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  1. Sit back with it rather than blast through it. The main character ain't a good guy by any means. If you're not enjoying clip-clopping about the place then I don't think it's the right game for you.
  2. THAT bit in Fire in the Sky is still the only film that's ever terrified me. The calmness in its face when it grabs his ankle. Oh god I'm shitting myself up now.
  3. I'm not tracking, I just remember what I read. We hang out in the same threads. Edit: I was trying to have the last word because I'm immature. Fair enough.
  4. Pockets, get some help. You've posted all this stuff on the forum so it's public. You have massive, massive amounts of debt. You dropped nearly £800 on an iPhone and you've just bought yourself an HDTV. Now you want a mega PC? Why are you doing this to yourself? I really think that you need to speak to somebody.
  5. And Gary Lineker referenced it on MOTD and it was the first time I'd ever seen an expression on Shearer's face.
  6. So far Reverse Running is my favourite. What about you guys?
  7. It feels a little light and unsubstantial, no?
  8. Brookmyre's stuff is pure pulp and he knows his late-nineties FPS quite well. At the time I thought it was cool but I'm not so sure if I could hack it now. His books are less about games and more about reliving his University days.
  9. What is this Alien 3 you speak of? Next you'll be suggesting that there's a fourth one out there!
  10. Wow. I can't really comprehend Aliens without these additions any more.
  11. The Guardian did a little video. It features their annoying Radiohead hater critic but the bit where The Robots comes in makes watching it totally worth it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RQk0sw5XnM
  12. That's the other hdd - those ones certainly aren't discarded. They're regularly scanned, purged, re-categorized and reordered. I have the most well-ordered digital pornography collection on this side of the autism spectrum.
  13. The secret to self-editing, as Stephen King says, is to file away your work for a few months then go back to it later. Of course this also reveals its true quality, which is my hard drive is full of discarded broken dreams.
  14. Orwell's best book is Down and Out in Paris and London. You should read that.
  15. I just got back from this. I thought Crowe's performance was really, really, good. It felt far more honest than all the warbling from everybody else. I don't understand why they didn't remove Hathaway's front teeth? It would properly demonstrated the lengths she went to. I was disappointed with that, I thought it was cowardly. But really, apart from that, excellent. Very powerful and sincere in the right way. I had a quick look at The Guardian and they really do have the most miserable readership on the planet. Endless winging about it being on the nose and lacking proper political insight... wtf? It's a musical The book is hardly subtle. The entire cinema was absolutely blubbing, lol. It was massive too - like 400-500 people, and most of them women. It was actually quite alarming.
  16. All his books are technically terrible but I can't help enjoying them.
  17. Well if you can go back in time and undo errors then goodbye the bloody Da Vinci Code.
  18. Anne Frank was banned!!!! Holy shit. That's really shocking. I'd ban The Road because it's a bad book but it's become acceptable as literature for what I'd term the Zombie Generation.
  19. MP3s all the way. I had to redownload everything I had before as when I started digitising my music in 2002 I had limited space and was ripping at 192kps. I don't understand streaming music. I need to 'own' what I listen to. My music folder is backed up across 3 drives and they are all updated every month. It's by far the most precious thing I own.
  20. I have to watch Les Miserables next week, so I've decided to finally start reading it, which I've been meaning to do for absolutely years. It already stinks of quality.
  21. Hell yeah. That expression is divine. There's one shot where she's in front of a baby powder blue wall that sticks in memory.
  22. Kashyyykblanca: In the early days of the Imperial war, a cynical smuggler stumbles into the hottest nightspot in town that, to his pleasure, both indulges his love to take his 'shots first' and embroils him in a surprising tale of old romance that illustrates the dignity of setting bitterness aside for the greater good in the unlikely shape of a rather hairy underground leader...
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