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  1. Just watch them all. It's essential. I'm staggered that you haven't seen them. All the Bonds is a working knowledge I assume every western male has.
  2. Thanks ZOK. I'm going to get stuck into it today.
  3. Somebody try and find pictures of DCharlie's gaming room. It's not something to be proud of.
  4. Oh FFS Bloodzeed has gone? What a twat.
  5. I've web using their letters in an attempt to 'snatch' them. This isn't the right way? I've only played in spurts on trains etc., not had time to really sit down with it yet.
  6. I am getting licked on letterpress. I don't quite get the strategy of it yet.
  7. We should have just stopped games at 1995. Just knocked the entire industry on the head.
  8. That damned cat is beating me up too!!
  9. If anybody wants to play that word game with me my name is iminshinsaibashi
  10. 'A complex issue' lol. It's as complex as 2 + 2.
  11. Even if there was news of confirmed extraterrestrial life hidden in there somewhere I couldn't bear the pain of digging through so many tonnes of pure, goldstrain shite. It's just awful. It's like a cross between IGN and a condensed visual recording of the average Xbox Live user's utterances mashed into an unholy mix of mangled language and manga paedophilia.
  12. Why are you spending time on that awful shitpit of a forum? Every time I even see it linked I cringe so hard I scrape the dried MTN Dew off my teeth.
  13. It was normal. It tastes so... sticky. I have fond memories of drinking gallons of it when I was playing through Final Fantasy VI the first time, but back then I had a metabolism worth talking about and teeth made of the ceramic tiles NASA uses.
  14. I did actually go out and buy some Mountain Dew yesterday because this thread made me remember that it exists and it was absolutely foul.
  15. Everything about that video points towards it being aimed at 30 year olds.
  16. It's pointing out hypocrisy. They've willingly put their names into the public sphere and if you're not thoughtful about what that means then this can be a consequence. They're not children - despite what they do for a living. Not than in defending the usual mysoginistic idiots. Although im sure that doesn't need to be said.
  17. The fact that she writes for the sun makes her more contemptible. This whole thing is hilarious. Somebody needs to screw IGN over somehow for crimes against the English language.
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