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  1. You've got Hamill, a charming rom com where two young online enemies, used to trading bitter blows through the FreeRepublic messageboard, discover a seemingly delightful case of mistaken identity when the true identities of a pair of lip-locked tweens are revealed, only to discover yet another secret, this one much darker and more profound.
  2. Just watch all of them. Episodes that critics hate, such as Spock's Brain, are actually hilarious and amazing.
  3. Aren't you best off looking for a download of the laserdisc versions?
  4. It's all very well convincing yourself that the others don't exist, but if I ever have kids I dread them preferring the new ones and rejecting the old ones. I don't think I could take it. I'd turn into a child beater.
  5. Hmm yeah but the story in the other two is trash so that actually sounds like a positive! I've just put it on, actually. Oh Star Wars.
  6. I recently rewatched them and I think 3 is the worst of the lot. TPM is the best one, I think. Qui-Gon Jin is a good character.
  7. Jedi is a good film. It gets an unfair rep IMO. The end scenes are especially good. The showdown, with Luke harnessing the dark side and in effect, cheating his way to victory, was very subversive, I thought.
  8. Woah. Are you really defending the new trilogy?! Is this... something that is actually happening? Well, fuck me. End the internet. It's over.
  9. Man, I had those as posters when I was a kid. I remember lying in bed being really ill and just getting lost in those worlds. Fuck, i love Star Wars and I hate the new ones and I really hope this project dies on its arse because J J Whatever is a shit director and it's just going to dilute them even more. Those posters Such magnificent SCALE.
  10. Footballers are so dumb and open on Twitter etc. that you'd think if it was happening on a big scale somebody would have let slip by now. But there's so much money in winning that being cynical, I can't imagine it not being used by the top teams.
  11. Surely Madrid have been poor because they're not playing for the league title. They can still win the Champion's League so they'll give it a good go.
  12. It's really not worth missing out on a few hours with a DS9 run. Watch it all, submerge yourself in it totally.
  13. F5'ing for revival's meltdown like a motherfucker here.
  14. That's not how tax works. It would be above a certain amount that's taxed at 75% - if that law came in. They don't tax all of your earnings as one total - it goes in bands. The first 8k or whatever will be taxed at 0, then the next at 21% or whatever their lower rate is, etc. The top rate is currently 40% and only the last band would be taxed at that amount.
  15. Lol at the Internet. I'm so hyped about this. Another few months makes zero difference. I prefer releases in the colder months anyway - you feel less guilty bout staying in all day long.
  16. Anklebiters! Or one of the Jack Frost films. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0344843/reviews?ref_=tt_urv
  17. Playing console games every day, that's as close to a woman you'll get I guess.
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