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  1. The cello music. It is going to be the bsg 'all along the watch tower', isn't it?
  2. I was chatting with my wife about this and trying to explain my annoyance at Burnham being Space Jesus. She didn't get it and just said "Isn't it obvious that she is some super important character to the universe and will be revealed to be that, sooner or later?". Have to admit that I hadn't considered that. Maybe it is intentional... Maybe she is Space Jesus....
  3. Burnham's staring-eyes/trembly-lip acting should be a drinking-game trigger (like the Picard uniform-tug or Riker's reverse-chair sitting). We'd be wasted after a few episodes!
  4. Man-made AI-upscales are just around the corner, I imagine. There have been plenty of test scenes now. Whole episodes must be coming soon.
  5. I known it's nerdy but it really annoys me that they've jumped forward 900 years and the USS Discovery should be the technological equivalent of a wooden sailing ship yet all of their technology seems quite compatible with the current era (they can repair their technology, they can communicate on video feeds etc). The 'great burn' only happened 100 years ago, so they still had 800 years of normal tech development.. i.e. the year 1220 compared to current technology. Sorry, nerdy, but it annoys me.
  6. Let's be honest, the 1984 comes out top there
  7. Retroid Pocket 2 seems to be the new arrival that everyone's getting excited about.
  8. The Retro Gaming Handhelds discord has a 'Releases' channel for most handhelds including the rk2020 with links to firmware https://discord.gg/wurh4WM https://www.rghandhelds.com/
  9. Rogue firmware gives around a 7% overclock I believe.
  10. Is it him just shagging groupies in a creepy but consensual way, or is he forcing himself on people?
  11. Doesn't one of the Amityville films have something like that in it?
  12. Yep, we used to have a Kodi set-up on our Shield TV five years ago. But when 'most stuff was on Netflix' we stopped bothering with it (updating builds and changing builds was a faff). Then Amazon came and we added that. Now Disney. Then HBO.. Now we've installed some simple dodgy apk's like Cinema HD and Viva TV on the Shield TV which automatically update themselves, add new links as old ones disappear etc. Way simpler to set up than Kodi. You can make one watchlist via Trakt, rather than having to flip between Netflix, HBO, Disney, Prime etc etc. We still have subscri
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