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  1. Includes the whole session, so Sprint race first, and the main race starts about 12 minutes in. (And you're safe, there's no commentary / chat included so you can swear to your heart's content )
  2. Just got this in the Playstation sale. I played Mudrunner a tiny bit a while ago over PS Now (the perils of too many games to play on PS Now), but basically am new to the whole thing. It's really good I spent quite a while last night just getting the starter pick-up truck thing to one of the "King of the hill" peaks, by accident, because I thought I was on the track to a watchtower . And after a few sessions of driving past the broken down truck in the garage yard thinking "I'm sure I'll find some parts to fix that soon", I realised you could just tow it the 5 yards to your garage and fix it there. Doh! It was only through skimming this thread that I realised you could upgrade your vehicles, too, so now the starter pick-up has higher suspension and better tyres it's much less of a victim in the mud. It's the perfect antidote for trying to shave hundredths off a lap time in GT Sport. And GT Sport is the perfect antidote for struggling for an hour to winch you and your load out of the mud. A perfect pair of games (I just wish it didn't feel quite so apocalyptic - where is all the other traffic?)
  3. I wouldn’t automatically blame yourself. It looks a lot like what my pedals do. They “flicker” at either extreme, so full throttle can register as flickering between 95-100% and “no brake” registers as flickering between 0-5%. They probably do it the other way round too, but I don’t notice. It’s more distracting than anything as I don’t think it actually makes that much difference to your lap time, but I’ve certainly missed a braking point or two whilst trying to kick the accelerator pedal into submission. There are (obviously!) YouTube videos detailing how to take everything apart to clean the potentiometer internals, but I’ve been keeping things at bay with a good blast of compressed air and WD40 electrical contact cleaner. Taking the pedal box apart once a week to get access is a pain though…
  4. Come on guys, there's no way I should be top of the leaderboard with that truck thing. 2:34.5 to beat
  5. Same as Mexos (as you can tell by our times this week, I guess). In my mind it all came from a good exit of the right hander at the bottom of the hill, using lots of the curb on the inside and running all the way out to the left, and then using all the curb on the first right-hander of the chicane, almost brushing the wall. I aimed to have the left 2 wheels over the curb on the left hander (all 4 unsettled it too much), out as far as possible to the right hand side, but without brushing the wall, and without straightening the steering at all - always turning left. Then a tiny lift on the way into the 2nd part, and trying to have it all hooked up and straight (again, almost brushing the wall) on the way out. Feels excellent when you get it right, and awful when you clip one of the barriers... Completely different in races, where you needed to be tighter on the right hander at the bottom of the hill to maintain position, and then there was little point trying to nail the chicane as the risk was too high. A mediocre / safe chicane would still see you keeping up with anyone in front who did nail it, but a mistake meant you'd be seconds behind, or worse. Factor in the number of times other people would get it wrong and being safe was a much better option, most of the time.
  6. @Junker slacker! Oh and @mexos, you can stop that now, thanks
  7. Well that depends - some of the music on the old games was excellent. I can't be the only person who has to concentrate really hard on not speeding when Feeder comes on in the car?
  8. Does the A in "Driver Rating A" stand for "Asshole"? I had an excellent night's racing on Wednesday night in the Gr3s at Dragon Trail - just about my favourite combo. Finished on DR B within a gnat's whisker of breaking back into A... One race on Thursday night got me into DR A, and suddenly the lobbies are full of dive-bombing, punting asshats. Sooo many punts going into the corner at the bottom of the hill, and if you dare to lift going through the Chicane of Death (you know, because there's 4 cars nose-to-tail in front of you, and if any one of them crashes you're going to get caught in it before the ghosting kicks in) the guy behind you just barrels into you for the lols. It reminds me of an old Ben Elton bit he did about how people behave getting onto a train, with all common decency thrown to the wind: "Double seat, double seat, gotta get a double seat". "Gotta win, gotta win, gotta get past all these suckers..." I think I prefer being a B... which is lucky as I'll no doubt be one again after Saturday's FIA race...
  9. Agreed. It's also why an evening of the MX-5 tends to work so well. I love racing cars I know on relatively short tracks that I know so it's all about the racing. I get that people get sick of racing on the same old tracks every week though
  10. Word on the street is that there are only a couple of places left for this. It's happening every other Sunday at 8pm, starting on 10th October. Check out the Twitter feed for more details and for an idea of what it's trying to be about. Sign up here. Ian (e1978__) isn't on here, but is a thoroughly good chap, so I'm sure you can spare him an hour of your time every other Sunday. Also, MNRC is currently massively outnumbered by the 27Racers chaps, so go on, you know you want to - there's only a 1 in 14 chance you'll get lumbered with me as your teammate!
