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  1. Yeah, I think so. I often find I'll lose a place to a divebomber, gain the place back as he's in the weeds / spinning / got a terrible line out of the corner, but then lose that place to the guy who was behind the pair of us - he gets the ideal line, and can just drive past me as I'm evading the divebombing womble. I console myself with the fact I'll be that 3rd place guy once in a while and be able to drive past divebomber and bombee with a smug grin on my face. This was quite common at Dragon Trail last week, at the hairpin before the chicane of death.
  2. The article's been updated to say it'll come to the 2020 range as well, but later this year.
  3. I wear Christmas socks (or "socks" as I call them) all year round too. Gotta get the wear out of 'em
  4. It's absurd. Cex are still offering to buy at £200 more than RRP. Edit - ...and that ridiculous bundle last night was out of stock by the time I clicked the link from the Telegraph notification on my phone. All the time places like Cex are guaranteeing the scalpers' money it's not going to drop off, is it?
  5. Yep. And then you discover kudosprime and it’s all “SR 20 points down?! I barely touched him, and that second bloke rammed me!!!l” Or is that just me?
  6. Wow! Yes, working here and with better results than on Chrome on my laptop - both wifi. Now then, where do you get those natty phone holders that clip onto the controller?
  7. Here's the one odd bug I saw during The Heist on Stadia. Spoilered for very mild possible spoilers about the mission:
  8. Thought it would be interesting to post some comparison shots from Stadia. This was whilst playing via the browser, but I'm not actually sure how screenshots work in Stadia - they're representative of what you see in game, but I don't think you ever see streaming artifacts in the screenshots you save in Stadia as it's taking the shot from the server end) (Forgot to go into Photo Mode for this one...) This is photo mode, but it's a bit daft that hiding the UI doesn't include hiding the flippin' mouse pointer... So the FoV is a
  9. Bravo. On the other hand, I... On another note, this really is quite a good showcase for Stadia. I've had a couple of bugs where you can't reload your gun (throw a grenade to fix), and one piece of dodgy AI in the heist, but it's been fine apart from that. Even the shooty-actiony bits are perfectly playable. Edit - I actually captured the dodgy AI, but Stadia currently won't show me any captured videos... gah - just when it was doing so well!
  10. Ahh - I think Hass thought you were talking about the Chromecast and the controller, neither of which are tied to your account. You can do family sharing now so maybe you can give your intended recipient access that way? You have to add a shared payment card, but the organiser can retain control over what is bought on behalf of the “family”.
  11. Stadia's affected more than the video streams - more buffering on the videos I'd imagine. Stadia will detect when your connection's getting a bit ropey and you'll get a warning, and eventually it'll just kick you out. It saves your game state for 15 minutes so if you can yell at the kids to stop bloody streaming for 5 minutes, you can get back in and make sure you've saved your progress I haven't done anything to try to prioritise Stadia over other traffic though, and I'm on wifi which also probably doesn't help. (I'm on BT Fibre, and usually get around 40Mbps down a
  12. I'll just delete what I was going to say as @Mogster and @Jonny5 have pretty much covered it One last thing Pro gets you is the odd discount here and there. E.g. Watch Dogs 2 is currently reduced to £16 compared to £40 for non-Pro users. The games you get 'free' with Pro have been a mixed bag, but I quite enjoyed the Steamworld games (and I'd never have looked at them otherwise), and the obvious big names like Tomb Raider and Destiny 2 were pretty good. Grid came to Pro about a week after I'd paid for it, annoyingly (doubly so as it's not really suited to Stadia and
  13. Correct. I find the Chromecast a thoroughly confusing little thing if I'm honest, and apart from the nice pictures it shows when idle the only thing I've used it for is Stadia. Having said that, it's plugged into a relatively modern smart TV which has its own native apps for everything I want.
  14. The Chromecast Ultra needs power too, which I'm taking from one of the otherwise unused USB ports on the back of my TV, as I didn't want another wire going to the back of the TV. (Not using the provided power brick prevents you from streaming in 4K, and the power brick is where the ethernet port is in case your wifi isn't up to it)
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