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  1. You’re doing it wrong. What you should have said is help me identify this film. It features a guy whose mother raped a brain damaged pilot, whose wife bites off some guys dick and a bunch of psycho women who cut their tongues out. Oh and a transsexual quarterback. There may have been a waterbed in there somewhere too.
  2. Greatest film composer ever.
  3. i'm in my mid forties too and i remember seeing it on late night channel 4 in the 80s. c4 used to show lots of pretty bizarre films back then ( mainly Peter Greenaway ones) which didnt make alot of sense but featured alot of nudity. Anyhow, the Hotel New Hampshire was quite a prestige film, it starred Rob Lowe as the brother, Jodie Foster as the sister, Nastasja Kinksi as a lesbian bear and was directed by an oscar winner. It feels like a Wes Anderson film, in its absurdist plot and how everything no matter how bizarre is underplayed. And the reason why they have sex is because he has always been in love with her so she spends the whole day fucking him so he xan get over it. He ends up with the lesbian bear at the end if my memory serves me correct a quick google confirms im not the only one who thinks this was an influence on Wes Anderson https://www.filmlinc.org/films/the-hotel-new-hampshire/
  4. As someone has already mentioned, it has to be The Hotel New Hampshire. Which was made in the mid 80s, has a brother and sister, the sister gets raped and the brother and sister spend all day having sex towards the end if the film.
  5. I started playing A Link to the Past in that glorious summer of 96. I was home for the summer back from uni and instead of working like all my friends were doing, I'd pretty much spent the whole summer waking up in the afternoons and gaming till the early hours and occasionally venturing out. At some point I'd got stuck somewhere in the game and that in conjunction with Resident Evil being released on the Playstation meant I left Zelda on the backburner to return to and complete. Never happened... I still have the cartridge, although I'm guessing the battery backup has long since failed. Until now. Due to the wonders of emulation I've begun a new adventure and with the aid of save states and guides on Youtube I will complete it and finish what I started 24 years ago.
  6. i was a huge Ridge Racer fan, but for some reason i could never get into this one. it looked fantastic for the time, but i preferred the earlier Ridge Racers. i played the 60fps Ridge Racer 1 remake they gave free with the game more than the actual game.
  7. mash

    Horace - PC

    And I've finished it. It's genuinely one of the greatest games I've ever played. Yes, it has its flaws. But it's a game made with genuine passion and heart, tailor made for 40 somethings like myself who grew up during the 80s. If I were to criticise it, it's almost as if the developers had too many ideas they wanted to throw in and the game could have done with some editing. Yes, my criticism is the game gives you too much content. If you were to ask me to cite a game as a piece of art, this would be it. The story connected with me on an emotional level and I found the ending profoundly moving. I experienced the sort of reaction the best movies elicit.
  8. mash

    Horace - PC

    Really enjoying this game. Got it for free on Epic games and tried it out on a whim a couple of months after. It's fantastic. A love letter to anyone who grew up on the 80s Britain. Lovely parodies of the games, TV and cinema of the time. My favourite being when they were radioing Japan with the call sign 'Nighthawk' Shame, it wasn't done in a faux french accent.
  9. Been playing the CPC version of Pinball Dreams. It really is a marvel of coding.
  10. Seem to recall there were two Amstrad demos which came out which didn't really go anywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySi3BemeTa8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_RbO0Vm-AA
  11. I owned three separate versions of this over the years, the CPC464 version, Megadrive and Saturn. I've still got the Saturn version. Favourite one though, or the one I remember most fondly was the good old Amstrad version. It really was a marvel on that platform. I played it to death on there but never completed it. I remember getting towards the end, Dragon Island I think it was.
  12. does it have to be a laptop? unfortunately screens were pretty terrible at that time. better off with a desktop of the era with a voodoo card.
  13. Prince Megahit one of those games where all versions turn out to be ace. The Amstrad version was fantastic, practically a facsimile of it's bigger brothers. i suppose the fact it had the best colour pallette of the 8bits and POP was flick screen meant it was suited to the strengths of the good old cpc.
  14. Robocop 2 was probably the most anticipated sequel of my childhood. I remember enjoying it when it came out because it was more Robocop and it had a scene where Robocop goes into an arcade and smashes some guys face in a Bad Dudes cabinet. But even then I realised it was vastly inferior to the original. They took all the superficiality of the first one and ignored its depth and wit. And why did they not use Basil Poledouris' music? I've never seen part 3. No Peter Weller and a PG rating? No thanks. The original is definitely in the top ten best action films of 80s and for my money is Paul Verhoeven's best American film and probably his best film period.
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