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  1. Just popping in to give a massive thumbs up to the 60-minute endurance format. I even enjoyed myself despite having to take a work call and have an unscheduled 2.5 minute pitstop. The final 2 laps felt like a proper N24 recovery drive Oh and if we could do Gr4s at Dragon Trail every week, that would be just fine by me
  2. @Junker I strongly recommend grabbing the replay of the Miyabi race from lobby B, if just for the unwitting pit manoeuvre on @Ry
  3. Agreed - great choices, Joe. Alsace backwards was a particularly interesting one - my brain just couldn't do the "reversification" so every lap was like a brand new rally stage. "Ahh, left there, ok..." Just in case anyone's missed it - this morning's update has nerfed the Gr4 Jag and Aston Martin (Vantage - are there 2?). Both have gone down 1% in power. So does that mean I won't need to do the tiny amount of fuel saving that I needed to do in the Jag? More testing I guess... grrr. They obviously didn't actually want anyone to no-stop the Barcalona Gr3 race, so th
  4. My time shouldn't have counted here. I had one race where the entire field but me was wallriding at turn 1, so tried my hand at it. It was about a second quicker...
  5. I wouldn't get too excited... this is the Baseball game that's apparently in the mix too
  6. I had 2 fairly uneventful races. Last week's success in the daily races and new-found A rated DR meant I was in with the big boys - seeded 3rd in the first race and 1st in the second. In the first race I qualified towards the back, but started on the hard tyres and kept a pace with the guys around me. Things started looking up as they started pitting around lap 5 to get rid of their soft tyres. I probably stayed out a lap too long and pitted at the end of lap 12, dropping back to 19th, but a combination of the new tyres, low fuel, and other people falling off got me up to 11th. Fairly hap
  7. Both approaches have their merits at that track! After the “hilarity” of half the field starting in the pit lane and getting immediate unavoidable false start penalties, it settled into a decent race - I was behind you for ages and only got past thanks to a missed braking point on my part really. The car mix last night was great too - 3 pretty equal choices but different enough that there was plenty of overtaking. Apologies to @Varnsen for a particularly bad case of “forgetting where the hell I am” at the Red Bull Ring. Little consolation I expect but I di
  8. I think so - I got the Cyberpunk deal despite already being a founding member.
  9. "Pre-order Resident Evil Village now and get Stadia Premiere Edition for free." https://stadia.google.com/store/details/c44439c4ee1741b383c93996985efddfrcp1/sku/e86757e0c8a04164b05c501585af600cp Game + Controller + Chromecast Ultra for £65 (so not quite as good a deal as the Cyberpunk one)
  10. Thanks - now need to decide which race is going to ruin it the least this week Love the replay videos, and well done for getting something out of the chaos in that last race. I watched the replay I'd saved a few times and it seems like there's something happening at every corner, every lap. Sometimes between corners too
  11. Nice - if you add some people from Junker's list then you'll start to see their times in the leaderboards as you go through the missions. It's a nice reality check when you just scrape a bronze and see people on your list getting golds, especially if you're usually on a par with them.
  12. One of a series of excellent races this week - thanks @McSpeed. After all this time playing the game I'm still impressed by how good the cars look in that replay; the way they sit down in the turns is spot on.
  13. At long last, here's my replay of the Group C race at Lago Maggiore, featuring @mexos and @TheRallyBart. Skip forward to around the 11 minute mark to see the aforementioned action-packed lap 7 (I have a new found respect for video editors.... it's a particularly time consuming job, and even then there are screwed up cuts and I noticed I'd taken the sound from the TV view for the entire video way too late in the process... next one'll be better )
  14. I specifically watched the whole thing from several views so that I could save the clips and cut them together... and then found out my PS4 was only set to record 10 minutes at a time. I'll try again later
  15. Ditto - the drop happening at school dropoff time meant I was limited to trying on my phone, so just got the same message as Sean above (whilst trying not to walk into people... cross roads... put masks on... etc etc)
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