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  1. I thought that Matt Le Blanc, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston all played their parts well. All very visual and subtle when they need to be. I'll be laughed at for saying that Le Blanc is subtle, I know, but check out his expressions when he's in the background while everyone else is talking. He's always in character whereas the others always go blank when they're not the focus. Schwimmer is pure pantomine, but keeps his character consistent, at least. Aniston was the most believable, but I think that's because her real self is similar to Rachel. Courtney Cox was the worst IMO. Looking at the camera, wildly varying tones in her voice and actions, awful panto-style delivery. Just dreadful. I'm constantly cringing at her. Phoebe just bored me. I can never conccentrate on what she's saying. Not 'cos of her acting, just her character. So, so dull.
  2. Don't have a clue. This has all stemmed from the observation that David Schwimmer and Matt Le Blanc have absolutely no chemisty whatsoever.
  3. Just wondernig if the 'friends' - Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer et al get on in real life? Expecting 'comedy' answers from Dotterel and Biglime...
  4. Blimey. Your gamertag is very fitting.
  5. Richard is right. Why's everyone being so nasty tooday?
  6. Birthdays are the best, I get excited about them. On Christmas, everyone gets a present. Not so on your birthday!
  7. Yeah it's awesome. I used to pplay Resident Evil and some rally game with my cousins. It's so nice seeing the pure joy that games can give, rather than fluff about framerates and zzzzzzz... boring stuff like that.
  8. We know nothing about what's going on here - maybe this type of research will be cross-referenced with another? Maybe there are expected results from a narrow field of people and that is a part of the research - it really doesn't matter. I can see Stroker Ace's point, but I get the feeling that he's just being grumpy.
  9. Christ, some people need to lighten up. I suspect that spelling mistakes on an Internet forum can be cleaned up fairly easily.
  10. Everything to do with the story and the game design. Did anybody notice that just before EVERYTHING about this game just screams effort and attention to detail.
  11. Karl is obviously a smart man - I mean, he was a well-paid producer. Also, some of the things he says, well you can see that he's playing it up. You can see glimmer of intelligence behind some of it. However, it's smart, original comedy and I do think that his overal attitude is real. The problem is that it'll (and already is getting) old soon. Still, I don't see why people are complaining. Gervais et al have given us 12 episodes of solid comedy for FREE, and now they figure that they may as well make some cash out of it. Oh no, disaster. We'd all do the same thing in their positions. And it's only a product - if you don't want to pay for it, don't listen to it.
  12. Binatone Nintendo DS All of the main ones apart from Neo*Geos. SNES, DS, PS2, Saturn. SNES It's depressing seeing an answer on here refering to them as the 'underdog'. They've lost their focus. Playing through Yoshi's Island and Mario Kart again makes you realise just how poor some of their releases have been. 22.
  13. See, we couldn't have more opposite opinions on this. I think that your last point, with the player projecting their own take onto the existing characters and narratives is a sign of good videogame storytelling. The concept of interaction leaks into the narrative structure. And I think that the ending was incredibly mature - it would have been so easy to have the boy and girl ride off into the sunset. Instead of the usual videogame potragonist, we have somebody who's selfish, stupid and utterly single-minded, and even afterwards we still like him, because in his siatuation we'd have done the same thing. He even completes his mission - he saves the girl. And you get the feeling that afterwards, even with his distruction and shame he'd do it all over again in without thinking twice. It feels so much more real. I don't see how this is primary school level storytelling. I don't get your first point. I don't see how a wonded Agro turning up is immature - it just cements how loyal the animal is. And if you've any intelligence then you know he's going to die in a week. Again, it could have been a cop-out but it wasn't...
  14. The ending is incredible. The Ico lot know how to tell a good story. The problem with a lot of people is that they're so used to videogames leading you by the hand and updating what's going on the whole time by whispering in your ear. Then there's the nice wrapped-up ending where everything's great again. Ico and Shadow both manage to inject some *real* decent literature-level maturity into their storytelling. Mature, controlled and efficient. These are the first games where the story hasn't made me cringe.
  15. Don't worry Davros, the game only gets better once you know how to take each monster down. It's really good fun going back to the first ones with your new confidence. Massive leaps, dropping meters own fur then grabbing it at the last second, rolling about underneath legs, all good. All good.
  16. You NEED to play this game on hard. We rinsed it on normal over the weekend, did half of time trial before deciding to have a go, and that was it. Utterly addicted.
  17. "And I can dance on the head of a pin!" "Run Boo! Run!" Christ I'd forgotten about all of that
  18. I've just done the 10th one. No big cut-scene yet, which I was expecting after 9. Everything about it is just phenomenal. The long shadows thrown onto the sand from that massive bridge. Every second is a painting! It's like ICO all over again!
  19. When I first saw it I was shocked. Pretty funny how fighting is just 'alright' but kissing is 'WOW WHAT WAS THAT??' FCUK are crap though, as is the advert. It could be alright but it's too po-faced and 'moody'. Like something out of 1996.
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