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  1. The vocals will be chopped to fuck though.
  2. Generally if an essay writer has put more thought into a text than the writer itself, it can't be taken too seriously.
  3. Ugh, that shit is so lame. All that matters is the tunes. The tat that comes with it is just bollocks.
  4. Apparently it's leaked... edit: argh, it's a fake. Why do people do this shit.
  5. Actually she's a sexy blonde alien who I've lusted after for many years.
  6. It's pretty fucking glorious. It's all about 0:08' where the last bit of the lyric syncs with that glitter beat. OH SHIT.
  7. I've got some 'Ultimate Guide to The Simpsons' giant book that I used to devour every weekend and it goes up to like season 5 lol.
  8. Metal Gear Solid is the big one. Even in 1998(?) when everybody was going absolutely mental about it. Everything is too trial-and-error.
  9. Keywords that make the above post terrible: 1) joss 2) reboot 3) whedon
  10. He was talking about the king - Chrono Trigger!
  11. If I see a nice looking motorbike or car parked out of the way in a ratty little garage or alcove I sometimes like to think that it would respawn if I nicked it, or that mission checkpoints would suddenly appear. Also Shibuya makes me want to jet-jet-jet set radioooooooooo
  12. Jane Seymour is simply unbelievable in that film. Just staggeringly gorgeous.
  13. I keep saying it, but HTID. Here, I've put two of my favourite mixes on the net for you: http://www.filedropp...m/formparty2005 The first 22 or so minutes of this is non-stop synths just rising and rising to ridiculous levels. It's absurd. http://www.filedropp...ickofset-220504 If anybody else wants more stuff like this I have literally hundreds of mixes like this.
  14. Any early scene with Lionel Hutz is the best. Even typing his name just made me laugh IRL. How did they do that? It's so perfect for the character.
  15. Dude just grab hold of any HTID mix, also anything mixed by Mark EG (particularly Brainstorm) and M-Zone. Nothing guilty about loving this kind of thing.
  16. The first season is so incredible. I was so young when it came out so I can't look back objectively but it must have knocked people out stone cold re: their expectations of a cartoon.
  17. What happened to The Simpsons is one of the great tragedies of our time.
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