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  1. GameCube seems to need to be run at 70% resolution to get playable speeds, according to retrogamecorps. Still a bargain though.
  2. Alright, who's the clown that voted Genisys as the best film?
  3. American (VPN) Pluto is great. 24/7 Star Trek, (old school) Doctor Who, MST 3000, James Bond movies and (on demand) every awful low-budget Asylum movie you could ever want for lol-watches.
  4. Good lord, episode 3 was boring. I got to the conclusion/pay off at the end and realised I didn't have a clue what was going on.
  5. The crew's dialogue style does seem to be modelled on one of either "Chandler Bing" or "Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar acceptance speech". Not much in between.
  6. If you get the USA version (vpn or whatever) they have a 24/7 classic (pre-ecclestone) Doctor Who channel too
  7. Nah, Mick has my vote of confidence. Give him the job for life and keys to the city. COYJBs!
  8. Let's see... My guess is they have joined, and we get some "we no longer care about profit" line in the first few scenes that guy is featured. I want to be wrong of course But, throughout Star Trek (it's not a New Trek thing), the Federation has always said it 'embraced diveristy'.... as long as you hold exactly the same moral values as they do! I liked that line in Trek VI from the Klingons about the Federation being a "homo sapiens only club"
  9. Let's see how they treat them as characters though. They've joined Starfleet, so will the UFP have embraced the unique and diverse elements of Ferengi culture, or will they have been absorbed into the collective and act according to human acceptable standards and cultural norms now now?
  10. Fond memories, as someone of around 10 years, watching this being played in my local video rental shop. Never really played it myself; I just watched the 'bigger boys' playing it
  11. I'm really looking forward to their heavy handed discussion of the politics/culture war of the early 21st Century... Probably the whole season will be about that. Yay. Who knows, maybe Picard will prevent World War 3 and the 'post atomic horror' that was supposed to happen in our time period (according to encounter at farpoint).
  12. Phew. The first review I came across was the Indiewire one and, since I hadn't seen any of the positive ratings, I got very worried. Phew!
  13. Nice, AK Bell! Your kid will be happy I have a Pocketgo S30 on the way, which I'm looking forward to modding an tinkering with, then also passing to my daughter to play some of daddy's old fashioned games on
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