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  1. Or you know, Klopp can take some responsibility for this shit. He's become an untouchable in the minds of our fans, but fuck him for fucking as tactically in first half of games. Salah can fuck off as well.
  2. Finally, a proper bombshell - she's *chef's kiss*. Ekin shitting bricks right now, so hopefully some heartbreak before the end. Well played producers.
  3. This is boring now. Viewers don't give a fuck about z-list celebrity parties and giving the islanders lovey-dovey dates - we want tears and heartbreak. So movie night! Even the Jacques thing felt overprotective - they should have encouraged him to stay and fight it out with Adam. Final week winding down Love Island is always the worst. I'm hoping we're still far off that.
  4. Davide is faultless. Ekin wanked off George - she has no leg to stand on. I'm hoping they're saving that bit of juicy drama for video clip night. Bullshit that Cheyanne was able to stir the Paige pot at the recoupling and Andrew got outed for tit-sucking Coco, but Ekin gets off scot-free.
  5. Is that lot really the best they could find though? Budget versions of previous islanders. Mollie is an uglier Chloe, Cheyanne an uglier Millie. Andrew's just going through a rebellious phase with Coco, as he can't possibly fancy that over Tasha, who personality faults aside, is at least easy on the eye. The new boys are equally rubbish. I was looking forward to Luca heartbreak when Gemma returned with someone, but that's never going to happen with Ronan Keating's ghostly son and the other table scraps. Ugh. Producers, do better.
  6. This is picking up a bit of steam now. Ekin Su is a disaster, but she's bringing the drama, so I hope she sticks around and fucks over the new guy in the same way she did Davide. Gemma's improved after a terrible first week of being the stuck up one. Alternatively, Luca's shit now and his clinginess is going to cause some drama. Amber and Indiyah's couples are going nowhere. Indiyah's fella in particular needs dumping - brings nothing to the show. Dami at least says the occasionally funny thing. Andrew and Tasha as my power couple. They both just seem like nice people. 6 more weeks of this. Yeah go on then.
  7. They're really battling for drama now. Last couple of episodes have been shit with Tyler's Love Actually bit the worst ever LI proposal. Needs a twitter challenge.
  8. Ending the show on a cliffhanger when we all know it's Dale and Mary gone. Also, Teddy's an idiot for not ending Faye.
  9. If it had been the other way around, he'd have been booted off the show by now, cancelled to fuck. She's a vile thing. Herself and Kaz can fuck off now. Liam / Millie or Chloe / Toby to win.
  10. Jesus, is that Casa Amor lot really the best they had? I thought they're suppose to send in attractive people! Poor Hugo is desperate and will kiss anything. At this stage I want Liam and Millie to win. And Faye to lose. She's horrible and stayed on at the expense of Aaron, who was my favourite islander along with Chloe. Second half of this season needs some DRAMA!
  11. Nah, it's great. Will keep watching, thanks. Lacklustre first week, but the cast is growing on me. Brad's dead boring, though he did bring some good drama with him snubbing blozza-lipped Faye for Chloe in the kissing dare. He'll hopefully get booted in favour of Chuggs in the next episode. Pity Shannon is gone as herself and Chloe are the only attractive girls so far (and maybe Sharon). The guys are all generally good looking this year, minus Hugo. Getting a Curtis and Amy vibe from Jake and Liberty. In for a treat if that's the case.
  12. After a boring start, I've become somewhat more invested. Connor with the teeth will be raging after last night's recoupling and I can see him embarrassing himself on Sunday's episode. Sophie winding him up has been one of the few highlights of the first week. As for the twins, that whole angle was a non-starter - they're just not pretty enough to turn any of the boys. Nas will probably be the first guy to go, as he offers very little. Shannise, Paige, Callum and Mike are probably my favourites right now. (As an added bonus for me, the 'villa' where this is shot is in Constantia, a suburb of Cape Town. Until 3 months ago, my old house actually neighboured the villa! I can see it everytime they have a flyover shot!)
  13. Scenes! Anna is gone. Pity we had to sacrifice Chris and Jordan.
  14. So I'm guessing (hoping?) Michael/Joanna & Anna/Jordan are put in danger tomorrow night and then one of each has to leave. Please can we get rid of Anna.
  15. Lovely bit of drama on last night's episode. Can't stand Maura's attention seeking shoutiness, so well chuffed Francesca stole Curtis from under her. How's everyone feeling about the rest of the islanders? Still liking all the boys, except maybe new guy, Chris. Ovie's cool as fuck, Jordan and Anton make me laugh. The girls are mostly boring, though I do like the new one. Amber's gone back up in my estimation after her awfulness a week ago. Anna's still annoying me and even though I'm warming to Molly, I'd still like to see someone come in and have a go at Tommy. Marvin's lack of game will be missed. Was hilarious seeing him try and chat up Amber.
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