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  1. thingymajig


    Pound for pound I think they're still one of the best roasters around. The coffee equivalent of Kernel Brewery.
  2. Benitez now gone; talk of, among other candidates, Martinez coming back to manage. Would be absolute madness.
  3. Brooklyn Special Effects is probably my favourite alcohol-free beer, although I've not tried very many of the craft ones at all. The no-alcohol Guinness has piqued my interest in the past, but I'm not much of a Guinness drinker so probably wouldn't be best placed to determine how close it is to the original.
  4. Anything by Prima Taste (especially the Laksa flavour) or Itsuki.
  5. The Man in the High Castle 7.5/10 Mostly enjoyed this - some of it was really brilliant, but a few slow episodes, a couple of not terribly convincingly acted characters and a mystifying last 5 minutes drag the rating down.
  6. Has he cut out all the anti-lockdown stuff? I used to enjoy him a lot back in the day, but lost an awful lot of respect for him when he started with all that crap.
  7. Not as bad as Talkradio, but not great either. It has some truly awful presenters (Ferrari, Nawaz, Tominey et al) has Eddie Mair, who is alright, and presenters that were good but are rather less so nowadays (O'Brien, Abbot).
  8. I've seen the 4 pack of L&D available at Tesco with a Clubcard for £4.50 on more than one occasion. Worth keeping an eye out for.
  9. thingymajig


    Always enjoyed Workshop beans whenever I've bought them. If pushed, I'd say that my 5 favourite coffee roasters in the UK are as follows (in no particular order): James Gourmet (among the cheapest of the "good" roasters that I've tried) Atkinsons Cartwheel Origin Fortitude
  10. I must confess that I'm not massively keen on the LaoGanMa crispy chilli stuff, too oily for my liking (yes, the clue was in the name, I know...) Much prefer harissa, particularly that Belazu stuff, which I use as liberally as some here use the LGM...
  11. The St Mars quad is rather good (not quite as good as Rochefort 10/Bernardus 12 but not too far off)
  12. https://www.lockettbros.co.uk/shop/the-foundry-syrah-2016/ Thoroughly enjoyed earlier vintages of this. Sticking more closely to the Aus shiraz/syrah theme, Shaw + Smith M3 is pretty good. I must confess that Aus shiraz is something I don't drink in vast quantities, but I've enjoyed that. D'Arenberg (them of Dead Arm fame) do a suprisingly good shiraz which is available in Tesco of all places, called Footbolt. I could recommend other reds but I've stuck to shiraz/syrah (I tend to drink Italian reds a majority of the time)
  13. Recently bought these from one of the local Polish shops; they're basically Jaffa Cake sandwiches with cream and the fruit jelly in the middle. Very nice indeed!
  14. Lidl periodically sell them as well. In Austria there's a much bigger variety of Manner products. For example, they do big bags of various kinds of wafers, my favourites of which are ones that are basically Mozartkugeln in wafer form, and ones that have either strawberry or raspberry filling.
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