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  1. Coincidentally Clays is one of the ones I've tried! I very much enjoyed it and would have again, look forward to visiting it when it eventually opens again. The Northcote box is very nice, too, but for price reasons, it's not something I would buy weekly.
  2. The explosion in restaurants selling at-home meal boxes, some of which are very high-quality and have been thoroughly enjoyable, has been something that's at least partially filled the void.
  3. I much prefer Weihanstephan's take on a Hfw to Erdinger's, and the former is relatively common in the UK; most decently-sized branches Sainsbury's seem to sell it, for one. Schneider Weisse's probably pips it for me, but that's somewhat less common. I have, however, been enjoying Erdinger Pikantus very much recently, only tried it last year.
  4. Has anyone here tried Harvey's Imperial Extra Double Stout? It's something that's caught my eye on a few occasions, but it seems difficult to buy in anything other than full case form.
  5. Went to a Amenra/Boris doubleheader gig on Thursday night, enjoyed that a lot.
  6. Visiting a Booths store is always a highlight of driving from Scotland/southern England and vice versa, and not just for the beer.
  7. Much better than I thought it was going to be (my reservations came mainly from the choice of venue); the Hydro sounded better than the SECC would have done. From Her To Eternity and Tupelo were highlights for me, but most of the new material was top notch as well.
  8. Stagg chilli and butterscotch Angel Delight.
  9. thingymajig


    The Momentum blend is much better, when recently roasted, than the vast majority of coffees available in supermarkets. Getting a decent roast date can be a problem in some branches of Sainsbury's though; it's probably too expensive for a lot of people, which no doubt leads to it sitting on their shelves for too long.
  10. thingymajig

    The Jazz Thread

    Was advised to listen to the album of the same name by this chap: Very much enjoying it, I have to say.
  11. Saw them play Leicester at Goodison yesterday; a thoroughly entertaining game. A lot of good performers throughout the team. Robles was a bit shaky though. Gueye/Davies/Schneiderlin were all top notch.
  12. The funny thing is that I'm sure the Coop's TI S&V crisps are actually made by Tyrells...
  13. The choice of venue's putting me off a little bit. If it was a album like Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! that was being promoted on this tour, I wouldn't be so reticent. However, given that this is a pretty downbeat and low-key album, and taking into account personal events in Cave's life, I reckon the Hydro is a pretty incongruous location. Having said that, the solo Edinburgh Playhouse gig from a couple of years ago was superb, so who knows what I'll do.
  14. thingymajig


    Was in York last week, went to a coffee shop - pretty sure it was called the Attic - and got an espresso. As someone who tends to drink good quality french press and filter coffee, but only chain espressos for a caffeine dunt, it was revelatory, light years ahead of any espresso I've had in a long time.
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