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  1. Tried this out on my Nvidia Shield today. Not a great first impression as controller functionality is all over the place. Works ok on most "computer" games but arcade games are unplayable as Insert Coin and Start are on the same button and first button push doesn't start the game; only the second push starts the game.. which also inserts a second coin, so you always start in 2-player mode. 


    Galaga doesn't recognise my controller inputs at all either. 


    Thought I'd go to their discord server linked from their website, to get some support, but the link is a 404/the server is shut down.


    Sad, as the 'computer' stuff is mostly nice.

  2. Some films we watched recently


    All the classic Herbie films

    Lots of the Ray Haryhausen films (Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad, Land that time forgot etc)

    Police Squad/Airplane/Naked Gun series (the risque parts go over their heads)

    Last Starfighter





  3. 9 hours ago, drmick said:


    She seemed to disappear a bit for this season. Wait, that wasn't her with the rest of the bridge crew was it? I thought she was blonde.



    I got confused by that at various times. I had to scroll back through the ep to figure it out. This other, rather similar-looking, bridge-crew member with black hair seems to have appeared in the last couple of episodes. But the blonde one one (google tells me she's called Lt. Nilsson) is still there too. Does anyone know the name of the one with dark hair?

    Star Trek Discovery - S3 streaming now - Everything Was Burnham - Page 138 - Film, TV & Radio - rllmuk - Google Chrome.jpg

  4. Spoiler



    So.. "how do we get out of the big ship we're trapped in so we can go rescue our friends? Well, we can eject the warp core and blow ourselves out of the hole and hope we won't get destroyed"


    But then wheelchair-scientist guy goes "Well, actually, maybe Booker can use  the spore drive".



    1) In the original plan, how were they going to get back to the dilithium planet without a warp drive?


    2) if they try to use the spore drive instead, why do they still bother to eject the warp drive? They could just spore jump out of there...

    It's akin to Season 2's "Wahoo! We destroyed the mad AI, Control... Well, I guess we may as well still travel 1000 years into the future for some reason."







  5. Spoiler

    Didn't they have those stupid huge internals for the turbolift in one of the JJ Abrams trek films too? I remember being pissed off by that in one of those films too. I mean, we've seen what a turbolift shaft looks like in loads of trek before; it looks like a lift shaft, not some giant cavern.



    Anyhoo, in the positives, I like the look of the season 4 uniforms; a little bit st:tmp. 


    But then crowbarring in "WE LOVE STAR TREK, WE REALLY DO!", with the (entirely out of context as far as I could make out?) Gene Rodenberry quote and the original series music, really annoyed me.



    Oh, and a crying child destroyed the UFP? Meh...


  6. 7 hours ago, Huz said:

    Also did anyone watch it in UHD and did it look any good?

    It was a bit dark, murky yellow for me. I switched to the non-HDR version. But my cheap Sammy is a bit rubbish for some HDR.

  7. I definitely get some Idris Elba vibes from him, in looks and intensity. It's not just the Black British guy in sci-fi thing. He's nothing like, I dunno, John Boyega or Noel Clarke for example.



    Maybe a bit Paterson Joseph though, from when he was in Survivors.... Not so much from Peep Show though :D


  8. On 02/12/2020 at 23:51, Rob_Pulsar said:

    Hey. Can anyone recommend a handheld that will do Dreamcast and N64 emulation (and below) please?  I see the RG351 above isn’t quite there. 

    Has anyone tried an android phone with a controller shell? I say Android as I assume iOS is a no go for emulation?


    This is going to be a gift for my sons so ideally something robust and not costing more than £200 if possible. Thanks 

    The GPD XD Plus while being old now is still one of the best for N64 and DC. A bit overpriced but nicely made. 


    Powkiddy X18 is a slightly cheaper (in all aspects) alternative that still does well.


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