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  1. The Retro Gaming Handhelds discord has a 'Releases' channel for most handhelds including the rk2020 with links to firmware https://discord.gg/wurh4WM https://www.rghandhelds.com/
  2. Rogue firmware gives around a 7% overclock I believe.
  3. Is it him just shagging groupies in a creepy but consensual way, or is he forcing himself on people?
  4. Doesn't one of the Amityville films have something like that in it?
  5. Yep, we used to have a Kodi set-up on our Shield TV five years ago. But when 'most stuff was on Netflix' we stopped bothering with it (updating builds and changing builds was a faff). Then Amazon came and we added that. Now Disney. Then HBO.. Now we've installed some simple dodgy apk's like Cinema HD and Viva TV on the Shield TV which automatically update themselves, add new links as old ones disappear etc. Way simpler to set up than Kodi. You can make one watchlist via Trakt, rather than having to flip between Netflix, HBO, Disney, Prime etc etc. We still have subscriptions to three legit services but are using them less and less. I'm sure we're not alone in doing this.
  6. Probably they'll have some major member-berries like that as the season cliffhanger. Like when the Enterprise showed up at the end of the 1st season of Discovery.
  7. I'm angry about the eye scene. Who makes a Star Trek show freaking 18-rated? I can't let my kids watch this stuff. Growing up, for me, Star Trek was always a family thing for me. My daughter loves watching TOS and TNG etc with me. No new generation of trek fans are gonna come through if new Trek continues this way. Sad
  8. If someone could mod in L2/R2 to the Odroid in comfortable positions I'd agree. It's the only thing that's making me favour the RG350. I really need those extra buttons that can be used by my Index finger / Middle finger; the six 'function' buttons along the bottom of the screen need thumbs to use and just don't cut it for me :/ I've seen an Etsy store selling modded GK350Hs with added L2/R2 recently, so, hope springs
  9. Yep it has releases of UAE4ALL, Vice and Speccy that are being maintained and improved by the community.
  10. Depends on what machines you want to emulate and how much you're willing to spend. Up to and including PSX, the RG350 is a good selection. N64 emulation is very slow on it though. GK350H is more powerful but it doesn't have an N64 emulator so that power's not really needed, and it doesn't have L2/R2 buttons so PSX emulation suffers. Odroid Advance Go (see above) is another good new challenger. It's cheap, it has the power for N64 but again it has limited number of buttons though, making it uncomfortable or impractical to play a lot of PSX (the 'best' options for L2/R2 equivalents are the bottom row of 6 buttons, which are hard to reach if your thumbs are on ABXY or D-Pad) or N64 (C-buttons). Build quality isn't up to RG350 standards. If you're willing to spend £200 on GPD XD+ then GameCube and most PSP begins to open up. It has high build quality too. Pricey though. Powkiddy X18 is a slightly slower version (GameCube becomes unplayable) yet only costs £100; a shame it looks like a 'hardcore l33t gamer' pc accessory though. I think best 'overall' at the moment on balance of budget, performance, build quality and community support is the RG350.
  11. This looks lovely at $55! but if only... if only... it had L2 / R2 as well to give enough buttons for comfortable PS1 and N64! Torn between this one (fast enough for N64 but not enough buttons) vs the RG350 (plenty of buttons but N64 runs really slowly)
  12. Its my main emu box for my TV. It handles most up to (a large chunk of) GameCube games and (a little bit of) Wii. Everything before that is pretty flawless.
  13. I think this is my last tour too. Just playing over and over in the hope of randomly being given a Frenzy seems the only "tactic" required to do well in cups. No new items from my pulls in either Paris or Winter tours, and just one new (silver) item available in the shop that whole time too. It's ending for me with the usual empty feeling that I finally quit all f2p games with.
  14. All the press is finished for "Once upon a time in Hollywood" now so he doesn't need to talk about Star Trek any longer.
  15. Nifta

    The Valve Thread

    Is that Murray (Flight of the Concords) being the voice of the assistant guy?
  16. I've given up on 'waiting to buy with gold'. During the whole 2 weeks of the Paris tour only one new item showed in the store for me and that was one of the purple/premium items at 12,000 coins. Screw that I'm starting to drift away from this game now sadly :/
  17. Does yours read discs, or are you using Nintendont and ROMs?
  18. I'm entirely sure now that even the avatars you race against are faked. 15 minutes into the new tour unlocking and so far every race I've been in has had at least one driver using one of the new tour karts or drivers. I knew they weren't real ghosts but I thought perhaps the player appearances were at least real. But they're just adverts to show off the items you havent bought yet.
  19. I finished it off and still felt like it hasn't developed, unfortunately. To finish a whole season while having so little explained... It should have reached this far by episode 4 or 5; not the end of the season!
  20. I'm down in 10th. Need to spend to get favoured drivers/gear if I want to get higher. Not gonna pay to win though so I guess we'll try next tour!
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