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  1. Nah that's a rig. Dude you should branch out with some other hobbies because man...
  2. Yeah I think it's my favourite ever SF. I started adapting it to a play, even. How sad is that. The same goes for The Demolished Man though. If you like one, you'll like the other.
  3. RPS is absolutely terrible and I can't bring myself to click on one of their links but did they really say that? Imagine having to constantly convince yourself that your hobby has real world value. Paying your mortgage, making sure your kid is fed properly, fucking your SO - that's what grown ups do. Games are for when you don't want to be a grown-up. What joyless beard men.
  4. I had an acquaintance in the late 90s who carried on as if he was surfing. DUDE LETS PROGRAM!! Imagine the human face behind those hacke0rz front ends. He retired at 25 or something crazy on the back of a 3D engine he wrote in his bedroom. I dunno.
  5. I didn't realize that brogrammers had been around for so long.
  6. It's always worth mocking when you see a multitude take it up within the space of a few days. SKU.
  7. Hmm I wonder why that is. Maybe it's because if you disagree with him 3 times in a row he starts stroking out and calling people cuntflaps and smooshing smilies everywhere. It's hilarious.
  8. Did anybody pick up the remastered Mellon Collie? I just got it and some of the extra tracks on the 3 extra CDs(!) are amazing.
  9. I'll go wherever GTA/RDR2 goes. Those are the only games I really care about. (A Wii U for Mario is a given).
  10. Beach! The fighting was excellent. Lazenby makes a really solid Bond - Daniel Craig way before Daniel Craig. The film isn't amazing but you can see why they did it.
  11. Yeah it's just a seriesof cool ideas he could never spin into a cohesive story IMO. The only really annoying thing about it is that he's always too self-deprecating and over-sincere in it.
  12. Great post Danster but the boat sailed a long time ago, I have to say. I wasn't a slack reader by any means and tried lots of different books (often inspired by the tits on display on some of those Discworld covers, I have to admit) and managed to catch some of his references etc., but his style just doesn't jive with me. I always felt I was missing out but I always found myself brute-forcing my way through. You use the word 'daft' and I think that's the problem for me. I was just never into that. The authors you love from 13 onwards are so special though. I know where you're coming from.
  13. You know, I never got that guy. I tried so many times. I'm reading the Flashman set in the wild west again. I can't remember the name. It's so good. I might go through them all.
  14. That smilie must be integrated into the forum software, right now.
  15. What is this tagged as? I'm seeing episode 03, not 01.
  16. Spacehost, your use of those inverted commas is almost as bad as the steaktits.
  17. I just did the first 5 levels of Quake 1. Yikes, I'd forgotten how old it was! It's basically Doom but more... open? And with polygon enemies I guess. The level design is great - you can constantly hear growling and explosions because it's all so compact. Loads of old memories came back. Good times. Looking up and down appears to have no real significance, I noticed.
  18. Yeah it has loads of people playing but they're all sooooo good... I prefer just walloping through the single player on normal settings. Halo's AI stood out not because it was smarter than you but because it was reactive. And Elites did like to flank. Really, there had been nothing like it at the time. The combat was so fluid and dynamic.
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