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  1. So the home kit above looks like it is supposed to be for the 22/23 season, cos this is apparently the 21/22 season's kit:
  2. Spurs third kit, supposedly:
  3. Sounds like the days when Fergie would be given almost all the time he wanted to help his team equalise before the whistle went
  4. Apparently this is now Spurs' kit for next season (bot sure why it's headlined 22/23, should be 21/22 EDIT: looks like it is the 22/23 kit, see below):
  5. I reckon it is. Not inconceivable that it isn't just a cameo, especially as Nesbitt and Mercurio recently worked together on a series.
  6. Yep, in fact I was thinking that after I posted it, you're right, including about the train franchises.
  7. Unless it's been said otherwise, the rules still stand - Britain copied all EU laws upon exit, while modifying certain ones in the process. Exactly this. Dunno if the broadcasters will accept a rollover though, unless their viewership has not generally been unaffected negatively. It's all about negotiation.
  8. At least the crowd sounds a bit more natural... apart from the Spurs fans cheering a corner for some reason.
  9. The English clubs went along probably because they feared being left behind if they didn't, and obviously a wodge of money being dangled in front of them helped.
  10. Also, back to Perez - fruit loop:
  11. Yep, agreed. It was only when some of the Scottish teams wanted some representation up there (obviously even travelling a short place back in the 1880s was a massive massive hassle) that the Scottish FA was formed, and a Scottish FA Cup created so that they could have a competition that didn't require them to travel long distances (more cost effective).
  12. I'm OK with Welsh clubs being in the English pyramid system, there's clearly a good reason for it - no Welsh league till the 90s, and that was only because UEFA required it as condition of participating in their competitions, as well as a general "stay-on-your-side-of-the-border" and "no-more-moving-to-other-leagues" message to all teams. The interesting thing about that for me is the Welsh FA, every few years, keep extending an invitation for Cardiff, etc. to come and play in the Welsh Cup, no questions asked, no obligation to also come back to the Welsh league, only for Cardiff, etc. to t
  13. Like I said, Perez is a dickhead... and full of shit. He mouthed off about something about needing money for "projects", probably like the project to by Mbappe, but has he actually thought that maybe Mbappe wants to stay at his boyhood club and not move to Spain just on his fucking say so? Maybe Perez should lower his sights and spend within his means for once. And the "British" Super League... yawn same old bullshit as before - it's not the "British Super League", it's the Rangers and Celtic move to the Premier League rumours again. It won't happen - it'd fuck the Scottish Prem
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