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  1. You twirl the stick around in half-circles. JSR on the Dreamcast is 10000x better. Get it.
  2. Yes, it is minimal isn't it? It feels a lot tighter and more compact and focused. I also reckon that because it's set in 2000 rather than a past year, with it's Internet addresses splashed on billboards and shouted out over the airwaves, it's easier to fall into the world as you're not constantly stepping back in time in your head. GTA3 is the most 'fun' out of them all, I think. But Vice City has the atmosphere nailed down completely and San Andreas is just utterly enthralling. The scope of it still makes me reel, and I've had it since day 1. Also, I love hearing how people have beaten certain missions. Everyone has a different story.
  3. Thankyou - you've hit the nail on the head there. I was trying to place what it is about GTA3 that's missing in Vice City and San Andreas, and it is the chases. I could keep those going for hours in GTA3. Aside from this though, Liberty City does seem to have a vibe about it that you just don't get in the sequels. I don't know what that is, but it seems... fresh and snappy. Like a Christmas morning. I'm definetely going to be digging GTA3 out sometime soon. Just as soon as I get into the second island on SA... or maybe after I finish all of the missions
  4. You only just realised this?!?!
  5. Hey, I loved it. The cocaine-addicted character (it's been a few years, can't remember his name) with the fast car was ace, as was that women who NEEDED a carnival lamp. The ending was ridiculous and over-the-top, which is just what I like. So... not a more sophisticated critique then
  6. 'Salem's Lot is a cracking read too. As is Needful Things. Damn, I need my books back
  7. IT is such a fantastic book. The whole period with the children playing speaks a lot about human nautre in an indirect way. I couldn't put it down. Also a big fan of the Tommyknockers, as it's actually scary and completely intriguing, even past the last page. The 'revelation' about how a certain thing is powered... gives me the shivers even now, a decade after reading it for the first time. Never read the Dark Tower series. Always planned to, and will get around to it at some point.
  8. I've only seen one episode, but I thought it was entertaining enough. Certainly has a nice format. The little brother was great. As was the music that accompanied him everytime he appeared
  9. After losing my memory card a few months ago, I've finally started a new game of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It's still amazing. Now I know about the storyline, what Big Smoke and Ryder say at the start can be taken in a whole new way. And starting out like this, with no money, no guns, no reputation... it's so exciting! I'm loving how I don't have to keep my eye on a million stats, or look out for tags, or oysters or anything like that. I'm just bombing around Los Santos with my homies caning through the missions. I was scared that I'd find them boring at first, but I'm bring proved wrong. This game has a 'one more mission' mentality that the other GTA's lacked, IMO. I'm even looking at the ghosted-out map, and despite knowing what to find, there's still a thrill. After Super Mario World 1 & 2, I really think that this is the best game ever. I urge everyone to dig it out again.
  10. I'm currently munching my way through some Tangfastic Haribos... yum
  11. I have to make a Mexican lunch in about a week. I'm interested in making my own Salsa sauce after reading this. Do you know if it would work without Jalapenos? And if so, what kind of substitute should I use?
  12. Asleep on a Sunbeam - Belle and Sebastian
  13. I've only read the first post, but christ, not everybody's got the cash, you know. If San Andreas had been ported properly, I'd have been happy with just an Xbox.
  14. From this stupid collection of short stories that I'm doing called 'Shortish stories that are really failed novels', because I lack the discipline to write a novel. Harsh as you like please - it's the only way I'll learn.
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