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  1. Your year's off to a good start then. Mine will be Jurassic Park, which I will watch a bit later.
  2. I have literally no memory of QoS. I walked into the cinema, something happened, then I walked out again.
  3. I'd forgotten about the business lines in vice city stories. Both of those stories games are very underrated IMO.
  4. I played Max Power Halo 1 last night and it's insane how basic the souped up GFX look now.
  5. The first level on legendary on this is SO GOOD. I love fighting Elites. I wish we could have a Halo that is just elite after elite.
  6. Going round someone's house and seeing that they watched BBC and not CITV used to make me feel homesick.
  7. Oh trust me it improves. Don't miss any episodes and definitely do not rush this. Your first DS9 run will stay with you forever. Also your wife owns.
  8. The big open air bit in the Forerunner level where stepping into a Banshee appears to alert the entire battlenet of your existence is doing my nut in. There's nowhere to hide. The furthest I've got is when my Ghost somehow survived an insane multiple blast and shot to the top of the structure in the middle intact, where I exited and headshotted a couple of Elites. I crouched and waited for my shield to recharge, stepped out of the shadows and got mullered. I've been attempting to do this bit on and off for the last few hours. I've lost all my Halo skills Heroic used to be my fallback 'I just want some fun' difficulty level.
  9. That was some ridiculous fun. This game owns. Halo owns.
  10. Lol I didn't know you could charge that weapon. I am so rusty at this.
  11. I only have access to a suppressor and a bolter(?). I'm really stuck on this bit
  12. It's somehow both cutting edge and comfort TV. Amazing stuff.
  13. Any tips on getting past the new knights? I end up running out of bullets completely with 2/3 still on the battlefield(!)
  14. It's too self-aware. It's in on the joke and it doesn't work.
  15. Obviously I need to watch them all again.
  16. You laughed when I chipped my tooth! You chipped it on a urinal. 30 Rock does not belong in the pantheon of the greats.
  17. If you're getting some weird external error thing then uninstall, reinstall and then restart your computer.
  18. 4 games. I don't play multiplayer so it matters to me. Also even if I did, I'd still consider it a missed opportunity.
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