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  1. My first game was 70 hours until I lost the memory card, and my second is at 117 hours now. And the map does feel tiny now I want to get lost again.
  2. Much thanks for the positivity! I've tweaked it a little, and I think it's tighter now. I've also put an ending in... see what you think: I don't like the ending much. But I can't think of any other way of finishing it
  3. Oh, one with the hairband is fit in a 'simple' way. And Charlie looks and sounds scarily like my mate.
  4. Somebody's been kicked out? I was watching HIGNFY on BBC 1 earlier. They don't know those cameras are being shown to the public, do they? Watching these interviews makes me feel bad. I'm turning it off in protest.
  5. Mean isn't it. Showing them in bed when they're all feeling vulnerable, and talking to each other in secret. At least in Big Brother they know they're doing it. I'm surprising myself at how this is rubbing me up the wrong way. It is fun to spot the actors cracking up though.
  6. Oooh look, funny to see me talk about this in July. I've racked up 110 hours on this game, 87% complete. Tying up the loose threads at the end of the GTA's is always so much fun.
  7. Cheers for the replies. Yeah I just did that Calum, with good results. Thanks.
  8. cheers Booger. Incidently, I've just linked your sig to an msn contact. Took me long enough.
  9. Oh, don't worry about the discrepancies between number formats - I'll sort that out later.
  10. I've got to write a short radio play. I've been sort-of working on this throughout the day. What do you think so far? Cheers.
  11. 0/\0 Finally, somebody else on the planet who agrees with me.
  12. I do feel sorry for the people who don't enjoy San Andreas.
  13. Leave the bleeps in! There are some un-bleeped moments in the S1 DVD, and they're not as funny.
  14. I know, they're crap. The last original, interesting film that got a 'real' (I'm excluding indie releases in my sweeping statement) release that was UK made was Shooting Fish. Before that... A Fish Called Wanda? Maybe fish is the key here. I'm saying the talent isn't there, it's just that it goes to the US.
  15. In the world of TV, this is pretty much the worst crime I can think of. It's so frustrating.
  16. What has 'I want you' on? That song is stunning.
  17. Please, please please download the whole of series 1 and 2. You'll be crying for 44 episodes. In that episode you'd have missed so many in-jokes. This is the best sit-com I've seen in years.
  18. http://tv.yahoo.com/feature/arresteddevelopment.html http://www.imoscar.com/ Oh yes!
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