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  1. Oh right! I just happened to launch it just now, after a while, and got asked to set a content level, and PIN. Was pure coincidence. Cool.
  2. When did Disney+ add PIN controls? Good thing though, now I'm as relived as I was when Netflix did it.
  3. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    But those players are shit. I'd call them out too if it were me. They're too fucking pampered. Dele wonders why he's not getting picked - it's cos you're too fucking inconsistent. The bar is here and you're nowhere near it. If you want to win the title you need to be playing like your life depended on it. Watch Chelsea when Mourinho was there both times - players playing out their skin - Lampard, Terry, Drogba. Now look at Spurs players and tell me who is at the level of those guys when they were winning titles constantly. Although look I acknowledge that even at Chelsea he finally pissed ever
  4. Smoothy

    The Spurs Thread

    I'm sorry but I still don't think it's Jose's fault. The side is shit - the players are shit, the staff are shit, the chairman is shit. There is a loser mentality that permeates all throughout the club, like a rotten stench, and has been there for decades. Get rid of Jose and we still have the same shit players and staff. The problem is not Jose, it's the mentality of the club. We need to change that or wholesale change the staff, cos unless we stop this "oh well" nonsense we'll never beat teams we are fucking totally capable of beating.
  5. Remind me to never pick ManShitty players cos of Pep's "rotation"...
  6. Yeah you're all right, it isn't really a 4th kit, it's just a Nike shirt that happens to look like a football shirt. They won't see the light of day in official games. And yes the Spurs one is awful! I'm not liking the Chelsea one either - is someone at Nike fullbent on turning Chelsea into Crystal Palace?
  7. Spurs 4th kit is out, exactly like the leak but the sponsor is Nike's own brand.
  8. Do you think it happened because it was linked to other accounts? Surely it has to be cos of this that they managed to get in without 2FA. Also, yeah I remember a while back when Sony said they had added using an authenticator app as another method but myself and another forumer couldn't find any official instructions on switching to this, so thanks to the person in this thread for confirming that you have to turn off 2FA then attempting to turn it on will reveal the two methods.
  9. Most of my squad wasn't playing this gameweek, so I ended up making 32 points-worth of changes and was about to use the Free Hit until it turned out I already used it. Bastard! So I've reverted, cos I need the players for gameweek 19 so can't use the Wildcard. Forget this gameweek.
  10. Hi. Is there any way of getting a month family membership for Nintendo Switch Online?
  11. Hi I have this game, but I haven't a clue what it's about. I have a setting "free communication with others" set to "Restricted" but apparently it needs to be dropped if you want to visit other islands. Is there any potential dodgy impact from dropping this? EDIT: Never mind, I read an example of the things that would be allowed if the option is turned off. So I was going to do it but the game alerted me to say I can drop the parental controls temporarily from Home, which is easier. And now it needs a Nintendo Switch Online sub.
  12. Oh really? Am I doing something wrong? I think when I select Multiplayer it only gives me the symbols that implies that I need to pair another set of joycons.
  13. So got the game. Tell me, when the Switch is docked, can you play two player off the two joycons or is it strictly a pair of joycons per person?
  14. I finally got the Switch. Tetris 99 Brilliant brilliant addictive game, and for me the TRUE successor to Gameboy Tetris and it's 2-player linkup feature (Tetris Party gets an honourable mention). Also - free Super NES games! Free NES games! Only if you have a Nintendo Switch Online sub So... I take it the multiplayer Tetris 99 is free but the full game (single player, and local multiplayer) requires the bought version? Why are the games insanely expensive?! I take it Miis aren't importable from the Wii somehow?
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