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  1. The ending of a Spaghetti Western called The Great Silence. Tarantino was clearly a fan as he pays homage in both the Westerns he made. The ending was about as bleak as they come, I remember being in disbelief and absolutely loathing what had just transpired. I was about 13 when I’d seen it though and completely unprepared.
  2. So this one is essentially Days of Thunder : Maverick? Cole Trickle?
  3. I watched the Mad Max films in completely the wrong order as a kid. First one I saw was Thunderdome and that was only because a friend had it on video, I then saw Mad Max 2 when it was shown on TV on Moviedrome and then a while after I finally saw Mad Max after it was also shown on TV. I’m pretty sure the sequel premiered 1st. Got to admit, I was so disappointed with Mad Max, especially in comparison with 2. The impact of it was completely lost on me because I’d seen the far superior sequel first.
  4. Most shocking thing I've seen is from an episode of Tales of the Unexpected called The Flypaper. It's quite a simple story brilliantly executed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqa0abn9Tb4&t=134s
  5. looks great, would have loved to have seen this back in the day. The Megadrive would have been a better fit for this game over the SNES.
  6. Finished the 7 episodes and now I'm stuck for something to watch ...
  7. Possibly even more gayer?
  8. They could always just remake Streets of Fire.
  9. Alpha 2 was the best one. Still got the Saturn version I bought on release, played that game to death. Could never get into Zero 3, it never clicked with me.
  10. I remember watching this on Moviedrome. Alex Cox was quite complimentary and I do remember enjoying it. May 1991 was when it was aired. Man I feel old.
  11. There's an Enterprise 128 version which is basically the CPC version with hardware scrolling. Alas I can't find a video. however here's Green Beret with the scrolling fixed. https://youtu.be/Aiy_9Mz--5M
  12. Just downloaded the new C64 one from the link on indieretronews. I'm guessing it's the incomplete one as it's not Friday. However, I'm on nights today and I need something to keep me going. I can report it's absolutely fantastic. Feels smoother to play than the CPC version and it's definitely more faithful to the arcade. Some of the bubble physics were changed on the Amstrad and you don't get an animation when the balls clear, they just vanish. On the flip side, the CPC version has new backgrounds based on Taito classics and I find it easier to play as you get the aim assist all the time. Overall, based on a brief playthrough the C64 version is the better one.
  13. Most beautifully shot films..... Barry Lyndon The Duellists Days of Heaven
  14. Bit unfair to call Sorcerer Friedkin's fall. Yes, it didn't do well at the box office but the film is an undisputed masterpiece. I'd say it was at least the equal of the previous two films he made. Anyhow, The Unwittingly Captured a murder trilogy Blow-Up The Conversation Blow Out
  15. I presume we're talking about Vespertino? The '16bit' Amstrad driving game. I'd have concurred but the Batman Group are responsible for Pinball Dreams which is probably the best piece of coding ever on the CPC platform.
  16. Agreed. Renegade on the CPC was definitely the best brawler on the platform. Fantastic, colourful graphics, sounds and gameplay. I thought the control system was great and couldn't understand why more games didn't do this. Instead of mapping the arcade buttons to a single fire button use the keys in conjunction with the joystick. I suppose it would have been a pain if you wanted to sit far away from the computer but the screens were so small I don't think many people did.
  17. sounds like Shadow of a Doubt. not the Hitchcock one but the 90s remake.
  18. Resident Evil 2 Dreamcast - last time I played RE2 was in 1998. I played the PlayStation US import version, as I had started my first job and was flush with cash. in my early 20s with money to burn and no responsibility. Revisiting again some 23 years later, now a middle aged man with little time to play games and tons of responsibility. Playing the DC version as it’s easier and smoother, I really don’t have the time and patience to play it on a difficult mode. I want a serene journey. As for the game, it does feel really antiquated now but there’s still something about it. I prefer it to the remake. The fixed camera angles feel more cinematic and the tank controls can induce blind panic when zombies are bearing down on you and you’re fumbling around trying to get a shot off.
  19. Menage a trois? Arty types? Set in England? Period piece? Carrington
  20. Just completed HoD. I preferred AoS. It's a great game, but the last fight was a bit of a letdown. And I liked the AoS map better. Onto the CoTM.
  21. Nothing wrong with the Dukes of Hazzard. An American South where there are only white people, good old boys driving around in a 7 litre death trap with the Confederate flag painted on the top and a foxy chick who only ever seems to wear hot pants. Fabulous stuff
  22. Enjoyed this for the most part. Film reminded me of the Kill Bill films in the way those films put visual and audio cues from other films and weaved them in. Rather like a DJ mixing a track Films that I recognised were Amazing Mr Blunden, Repulsion, Suspiria, The Sentinel and However, the final 3rd annoyed me somewhat. Still a good film though. 4/5
  23. I haven't seen most of the Marvel films, in fact only one I have seen is the one is the 2nd part of the cliffhanger one, where the dead heroes magically come back to life. (I had to take the kids to that one) Aside from Nolan's Batman trilogy none of the recent DC films either.
  24. I'm doing these in completely the wrong order I'm guessing. Just completed Aria of Sorrow which was absolutely superb and I've moved onto Harmony of Dissonance. So far, so good. Not going to bother with Vampire's Kiss but I will give CoTM a bash. Best to worst
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