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  1. Did someone mention England losing when we're on ITV? The Daily Mash agrees.
  2. Fucking Ghana with that missed penalty. But fuck you Uruguay with your cheating antics. Glad they're out, and especially glad that Suarez's World Cup career is over.
  3. Oh yes I actually remember this, actual indirect free kicks inside the box. I'm sure this has happened recently (in the last few years) too, in fact it was in the Spanish League last year or the year before?
  4. @Gotters They've definitely modified the law over the years, see Wikipedia:
  5. Yeah, so the way I've always interpreted it, any fouls is a free kick at least. If any foul by the defending team happens in the penalty area of the defending team, it's a penalty. So a defending player impeding the progress of an attacking player without any contact being made (that would normally result in an indirect free kick) in the defending team's penalty area would result in a penalty. However, it seems that (at least for this season) the law is that it's a penalty kick only for fouls that would result in a direct free kick anywhere else, which would mean that impeding a player isn't one of those that would result in a penalty.
  6. Although looking at the 2022/2023 Laws of the Game, it actually says: So indirect free kick offences don't result in a penalty.
  7. That's the law (of the game). Fouls that occur in the box is a penalty. Hence, (defending) players need to be extra careful. It's not and never has been about the level of fouls.
  8. Watching both matches using Sky's info bar
  9. This has never been a problem in the 2000s - either utilise a TV (or box) with Picture-In-Picture, or use a mobile or tablet at the same time as a TV. I've been doing this for all the major International football tournaments since I think 2010. Before the 2000s, multiple TVs, or even watching it on one TV (with the sound down, cos big mouth commentators will ruin the scores of the other game) while recording the other on VCR (and watching it back immediately after the first game). Agreed. 48 is too much, and means you have to have weird hacky ways of guaranteeing the next round of knockouts is 16 or 32 (in this case, 3 group teams). It's almost as bad as UEFA increasing the European Championships as well, which definitely shouldn't happen considering there's only 50+ nations affiliated to UEFA. It's now so big that it can't be hosted by just one nation any more (although I'm sure the bigger nations such as England, France, Germany, even the US could but it'd be insanely expensive).
  10. Nothing to do with broadcasters, football has always been like this since before TVs, and also the same broadcasters are fine with rugby and NFL stopping the clock.
  11. Yeah it's artificial nonsense. They've been doing it for years, and it's still bollocks now. Did they have the RC car that carries the ball in this tournament?
  12. Fuck me that was . To be fair, England are always poor in at least one game in the groups.
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