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  1. Yes, The Doll has a beautiful structure to it.
  2. It's a fun film. Nice and easy watching for a Sunday night.
  3. 'Nuttier than a squirrels fart' was pretty funny.
  4. This farmer character is quite good actually. 'The master shot all of these animals. Done a lovely job fixing the walls.'
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. First reference to Del halfway in. Not a bad one either.
  6. The whole show is just a big fluffy blanket to wrap up in. I really can't wait until the third season. And with Season 5 of Curb starting soon... I've never had it so good. Anybody know when S5 of Sienfeld is out? Too much TV.
  7. What the FUCK is going on here? This is just mental. Metal!
  8. This woman character (what is her name?) is adorable.
  9. Author: Hoop version, too. Novel: Untitled. (Children's novel.) Deadline: First draft @ 1 Dec 2005. I also have a - cough - TV script I'm trying to get off the ground but its getting NOWHERE.
  10. Yeah Eazy-E's a total ass in that mission. How are you finding the game so far? And also, this thread has spoilers! Get out of here!
  11. Way to go. Why do people act like this? Like you said, anybody getting funny down there would get their teeth kicked in.
  12. I'm nearly 20 hours into my second game, and I've only done 12 missions I'm in no hurry to open the other islands... even though San Ferriro is such a joy to drive around.
  13. I think you're wrong about the six episodes thing. Yes, you can have fantastic comedy with incredibly tight writing - The Office, but I don't think that needing 6 episodes to establish the characters is lazy either. Some characters are more immediate than others. I'm going to keep using Curb Your Enthusiasm as an example which may get tiresome, but it's my favourite at the moment. It's funny from the off, and you think you get the characters straight away. But by the middle of the first season, whole new layers have been peeled away and that's when it becomes amazing. For instance, one of the funniest jokes I can think of is this: CHERYL: Larry, do you want to help us stuff some envelopes? LARRY: ...No. That's unfunny written down. But acted out, with those two characters, it's hysterical. BUT I can't imagine it being hysterical before I'd seen 6 other episodes with these characters. It's funny because I know them and it's consistent with them. Blackadder, which is my favourite comedy of all time works best with such a little amount of episodes. It's mostly gags and situations. None of the characters have any real depth to them.
  14. He created the Dogual you know and love. There's a reason why scripts don't include notes on how a character reacts or anything like that. The writer knows that a good performer will take what's on the page and make it his own.
  15. The actors certainly do make the characters.
  16. What made it funny was that everything they did to make their lives more intereseting was hopeless. They're stuck on that island, surrounded by idiots. They'll die on that island, surrounded by idiots. It had gags, but the underlying pathos is what set it apart from everything else. It's heartbreaking
  17. Look at something like Arrested Development and Curb Your Enthusiasm. A lot of the jokes on those only work once we know the characters. Biglime's right - 6 episodes a season is fucking madness. Edit: And the best comedies are drama. Comedy is tragedy, remember.
  18. I really like how Gervais isn't a Brent character in this. Essentially, he's a nice guy - just seems to put his foot in it from time to time. Brent, on the other hand, wasn't actually mean, but he was so self-obsessed that he saw everybody else in the world as worthless. This time we're going to be rooting for the main character. The only concern I have at this point is that while in The Office we had a sub-plot that quickly became the main focus of the overall story - Tim and Dawn (which also allowed Brent to become ever more ridiculous without fear of becoming a parody, as he was a background character at this point), I can't see the scope for this in Extras. Yet. Also, if every episode of Extras is on a different set then there may be no way to really track the world it's in. Then, each episode could be completely self-contained. But I doubt it. And what about the girl? An interesting character. A little stupid and insensitive, but again, I get the feeling that we're going to be rooting for her in the end. Really impressed with the production too. It's akin to the American sit-coms in it's quality of filming and editing. I want more, more, more right now.
  19. As ever with cubeadvance: o/\o
  20. Oh for goodness' sake - here we go. It's the exposition episode. 'She's sunbathing there.' 'She's dead.'
  21. Fantastique! This is going to be great. Gervais' character has scruples. Love it.
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