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  1. Fatboy Slim - Yo Mama
  2. Does it get any better? Billy Zane, Meatloaf, Mr Blonde in a mullet! Ladies and Gents, this could well be the defining film of the noughties.
  3. mash


    wasn't he the guy that starred in Due South?
  4. It's going to be a bitch for the scriptwriter to work in machine guns. On the up side though, I'd imagine there would be lots of gratuitous rack shots of Mayan lovelies to get the punters in .
  5. That's relatively tame compared to numbers 99 and 100 99# Salo (Pier Paolo Pasolini) 100# Irreversible (Gaspar Noe)
  6. No, but I know people who have. I've heard that you'll never look at a chicken again in the same way by those in the know.
  7. It does exist. It's not actually a film per se. It's actually a compilation of 16mm shorts. If my memory serves me correctly it's been dated from the late 60's/early seventies and was believed to have originated from Sweden.
  8. San Andreas for PC Pro Evo 4 (PS2) Battlefield 2 demo. Still haven't got round to buying this yet. I've also bought Killer 7, for some reason though I just can't be arsed to start playing it.
  9. Did it ever end? I seemed to remember MCoG being screened for the entire duration of my childhood.
  10. It strikes me that the 14year olds in question would probably look like this Shocking ommissions? None of the work by todays equivalent of the Nouvelle Vague McG, Andersen and Boll. How can the BFI be so shortsighted?
  11. Since its first use in 1851, a "cameo role" or "cameo appearance" has been a brief appearance in a play (or later, a movie) that stands out against the general context for its éclat or dramatic punch. A cameo role is often played by an actor of greater status than required by the role. A short appearance is also considered a cameo if played by someone better known for something other than acting, such as a director, politician or athlete. Cameo roles in opera include The Tenor in Der Rosenkavalier Act I, and The Forest Bird in Siegfried. Allegedly one of the earliest cameo appearances in film history is that of Erik Satie and his artist friends in the silent movie Entr'acte (1924, see below). Mike Todd's film Around the World in Eighty Days (1956) was studded with cameo roles and gave the term wide circulation outside the theatrical profession. The most famous cameo appearances are probably those of Alfred Hitchcock who frequently appeared in movies he was directing. Cameos are often uncredited, and, except for a director's appearance in his or her own film, usually involve a spoken line. From Wilkipedia. Doesn't say it's de-rigeur though. Around the World in Eighty Days (1956) was studded with cameo roles All of the 'cameo' roles were in the credits
  12. And how much screen time did he have in the movie exactly? Cameo : A brief appearance of a prominent actor, as in a single scene of a motion picture. Also called cameo role Billing doesn't count for shit.
  13. Best cameo in the history of cameos in film is undoubtedly Gary Oldman in True Romance. He stole the whole fucking film as Drexel Spivey the dreadlocked drug dealing killer pimp. closely followed by Orson Welles in The Third Man for his cuckoo clock speech.
  14. He told them Paul W Andersen would give him a hand directing?
  15. Cheers fella. Old Alex was an ugly melonfarmer wasn't he? Good taste in films though.
  16. Confirmed! It wasn't a dream then.
  17. Yeah, that was the bad boy. I wonder if any screenshots of the more dubious side to the game are doing the rounds.
  18. On a Street of Rage type theme did anyone ever play Vendetta in the arcades? Perhaps I'm imagining this but I'm pretty sure on the third stage set in a seedy part of town, where henchmen clad in fishnets and leather sporting handlebar moustaches would jump on the back of you and gyrate whilst moaning with pleasure.
  19. First post! Nah it's great. Did you see it on Moviedrome? Man I miss it. Best Westerns? How about Blazing Saddles The Searchers For a Few Dollars More High Noon
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