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  1. 8 hours ago, Vimster said:

    No this was the Palace in Cinderford. It's amazing, not been there in about 18 months but if I get the chance I'd get there again. Really hope it's okay.  Well they appear to have put their prices up, £4 now!


    Blimey, never even knew there was a cinema in Cinderford. Just remember this place in Coleford.






    Still sad the old Roxy cinema closed down in my home town of Ross. I saw Empire Strikes Back there and I think it closed not long after.



  2. 18 hours ago, Vimster said:

    Mind you there was one a ways away in the Forest Of Dean, anyone from round that way will know the one, it's like stepping back into the 1950s, and £3.50 at weekends. If I lived nearer I'd have been in there every week. 



    Coleford? Is that still open? Grew up in Ross in the 80s/early 90s and used to go there a lot. Assumed it would have closed years ago!

  3. I was chatting with my wife about this and trying to explain my annoyance at Burnham being Space Jesus. She didn't get it and just said "Isn't it obvious that she is some super important character to the universe and will be revealed to be that, sooner or later?".



    Have to admit that I hadn't considered that. Maybe it is intentional... Maybe she is Space Jesus.... 

  4. I known it's nerdy but it really annoys me that they've jumped forward 900 years and the USS Discovery should be the technological equivalent of a wooden sailing ship yet all of their technology seems quite compatible with the current era (they can repair their technology, they can communicate on video feeds etc). The 'great burn' only happened 100 years ago, so they still had 800 years of normal tech development.. i.e. the year 1220 compared to current technology.




    Sorry, nerdy, but it annoys me.

  5. 12 hours ago, Vimster said:

    A while ago it was brought home to me how, thanks to Netflix et al, piracy is at an all-time low especially in the west. In 2004 I remember reading a story that 35% of net traffic was BitTorrent on one ISP alone. Some people at work use Kodi boxes and have them set up by "my dad's mate" or whatever, but there was a golden period for Netflix about 2011-2015 where there wasn't much competition, you could use a VPN and get the most out of streaming. Maybe we'll see a rise in piracy again if all these services keep trying to fragment the market.


    Yep, we used to have a Kodi set-up on our Shield TV five years ago. But when 'most stuff was on Netflix' we stopped bothering with it (updating builds and changing builds was a faff). Then Amazon came and we added that. Now Disney. Then HBO.. 


    Now we've installed some simple dodgy apk's like Cinema HD and Viva TV on the Shield TV which automatically update themselves, add new links as old ones disappear etc. Way simpler to set up than Kodi. You can make one watchlist via Trakt, rather than having to flip between Netflix, HBO, Disney, Prime etc etc.


    We still have subscriptions to three legit services but are using them less and less.


    I'm sure we're not alone in doing this.

  6. 22 minutes ago, MpM said:

    Surely the Enterprise will be leading the Starfleet Squadron, being sent to no doubt save the day, against the Romulan fleet heading for the synth homeworld?



    Probably they'll have some major member-berries like that as the season cliffhanger. Like when the Enterprise showed up at the end of the 1st season of Discovery.

  7. If someone could mod in L2/R2 to the Odroid in comfortable positions I'd agree. It's the only thing that's making me favour the RG350. I really need those extra buttons that can be used by my Index finger / Middle finger; the six 'function' buttons along the bottom of the screen need thumbs to use and just don't cut it for me :/


    I've seen an Etsy store selling modded GK350Hs with added L2/R2 recently, so, hope springs :)

  8. Depends on what machines you want to emulate and how much you're willing to spend.


    Up to and including PSX, the RG350 is a good selection. N64 emulation is very slow on it though. GK350H is more powerful but it doesn't have an N64 emulator so that power's not really needed, and it doesn't have L2/R2 buttons so PSX emulation suffers.


    Odroid Advance Go (see above) is another good new challenger. It's cheap, it has the power for N64 but again it has limited number of buttons though, making it uncomfortable or impractical to play a lot of PSX (the 'best' options for L2/R2 equivalents are the bottom row of 6 buttons, which are hard to reach if your thumbs are on ABXY or D-Pad) or N64 (C-buttons). Build quality isn't up to RG350 standards.


    If you're willing to spend £200 on GPD XD+ then GameCube and most PSP begins to open up. It has high build quality too. Pricey though.


    Powkiddy X18 is a slightly slower version (GameCube becomes unplayable) yet only costs £100; a shame it looks like a 'hardcore l33t gamer' pc accessory though.


    I think best 'overall' at the moment on balance of budget, performance, build quality and community support is the RG350.



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