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  1. I still play Quake 3 and Halo 1 to this day, so those would be mine. I adored Quake 1 and this thread is making me want to play through it again.
  2. Abrams turned it into some dramatic whinefest. Spock's part was totally extraneous as was that scene, the plot was dull and there was no exploration. Star Trek: The Motion Picture is the only true film that captures the meaning of Trek. The other evens capture its soul. The new film isn't even bad; it's too pointless for that.
  3. She's so much better than Murukami IMO. He just writes the same story about his silent schoolgirls over and over again. There's something real and honest behind her stories.
  4. I prefer games to films. And I've posted loads about games I play. I just can't stand this awful 'core gamer' shit and feel that it should be called out.
  5. I'm starting a new run tonight with my friend. He's only seen a few episodes before.
  6. And rightly so. But what's worse than being a big kid is trying to dress up something as puerile as gaming into some intellectual exercise with well-defined strata of elitism. Far more embarrassing the admiting to enjoying Mario and you end up alienating people, too.
  7. If this is meant sincerely then holy shit. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL What the fuck do you think playing with any game system is then? The chances are that they have a fucking life.
  8. Yeah, The Forever War is a really tight story. Don't read the other ones though. I'm reading Miranda July's short story collection again. I'm always struck by the sensitivity of her writing and she really knows how to work a phrase. I always feel this weird affinity for early-thirties women who spent their entire childhoods reading and feeling weird about this. Never for the males who did this.
  9. No, I believe he's talking about the purple bit outside where you come out of a door and straight ahead you've got a ghost and elites and on your left an elite runs into a banshee. I could only finish that bit by exploiting a little bug - running forwards then left to duck under a platform where for some reason enemies couldn't spot me, darting out, firing until my shields ran out then back under the platform again.
  10. Nobody gives a shit. If by some miracle the hash tag does trend it will be replaced in moments by #onedirection or whatever. You are totally unaware of the world around you. Shenmue means nothing to the public, nor does 'Sega' and gaming has moved on from caring.
  11. Watch them in the order they were produced!
  12. Insert any number of anime songs here. That Hatsune Miku one is a genuinely good tune though. I will pimp it for as long as it takes.
  13. I can't believe that you guys hate Hatsune Miku. This is a straight-up banger: Those synths!
  14. It's not any different to decades' worth of anime design.
  15. Hatsune Miku is massive dude. What you don't seem to get is that the rest of the world has actual things to care about. People have made it weird. The actual games are amazing.
  16. It was so annoying how she kept popping up in later episodes. And how she gets involved in all the conventions and stuff.
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