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  1. If The Sun are to be believed, Harry Kane is on the verge of going to Man City on a £160 million deal.
  2. So that funky swirly kit is out, it's our away kit, not even our third kit!
  3. So this kit... it's accurate, as it's out today. It's our AWAY kit, not even our third kit
  4. His wife came out saying it's not him. Which begs the question: why couldn't he come out and say it's not him?
  5. Reminds me of the Spurs 2018/2019 third kit that they played in in Champions League competitions, they had the London Borough of Haringey area imprinted in a similar way:
  6. Peter Risdale is STILL around? He's a total asshole.
  7. There's 10 alternatives here, and a few on Wikipedia. Some have been tried (like the one Gabe mentioned). Apparently the one that was promoted for a while recently is Attacker Defender Goalkeeper.
  8. I swear it's been tried in the States already. Re penalties - there are extreme examples of teams playing for penalties from the very first minute, like this one from the 1991 European Cup final.
  9. Looks like every other Villa shirt to me. OK.
  10. But yet Beckham gets a straight red for flicking his foot at the calf of an opposing player who was backing up?
  11. Yeah it was a clear straight red - he didn't even disguise what he was doing, and it had nothing to do with going for the ball. I don't know why the ref was lenient, he obviously saw enough of it to give a card. He was lenient all night, which is weird because international refs (refs in international competitions like the European Championships and World Cup) tend to generally be on the hard side and less lenient than refs from the Premier League for example.
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