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  1. Wordle 240 3/6 Tricky one today, very nearly had to break my rule of not using an already ruled out letter.
  2. Finished all 100 levels a few days ago, I loved it! I was about 25 levels in when I persuaded my wife to buy it too. She doesn't play many games, but was totally hooked and finished it before I did!
  3. SA done their homework. Pace off, England frustrated ball not coming on. SA favourites.
  4. I haven't played Halo since it's release on the original xbox launch, but having recently signed up to gamepass and yesterday being rainy I thought I'd see if I can get my 10 year old son interested. It was initially hard to drag him away from fortnite, but we are now having an absolute blast playing through in co-op. It's the most gaming fun I've had in years!
  5. Heat, Silence of the lambs, Seven, LA Confidential are ones I can remember that I don't think have been mentioned. The 90's we're my most prolific cinema going decade.
  6. Ha! I'm a 46 year old listener of mainly mor music. Simon and Jon have got me listening to and getting excited about hip hop. Could be mid-life crisis I suppose.
  7. Enjoyed what I played, but app crashed at end of first video ad (android).
  8. That looks like a great idea, would like to give it a try before Christmas day though. Midweek parsnips it is then.
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