aborted runs after getting the astronaut and big health pack, only to make silly mistakes and need the health pack just to make it out of a simple room. (Funny how many mistakes you see, watching it back) Predictably died fairly rapidly in the next biome. Glad to see things open out a bit.
  15. Thanks. Getting there. Got half way through the 3rd round last night on my 2nd run of the night. The game seemed to be setting me up to win on the first run - throwing consumables and weapon upgrades at me. But I hadn't found the pit, and instead found some double-hard bastard which seemed to replenish its health faster than I could shoot it. I died and had to have a little break before trying again - I even had a 3* spitmaw blaster, and it did nothing. 2nd run, I got the big health vial and a 1* pistol in the first couple of rooms, then found the pit, and got through the first 2 rounds of Phrike with barely a hit. Lost my rhythm on round 3 - once I get hit it seems I get hit lots. Progress though! Damn game. Oh, and I noticed last night that you leave a clear trail when you run through the misty/smokey rooms - nice touch!
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