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  1. They could at least go through Spurs' shortlist, it was extensive
  2. Eddie Howe? Don't the new owners have ambition?
  3. Steve Bruce has left Newcastle.
  4. Sorry, missed this. So when does club football fit into all this? How does he expect Kane (let's say) to play club football AND also qualifiers in a two-month period? What will happen if a country's start striker gets injured for a month, let's say, will they miss half the qualifiers and the team's club football (around 4-ish games, if a game a week)? Or is he proposing 2 months of no club football - when will Kane (let's say) get any rest? Is the qualifiers going to be in the seasonal club-football break?
  5. Wilder's already complaining about the gloves being used. In short, he's accepted Fury's "horse-hair-lined" gloves and decided to go back to his Everlast MX gloves, which he implies have a similar thin amount of lining.
  6. Ah right, no you're talking about an entirely separate entity. Fantasy Premier League has never used the word "hub" to describe anything of theirs. Coincidentally there was a security incident which led to an announcement from Fantasy Premier League on 29th September (a week ago), but that was merely accounts that miscreants had worked out the login to, not an actual hack.
  7. Are you referring to the so-called "hack" of the Fantasy Premier League site? It wasn't hacked, turns out that it's just the usual "password reuse" issue - certain individuals who guessed the username and password correctly logged into accounts and deleted the teams. The organisers put back the teams. Same advice as always - don't reuse passwords, don't log in via unofficial apps, etc.
  8. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    And again the real person at fault for all of this is obviously Levy. This team needs a major rebuild, and this has been apparent for years now.
  9. Reminds me, must dust off my near 30-year old Super NES console and see if it still works...
  10. Agreed. I think FIFA have overlooked one fairly obvious thing - country teams don't play together regularly. They try to compare to the Champions League (which is yearly) but that involves (European but...) club teams who play nearly every single week for 38-42 weeks. Country teams play once a month together if that, but they want to have a World Cup every 2 years? So how will that work then? How will you fit in suitable qualifiers? Or are you going to get round that by doubling the size of the World Cup, diluting the competition further and making it even harder for anyone to host it?
  11. "GamesMaster reboot confirmed at E4", apparently.
  12. Oh yeah, yeah I probably agree with you - I mean I don't have figures but I'm sure years ago there was a worry that releasing it on home formats (streaming, disc, etc.) too early may dent it but I haven't heard anything that would suggest that it does significantly these days, in fact the film studios seem to be massively in favour of it, right? Although cinema chains are pissed off, and some actors are not happy, understandably.
  13. Well, apart from some cinema chains complaining to the point of telling Universal where to get off, Scarlett Johnson is specifically taking Disney to court because her cut from the Black Widow film only takes into account a cinema release.
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