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  1. Okay, cool. What beans do you recommend?
  2. I can honestly say that as soon as I'm in Sainsbury's again, I'll be buying some chorizo.
  3. I would but it's busy feeling lovely in my belly
  4. I just made some and followed Wicketkitten's advice - I grated some cheese into the mix. I must say that it was abolsutely lovely. I also chopped up some fried bacon and sprinkled that in, as well as adding plenty of black pepper.
  5. What bean grinder would you recommend? It will be my birthday before long...
  6. So who here is a coffee fan? I've really started to get into my morning coffee, but I've never explored having my own coffee machine. I make do with instant coffee, which I'm sure is nothing like the real thing. My favourite brands include: and: I also buy Fair Trade coffee for my first-world country dwelling guilt issues. Are there any caffine maniacs here who can advise on potential decent coffee purchases? I want to learn!
  7. Never, ever watch 'Belly of the Beast'. It's like Starship Troopers 2. You'd think 'hey, I love shite actions films, no matter how bad they are.' But you'd be wrong.
  8. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a film. Maybe Star Wars Episode 1. And we all know how that turned out. Regardless, I'm gibbering with excitment. Superman is one of those films that I've always purposefuly limited my viewing of. I agree with the Space Reporter - there's *something* about them that seems almost magical. The movies drip with something I can't explain that always takes my breath away. They let you believe in superheroes. Batman and whatever else there is - pah.
  9. Sad enough to make me want to work for Quizmania
  10. That's the beauty of the film. You know that despite the bonding, the next day everything is going to be exactly the same as it was before. It's a 5 hour oasis in the desert for them. A glimpse of acceptance and happiness. They'll never feel like that again, and as time passes, the memory will fade until one day, something small will bring the whole thing back. Maybe a smell, or a phrase. But by then they would be adults, and nothing they could ever do would bring that feeling back. It's so fleeting. No other film has managed to do this correctly.
  11. Does anybody else think that the music is utterly addictive? I want to go upstairs to bed, but I can't get enough of these beats. It's so awful but cool. Ahahaha my housemate is calling in!
  12. Watching the Brakfast Club for the first time, even at DiscoStu's age, I can see how he's nostalgic. It's immediately familar. 'Eat my shorts!' originated from here, and Bender the robot was inspired by Bender in this...
  13. Hear hear! I hope the show's creators read posts like Venice Cull's, rather than the crap spouted on other boards.
  14. I got back in time! I can't see how this film has aged badly. It's a product of its time, it's not supposed to be anything but that.
  15. Yes you are. It's fantastic. Hope I get back from the pub in time...
  16. Erm. Anyway, anybody see it when Debbie tripped over a stool?
  17. I think you're being too cynical, but I'm going to keep my eye out for it now. I quite like the surreal music too.
  18. Fargal: Are you planning on doing more of this in the future? I seriously want some of your work, but I've got to wait for my student loan...
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