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  1. Sorry... I was watching that gap but at the same time trying desperately to not watch the gap and just drive. Fairly sure you would have been streets ahead on the Supers....
  2. @Junker here's that madman in a flying Audi from Monday night...
  3. Yep, you can play the whole thing in VR (including briefings etc). You can also switch back and forth as you see fit.
  4. Not really... Just a comment that I inadvertently ended up in the same strategy as Mr Noble a race or two back and still finished a good 30 seconds or so behind him. Tip-toeing round on a set of tyres and taking itty-bitty sips from your fuel seems to suit some people. I've decided I don't like driving like that so I'm following Junker's lead now, and going all out for qualy-style laps on the softest tyre that'll last a whole fuel load. On Monday I started doing that on softs, but had barely any red on the tyre wear indicators at the first stop so swapped to Super Softs, and di
  5. iOS support is coming (finally), apparently - https://www.polygon.com/2020/11/19/21575359/google-stadia-ios-public-beta-cyberpunk-2077-pre-order
  6. Can you figure out if that's only if you're not already a subscriber? The small print says you need a base account... so maybe I could suspend my pro sub for a month... (I reckon Stadia will be around long enough for me to get all I want out of Cyberpunk, and having another Chromecast so I can play on another tv without faffing about would be quite handy... and the extra controller would be nice too) EDIT - ok, I read the terms again, and it seems to apply to anyone. And I'm officially a sucker I don't think they have complete faith in the release date;
  7. I managed a few races last night - no problems at all for about 5 or 6 races back to back. Which was nice (Race B is quite fun - turn 1 has at least 2 distinct lines that makes it a good overtaking point, and the esses can be taken side-by-side which is quite exciting) Oh and qualifying for Race B is quite close - 5 or 6 of you within a tenth of each other, and then me another tenth behind - great stuff.
  8. Add Joe_McSpeed / @McSpeed to your PS4 friends, and then get him to add you to the Monday Night Racing Club chat. There's usually some chat over the weekend about the plan for Monday, but broadly speaking we do an endurance one week, and a bunch of shorter races the next. It's non-endurance week next. I won't talk about the tracks we do as they're constantly catching me out (I'm fairly sure there are some tracks I've only ever driven on Monday nights). You should make sure you have a Mazda MX5 Touring Car though, as it's a bit of a forum favourite - this one: https://www.kudospr
  9. “Tell him I would if I didn’t have to fuel save to get round the damn lap!”
  10. Lots of fun last night, thanks everyone. That tiny oval is just stupid, with the pit in being essentially the same bit of track as the pit out... but lots of fun nonetheless. I realised I could keep a pace with Noble on Engine mode 6 at about half distance, but he was already a couple of laps clear by that point - bah. I think that was my second ever Monday night win in the second lobby. And yes, the other win was also at Dragon Trail. Last night was gifted to me by a rare mistake from Mr Noble, along with the 911 not needing to stop for fuel and the slipstream settings meaning tha
  11. Yep, excellent fun. So many close races tonight. Loved the Gr1s at Dragon Trail. Still red-faced from that last corner lunge at Interlagos, @Junker - sorry about that. In my defence it was less of a lunge and more of a missed braking point and desperate swing to the left to avoid rear ending you, but the result was the same - sorry! (The game still gave me a clean race bonus though! )
  12. EDIT: wow, that was an obnoxiously large screenshot! Hopefully it's a bit smaller now
  13. Thanks for the races last night peeps. Shame your nephew dropped out after 5 minutes, @marsh, but glad he could come back for the Laguna Seca race Must admit I felt like a bit of a god out-Nobling Noble before I twigged I must be down on power... I guess I was on the equivalent of Fuel Mode 5 for the whole race... doh! Happy to stay on the lead lap to be honest Couldn't believe how much the R8 felt like it was just broken after the brief karting session - it just wouldn't go round the corners! Haven't checked the replay but I think I may have tagged @GwiDan at the
  14. Sorry - yeah, me too - sorry if my post came over as negative about it, wasn't my intention! Smiley added!
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