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  1. Been playing the CPC version of Pinball Dreams. It really is a marvel of coding.
  2. Seem to recall there were two Amstrad demos which came out which didn't really go anywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySi3BemeTa8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_RbO0Vm-AA
  3. I owned three separate versions of this over the years, the CPC464 version, Megadrive and Saturn. I've still got the Saturn version. Favourite one though, or the one I remember most fondly was the good old Amstrad version. It really was a marvel on that platform. I played it to death on there but never completed it. I remember getting towards the end, Dragon Island I think it was.
  4. does it have to be a laptop? unfortunately screens were pretty terrible at that time. better off with a desktop of the era with a voodoo card.
  5. Prince Megahit one of those games where all versions turn out to be ace. The Amstrad version was fantastic, practically a facsimile of it's bigger brothers. i suppose the fact it had the best colour pallette of the 8bits and POP was flick screen meant it was suited to the strengths of the good old cpc.
  6. Robocop 2 was probably the most anticipated sequel of my childhood. I remember enjoying it when it came out because it was more Robocop and it had a scene where Robocop goes into an arcade and smashes some guys face in a Bad Dudes cabinet. But even then I realised it was vastly inferior to the original. They took all the superficiality of the first one and ignored its depth and wit. And why did they not use Basil Poledouris' music? I've never seen part 3. No Peter Weller and a PG rating? No thanks. The original is definitely in the top ten best action films of 80s and for my money is Paul Verhoeven's best American film and probably his best film period.
  7. Sorry, I can't agree with that. That article had to have been written by a woman.
  8. The Amiga or Atari ST. We had a CPC 464 back in the 80s and then moved onto a Megadrive in 91. Only the rich kids had 16 bit machines back then in our school and boy did they lord it over us.
  9. looks sweet. would have loved it back in the day.
  10. They did fantastic work on the Cpc 464 as well. Not the usual rubbish Amstrad owners were subjected too
  11. Most of the super fx stuff was horrible at the time, it’s just we didn’t know no better. Single digit frame rates, low, low poly models and minuscule play windows. SNES Doom whilst technically fantastic, was a fucking horrible bastardisation of Doom.
  12. Born in 75, first computer was a Cpc 464 in 87 I think. I wanted a Spectrum +2 but they'd sold out in the catalogue and I was an impatient sod. It came with a green screen and 12 'games'. Hardly anyone in my school had one and I was laughed at, but I loved it. There was a guy at school who gave me a c90 with Way of the Exploding Fist, Green Beret and Yie At Kung Fu. I remember staying up all night with my brothers playing Yie At Kung Fu. We must have gone round 20 times. I soon had a network of friends from around school and the neighbourhood who we would swap games with. I remember the excitement of waiting for a game to load to see how good it was. Especially arcade games and how close they were. Most of the time I was disappointed, there was some real crap back in the day and it usually bore the name of US Gold. Outrun in particular stands out. But there were some great conversions too. Renegade, Gryzor, RoboCop, Chase HQ and Rainbow Islands stand out. I moved onto the Megadrive in 91. And then a SNES soon after. For years I'd been behind the curve, there was a hierarchy in school with Amiga owners at the top and us Amstrad owners at the bottom. I'd finally caught up. Looking back though, I'd say my fondest memories were with the Cpc, nothing better than going to the paper shop and picking up a gem for a couple of quid. Or the stupid rituals we used to do to get games to load. I still follow the Amstrad scene now. Despite not touching one in 28 years. Shame the recent Pinball Dreams couldn't have been released back in the day.....
  13. Tanked in the US already? It only released yesterday
  14. Looks alright and is something the console could have done with instead of straight 464 ports. Also the Gx4000 did come out 2 years after the Megadrive.
  15. Meh, OUATIA is overrated. As far as gangster films go, it's nowhere near the level of Goodfellas. Self indulgent, rubbish with an ending which made no sense .
  16. The PBR comes across the playboy bunnies in redux. The crew trade fuel for some time with the bunnies, and you get to see their tits. The crew steal Kilgore's favourite surfboard in redux. Chef looks for mangoes in the original and redux. French plantation scene was real. And despite there also being tits it was boring ...
  17. I didn't like Mean Streets at all. It comes across like a 6th form production of Goodfellas. It doesn't help that I saw Goodfellas a couple of years before Mean Streets.
  18. Hereditary was my film of the year and I loved the Wicker Man growing up so this should be right up my street. It's an 18 cert as well!
  19. Ditto. I always thought of Flintoff as being quite affable, but he comes across as an utter cunt. Who in the BBC thought this was funny?
  20. I think you've misunderstood what I was trying to say. I know that sandy bridge and ivybridge CPUs will work on the same MB. But if that mb was issued before the ivybridge CPU came out and has never had its BIOS updated there's a good chance the CPU won't be recognised. I've been in the situation myself and in my case a cheap CPU was sent to me so I could flash the board
  21. I'd be a bit wary of getting a later gen chip, unless you're 100% sure the motherboard has the correct BIOS revision to support it.
  22. Sounds like its either the mb or CPU. Both need to be tested individually. If you've got the means to return the box, I'd try and do that first. If not you could probably pick up a cheap socket 1155 CPU for peanuts. I don't think the PSU has popped but it makes sense to test that on a working system too
  23. To be fair, I think Treble got a really good deal there. I’ve been looking around for socket 1155 motherboards on EBay and I can’t find anything decent for under 30 quid, socket 1155 is what Treble’s pc is based on.
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