  11. I watched a bit of Sunday’s racing on their YouTube stream - amazing stuff. Excellent to see those old cars and bikes being driven properly (I.e. sideways most of the time)
  12. I'm in! Edit - but it's PD, so you might need to adjust your timescales a bit...
  13. What cars do you have? Could you share a screenshot of your car selection page in the PSN group chat? Sure, there are some terrible cars that no-one likes to drive, but I'm 99% sure you'll have enough cars for a decent Monday night's racing, and we've had people racing in substitutes before. We usually use Balance of Performance (BoP) where the game adjusts the cars' power and weight within a class to make them all somewhat even, so it's only really a problem if you literally don't have anything in the chosen class, or we're using one of the funky GrX cars that you can't BoP. You can get a free car every day if you drive 26.2 miles or more, so that's worth doing too (I lucked out and got a 20 million credit car that way once). Basically... I don't think we should be excluding anyone because they don't have the right car, and the racing's so good in the game that we would probably be as happy racing whatever you've got Last Monday we had great fun racing the 60s Mini (50,000 credits worth) around Goodwood - the car's limitations and the fact we were all in the same boat made for a great race.
  14. I have one of those Currys codes going spare too - pm me if you want it. Gone
  15. I went to look at mine last night and could only see Race A. Couldn't figure out how to navigate... And then I saw this: "Your time must be within the top 5000 for each daily event to appear here." Oh (To be fair, my usual gaming time has mostly been replaced with watching the little Olympics action the BBC managed to get for the past 2 weeks... Might be more successful this week )
  16. Another side-by-side view of mine and Junker's races at Brands Hatch: https://viewsync.net/watch?v=XdlJ5q_qa1k&t=0.6&v=sNeY5903CkY&t=0&mode=solo My 2nd attempt at the FIA race was lots of fun last night. I went from 10th on the grid to 5th after one lap, thanks mostly to people going too deep into the first 2 turns, and then slowly, slowly made my way up to 3rd with the help of some cooperative slipstreaming and bump-drafting with a Lexus. Slightly sad in the end that the Lexus got caught in a battle after I got into 3rd and we didn't finish line astern.
  17. The S-FRs at Brands Hatch made for a good race too
  18. I shared this in the game feed, but thought it was worth a comment here: This is the little straight between the 2nd chicane and Lesmo 1 at Monza. It's the last lap of an hour long race, and in the picture you can see from 3rd place all the way to 7th. (Louis, me, @davadvice1, @Corranga and, errrrrm - Baukster I think?). MNRC is excellent for stuff like this
  19. They all can. You have to change the fronts first and then choose the same on the rears. If you try to change the rears first it won't let you and it'll look like you can't change compound, which I guess is what you were seeing.
  20. No, not at all - I thought you'd been caught on the phone
  21. Thanks for the races last night chaps. Possibly the first endurance I've done where I've not completely screwed up the strategy, and accordingly had a decent race with @Corranga and @davadvice1 for almost the full hour. (We just won't mention my ill-advised middle stint on the hard tyres, mmmkay?) Obviously I profited from @Junker's and @mexos's "reliability" issues - but very happy with nabbing 3rd on the last lap and crossing the line about 2 seconds after the hour expired, running on vapour - excellent fun. The S-FRs were great again - Joe @McSpeed was obviously faster than me but I enjoyed keeping him at bay for a couple of laps. I figure if I get Joe to swear at/about me then I win a little victory No POV video this week as my stupid PS5 ran out of space. My watch has more storage space...
  22. Maybe. He’s a bit of a bastard though. I found the 2nd boss much easier to cope with. Something about Phrike’s melee attacks I think - he’d get me once and I’d lose the flow and it’d be game over.
  23. I’ve been there and it turned out I’d forgotten to buy the damn thing from the fabricator Probably too late now but you can save the last hour of gameplay with the share button to see exactly what happened. When I was attacking Phrike I’d often spend a similar amount of time getting tooled up and then lose a “life” in the room with 2 yellow dudes and the big orange tenatacled guy. Frustrating… Keep at it - I really enjoyed the change of biome 2 after struggling in biome 1 for ages
  24. So @Junker and I both uploaded POV videos... and I thought it'd be cool to sync them up and watch them side by side... Took a bit of fiddling to get the sync right, but this is pretty cool: https://viewsync.net/watch?v=p7U--4FDbpw&t=0&v=epJ-5nuTnfs&t=0.49&mode=solo&autoplay=false (click both videos to get them buffered, and then use the play controls at the bottom to play both videos together)
  25. Last night was lots of fun - thanks everyone. The Laguna Seca races were excellent. Sardegna less so - collecting the barrier on lap 1 will do that to a guy's race Here's my POV from the Laguna Seca race. Loses a certain something without the chat audio, but still an excellent race
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