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  1. There's been so much Simpsons since then that season 7 seems like an implausibly low number.

    I've got some 'Ultimate Guide to The Simpsons' giant book that I used to devour every weekend and it goes up to like season 5 lol.

  2. Whatever season the grimes episode was in was the first season i remember noticing the quality going down a notch. Even the Grimes episode i didnt like at the time (and still dont really like now). Seasons 2-7 are absolute gold. Some of the best comedy of all time. From 8 onwards it gets patch, and then pretty much anything in the 2000's onwards is garbage tier 0/10 would not exist in the same plane of reality as.


    The old animation has so, so much more charm than the horrible clean sterile new episodes too :(

    You mean seasons 1 - 7.

  3. This fucking winds me up, and I'm not talking about the video.

    Both teams are at it and it's no different from the trash talk you get at boxing matches, for instance. It's appears to be done in the right spirit and this is just part and parcel of the experience for these guys. I'm not condoning abuse received online, that is totally different. These are obviously two highly competitive teams, playing in the same room as each other, obviously acting up to the camera and having fun. There appeared to be mutual respect for one-another after the match.

    The comments thread on Eurogamer was highly hypocritical: 'Let's all laugh and abuse the people we don't know from behind the safety of the internet at the guys who are laughing and taunting each other in real life, for fun, in the spirit of togetherness.'

    Anyway, moving on.

    Haha they're playing Call of Duty. IDIOTS.

    Yeah but you are called 'iloverage'.

  4. Anyone have any links for some mid 90s bouncy techno mixes from Dreamscape/Helter Skelter etc? They're perfect for running due to it's pace, stuff like this:

    I keep saying it, but HTID. Here, I've put two of my favourite mixes on the net for you:


    The first 22 or so minutes of this is non-stop synths just rising and rising to ridiculous levels. It's absurd.


    If anybody else wants more stuff like this I have literally hundreds of mixes like this.

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